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For absolute privacy of your phone calls

Along with our invisible mobile phones Stealth Phone, in order to add a further layer of security to the protection of your phone conversations, as of today we are able to offer you a wide range of anonymous SIM cards, which can be obtained without having to register any personal information. Just place your card in your mobile phone and you are ready to go, without having to show any identification document, nor registering your number with the provider. These cards are available with phone numbers from foreign countries. ANONYMOUS SIM CARDS

The advantage of using an anonymous SIM card is easily explained: when you purchase a normal phone card from your domestic mobile operators, you have to show an identification document, and by doing this, the phone number, as well as the handset on which the card is placed, is unequivocally assigned to your name. This allows any malicious third party, who has the right connections within the phone company, to be able to track down at any time not only detailed information about your phone calls, but also details of your whereabouts, as by retrieving the location of the "cell” which carries the signal to and from your handset, one can easily triangulate the position of your phone, and of your person.
By using an anonymous rechargeable card, your phone number will not be connected to the identifier of your mobile phone (IMEI number, International Mobile Equipment Identifier). By teaming up a card like these and am invisible Stealth Phone, privacy is absolute.

In fact, a invisible Stealth Phone can change its IMEI number dynamically, thanks to a software installed inside the device. By doing this, it will be like having a different mobile phone each time. The most recent models of our Stealth Phone software, installed on a Nokia 6021 handset, are capable of changing the IMEI number every time that the phone is switched on, as well as discreetly notifying you, by vibrating as soon as an eavesdropping attempt is detected.

Since the card used is rechargeable, all you have to do is make sure that there is enough credit at any time, in order to be able to use it at any time, no matter where you are. You can top up credit on your card by sending an international wire transfer, or a Western Union transfer, or by credit card payment. Since we are talking about keeping your privacy, it is advisable to use a Western Union transfer, thus not leaving any trace on your bank account or credit card statement.ANONYMOUS SIM CARDS

As already mentioned, we recommend using anonymous SIM cards together with an untraceable phone. This is because telephone interception is carried out not only by using the telephone number, but by searching for the IMEI number (that is, the unique number which identifies a specific handset) and IMSI (the SIM card, used to authenticate the number on the network).

If you are using a normal SIM card, the IMSI number is associated to your person. By using an anonymous card, it is not connected to any name. Therefore, by using a SIM card of this kind, on a phone which changes its IMEI number every time, is the same as changing your phone every time you turn it on or off, thus becoming completely untraceable.


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