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Save data for millions of years

ottobre 9, 2012 Technology No Commenti

The Japanese company Hitachi in collaboration with the laboratory Kiyotaka Miura of Kyoto University is working on a project that will allow substantial development in the field of saving and preservation of digital data. At the base of this new idea, squares of quartz.

The data will be sculpted with a laser on the highly stable and resistant glass that has been tested and subjected to a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours and still remain functional. It’s result also resistant to water and to radio waves and in case of breakage, the data were recoverable. So, according to the company, it could be capable of storing data for millions of years. If we think that the actual media store for a maximum of 100 years, the new technology could be a revolution in the field. Furthermore, the advantage would occur even in less waste of materials: they don’t deteriorate and so they don’t need to be replaced, reducing the physical parts and the wastes.

The quartz glass slides used are about the size of 2 cm for side and 2 mm thick, and the language used for writing is the binary code. The storage capacity is approximately 40 MB per square inch, higher than a CD, but still much lower compared to a modern hard disk able to store up to one terabit per square inch. The burning takes place as for CDs and DVDs with a laser, while it’s necessary an optical microscope to reading.

Hitachi’s new technology will not be on the market before 2015, and the costs will tend to be high. Essentially, the aim of this project is to store data of great importance that need to be passed on to posterity, such as the artistic and cultural information.

To date, there is often problem to recover lost data from PC or mobile phone. There are advanced systems for storing and retrieving these type of data on which we can rely, but paradoxically most of the historical sources of which we can still enjoy are ancient manuscripts on paper and etchings on stones. In the future, archaeologists might find the data of our civilization without problem through slides of quartz.

Place Raider, malware-spy on the smartphone

ottobre 3, 2012 Technology 1 Commento

It would seem an application created by expert thieves, but it has been studied at Indiana University and developed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center for scientific purposes. It’s a Trojans, PlaceRaider, which, hiding in photo apps similar to Instagram and Hipstamatic, is able to enter in smartphones, take pictures and create 3D models of environments in which the unfortunate live in or visit, with a precision that allows to observe in detail the objects. In addition, PlaceRaider would be able to listen live what is happening around, transforming the mobile phone into a real spyphone. So a prying eye might creep into our homes.

At the basis of the project there are the technologies that allow you to rotate images shown on the displays of smartphones. Some additional options would allow to the hackers to take and receive photos only when they are interested, to understand if smartphone is upside down or in the owner’s pocket, to automatically mute the sounds of shooting and to cover preview images of the photos just taken.
Collected data and images, the hacker, he will be able to create a 3D model of the environment in which the owner of the phone moved, calmly observe the objects and obtain valuable informations. For the moment, we can rest assured: this technology is guarded in the laboratory, but soon hackers engaged in industrial espionage or national security or common apartment thieves, could get hold and so it will be necessary take countermeasures.
In the domestic environment, have already been tested systems for bug sweeping that allow you to find microcameras, bugs and transmitters. Meanwhile, there is no danger for smartphones equipped with iOS and Windows Phone systems bacause at the moment the virus works only on Android.

Deads alive…in the memory with the QR code

settembre 26, 2012 Technology 1 Commento

Companion of every moment of daily life, the technology doesn’t abandon us even after the death.

The idea comes from England by Stephen Nimmo, director of the funeral home “Chester Pearce” di Poole, that he thought to enclose the memory of the dead in QR Code (Quick Responses Code).
Invented in 1994 in Japan and circulated with ever-increasing frequency since 2005 with various uses and purposes, the QR Code are a special two-dimensional bar codes that contain within them information intended to be read through the use of a smartphone or other device able to interact with the modules of the square.

The code, place on the gravestone, when is scanned, connect the phone to a web page containing the biography, the pictures and even videos of the deceased.
Friends and close relatives, with passwords, can insert themselves contents and comments, making the memory of the their beloved, interactive and very social.
Those who subscribe the service can create a simple website, with few essential informations, or make it rich and meaningful.
In future, it may become a useful help to try to reconstruct own family tree.

The new system is designed to make known to those who visit the cemetery not only the name, the age and the date of death of who are buried, but a large quantity of informations. QR Codes are engraved on a small plate of granite or metal and then embedded or glued on the gravestones, monuments and commemorative plaques placed on the benches.

The service can cost up to £ 300, in addition to £ 95 for the creation and the hosting (unlimited) of the personal website.

The contents can really be infinite: movies of farewell or greeting, links to Facebook profile, writings and wills. In a not too distant future, it’s thought to a version in augmented reality, “live” thanks to an hologram of the deceased.

Technology doesn’t know more limits: see through the walls, open locks with our eyes and make revive the loved deceased, until not so long ago, were possibilities related only to the science fiction. It’s in any case essential use properly the new inventions that can help us, especially in the fields of surveillance and security.

Surveillance and security, the robot that acts like a guard in the flesh.

agosto 1, 2012 Technology 1 Commento

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is launching a new humanoid robot called Petman that could be used for military or civilian use, in rescue operations, for example. The new robots would not only be able to walk and run, but also to climb stairs, get into a vehicle and drive it, open the doors, free environment from the rubble and save lives. Remote controlled, but only in part, will also be able to “take decisions” by itself to complete its task.

