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Microregistratori digitali

After a personal rocket, here comes a personal aircraft

aprile 14, 2010 Technology No Commenti


Just yesterday we talked about the possibility of trying out a personal Jetpack offered by a tour operator, and today we will bring you the latest news from the world of personal flight, right out of NASA. In fact, the space agency has just presented its prototype which can make a man feel like a bird, although, strangely enough, it borrows its name from a bird that is famous for its strange shape rather than for its flying skills: its name, in fact, is Puffin.

Puffin is the prototype of a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, with a tail that ends in what looks like four short legs, which are used for landing. Once it takes off like a helicopter, this personal aircraft flies in horizontal position, with the pilot lying face down in the direction of flight.

Puffin has a length of approximately 3.70 meters and a 4.40 meter wingspan, for an empty weight of 140 kilos, plus 45 Kgs of batteries and, of course, the pilot’s weight. It is powered by an electric engine which supplies a maximum power of 60 HP, enough to fly it at a max speed of approximately 240 kilometers per hour, with a maximum range of around 80 kilometers at cruise speed.

The name comes not only from its not-so-sexy shape and from its canopy which resembles the bird’s beak, but most of all because the puffin is considered to be an environment-friendly bird thanks to its extreme cleanliness, just like this prototype which, thanks to its electric engine, does not pollute the air around it and helps fulfilling the age-old dream of flying.

A new design for the latest Flip micro video recorder

aprile 14, 2010 Technology No Commenti


Flip miniature video recorders have achieved a status of worldwide standard in this particular field, thanks to their extreme ease of use and to the trademark USB port which can be flipped (hence the name) and used to connect it to any PC to download its footage in a matter of seconds.

Now, to further improve its usability and allow its users to watch the videos shot even without a PC, Flip has just launched its latest model of micro video recorder, called Slide HD.

As the