That’s not science fiction, but the result of a continuous competition between researchers at DARPA, which will finance six teams of hardware robotic and twelve other of software robotics. Who will give the best results will have a higher remuneration. A great way to give a jolt to the U.S. Robotics which currently is still a step back to the Asian technology.

Moreover, in Italy, at the University of Pisa, researchers are developing  a robot with facial expression identical to that of humans, (FACE is its name) opening up a movie scenario. Think about how these pieces of technology can be used in different occasions, from every day life, in particular dangerous situations or for surveillance purposes, as if you had a keeper in the flesh, to natural disasters, wandering through the rubble, for example, looking for signs of life, perhaps with the help of tools to see through walls.

All scenarios that are being transformed from imagination, or engineering, to a reality in which men increasingly interact with their robotic alter ego to improve the quality of life and personal safety.

Endoacustica Europe

USA, a robot creates a Wi-Fi network and performs reconnaissance.

luglio 30, 2012 Technology No Commenti
A robot that set ut Wi-Fi Networks

It is not a simple system for cracking Wi-Fi networks, but so much more. It is an robot made of aluminium with the shape of a tank and is able to create a Wi-Fi network and to extend it in potentially dangerous and hazardous places, where connecting to the network is almost always problematic.

Weighing 150 pounds, is strong enough to carry a weight of 200 pounds, but its purpose is not transportation. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi router, a night-vision camera, a satellite tracker, so it can always be monitored, and a lithium battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

It is controllable via a browser interface (this means that it can be monitored from any computer), and contains a series of long-range repeaters that can be deployed at strategic points to allow the connection.

The really interesting thing is that, in addition to extending wireless networks, it can also perform night reconnaissance, moving even on inaccessible terrain, as it is really similar to a tank. Researchers at Northeaster University are studying a system to increase speed and to allow the robot to climb stairs. It has been studied, moreover, a system that will enable it to return to the base if it loses its WiFi connection.

Designed especially for military use, think about how it would be useful in areas affected by natural disasters, where the physical network infrastructure is sometimes damaged!

Endoacustica Europe

U.S.A., a man jams mobile phone calls on a city bus.

luglio 26, 2012 Technology No Commenti
Philadelphia bus

Imagine being on a overcrowded city bus during the rush hour. There are those who converse with their neighbours and those who, instead, talk on the phone out loud, irritating the ear of the passengers. How many times have you found yourself in such a situation? How many times have you wanted to silence them? This is exactly what a man from Philadelphia did. Eric, this is the name with which he introduced himself to the press, bothered by other passengers talking loudly on the phone on a SEPTA company bus, decided to adopt a jammer to jam cell phone signal, a device that he activated as soon as he heard someone answering the mobile.

The man, who thought to go unnoticed, had been observed for many times by a company employee, who had noticed the little device “similar to a walkie-talkie with four small antennae and a button that was pressed each time someone started to talk on a cell phone.” Eric was almost immediately blocked and asked to give explanations. Apparently, the only reason for using the jammer was the trouble that listening to phone conversations of others caused him.

A curious and unusual use of a device that, in other situations, has proved its value. Think about the possible use of the jammer during events or shows, or even during important meetings to avoid distractions or unauthorized recordings.
The jammer also proved to be vital in military operations, such as those conducted by the U.S. military in Iraq, where they used to disrupt the signal, making them harmless, of remotely controlled bombs, one of the favourite weapons of the enemy and that has caused dozens of deaths since the conflict began.

Returning to the case of Eric and to the way he used the device, the man continues to be severely criticized by people on the Web, who wonder whether it is right, and legal, to keep others from talking on the phone in such a public place. “What about if one of the passengers needed to speak urgently with his family or with his physician about important issues?” …

Endoacustica Europe

Researchers reveal the vulnerability of CCTV cameras.

luglio 24, 2012 Technology No Commenti

We live in a world where surveillance cameras are quite wide spread and often give us the impression of living in a huge Big Brother. Despite the various controversies about privacy, they have, however, proved their effectiveness in preventing crimes and in helping to identify and stop dangerous criminals.

However, it has been shown that the usual closed circuit television cameras have a very weak safety system: they are often sold with Internet remote access enabled by default, and with a preset weak password. This allows hackers to control them and to favour, in this way, criminal actions.

According to researcher Justin Cacak, safety manager of Gotham Digital Science, as a result of “penetration tests” carried out for customers to discover the vulnerability of the security of their networks, it has been demonstrated how these devices can be hacked and viewed from any part of the world.
Banks, research laboratories, universities, businesses, homes and other sensitive sites, are thus exposed to a huge risk: hackers could take control and steal important information and projects, or simply violate the privacy of thousands of people without these may realize.

So, remote access to these devices is possible if the manufacturer allows such an access as a default setting. Moreover, in most cases, these settings remain permanently for the simple fact that users do not know how to change them, because they’re not experts. The situation appears even worst if you consider the fact that preset passwords are very weak and thus easily decipherable.

In this way, according to experts headed by Cacak, it was possible to enter the conference rooms of different important companies, such as the Boardroom of Goldman Sachs. That’s why it would be important, according to researchers, disable remote access to these surveillance cameras, provide them with stronger password or simply use a different type of micro-cameras.

Endoacustica Europe

A gun that launches rings of smoke to ward off attackers … and much more!

luglio 23, 2012 Technology No Commenti
pistola vortex

Inspired by children’s toy guns that launch smoke rings, Battelle, a U.S. Company from Columbus, Ohio, has made a real weapon capable of launching several rings of gaseous substances or an electrical charge.

According to the researchers, this gun is able to launch these rings at a distance of nearly 46 meters and a speed of about 145 kilometers per hour. The gaseous rings, fired with a sort of gust of wind could be used in several occasions: for a rescue operation by firefighters, for example. In these particular circumstances, in order to save lives, it would be useful to create a smoke-free corridor in the room. This gun would be able to do just that: the rings of electric charge can move the smoke emitted at the bottom, creating a passage for rescue workers.

Now, imagine also the use the police could do of this gun in very crowded places during big events that require a lot of men for surveillance and defense. In addition to the usual anti-aggression spray, they might use this weapon, perhaps loaded with tear gas or stinging substance, to obscure the view of the aggressors and catch them without problems.
Another use of this gun could be to employ it for spreading pesticides or insecticides in cases where it would be good to maintain a certain distance, such as, for example, in the case you need to rid a place of bees.

This device that, it should be remembered, is a real weapon, is inevitably raising the question about whether to possess and use it for purposes of self defense you will need to have special permits. The weapon, in fact, may be as harmless as dangerous, depending on the type of rings launched and, above all, on the people who use it. Meanwhile, scientists are for the registration of their patent. We await further developments.

Endoacustica Europe

Explosive or toxic substances? An application for smartphones tells you how to behave!

luglio 20, 2012 Technology No Commenti
android and apple app

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released last month an application for iOS and Android that can provide information on how to behave in case of detection of explosive material or leakage of toxic substances.

Imagine a police officer who finds a bag abandoned in an airport or in a crowded place. The first thing that might come to his mind is “in that bag there probably is a bomb for a terrorist attack.” News show, in fact, that this is one of those tactics used by terrorists to carry out their attacks. What, then, in these cases?

The application developed by the American Department of Homeland Security is just the ideal tool for providing guidance on how to behave in those particular circumstances. In particular, it exploits the Google satellite system to locate the exact point where you find the suspicious item and provides advice on factors such as distance to keep, the best locations for roadblocks, and how many buildings would be better to evacuate, and which structural damage and injuries there would be if the bomb blew up. All data that can be labeled by the user and shared by email.

Think about how this application would be useful in case of crashes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In addition to using state-og-the-guard devices that allow to find missing people and see through walls, those who deal with emergencies may rely on this application, called FIRST, to know what to do if there is leakage of toxic material, as it often happens. The system, in fact, includes information on how to handle more than 3,000 hazardous materials and how the weather, as rain and wind, may contribute to their expansion. This application is now available for those involved in the rescue effort, but it is possible that it will be accessible to the general public. Think about how it would be useful in everyday life, especially for those who are not experts in explosives or that do not know much about the handling of toxic substances!

Endoacustica Europe

From the U.S, an anti-theft shoe.

luglio 19, 2012 Technology No Commenti
anti-theft shoes

Bag snatching is on the rise. Going through dark streets at night to join friends, going back home through desolate streets. In big cities this is not always “a walk”. Indeed, what might seem the norm exposes us to great risks, such as being assaulted and robbed.

In this regard, an American fashion designer has invented a special type of footwear, anti-theft shoes. As you can see from the photo, the bottom of the shoe would act as a safe for money and valuables. The shoes, which are also available with a padlock, according to the manufacturer, will soon replace the so much beloved handbags.

Nothing so clever and not so new. People on the Network are already making pitiless reviews of the product that, in their opinion, are nothing but a useless object for fashion victims. Some people are concerned about the limited capacity of the wedge (think of how many items women carry with them when they go out) and many others for the fragility of the shoe itself.

Some people then do more serious considerations regarding the use of special shoes for the prevention of muggings and for self-defense purposes: how could such an object make you feel safe in case of robbery? Once thieves discover the existence of this kind of things on the market, won’t they be inclined to knock down the victim and steal her shoes too? The same considerations apply to safes hidden in the outlets. Once discovered, they still have reason to exist? There are, finally, people who points out how this object does not represent, in fact, nothing new: think about our grandparents, who used to hide money in socks and other underwear.

Is all this making you smile? What about if you were walking in a dark and desolate place, with someone following you? Not sure your shoes will protect you from the mugger? Maybe you can throw them at the attacker, but you should have the best shot. Wouldn’t it be better to adopt a more effective tool as an self-defense spray? Women will judge …


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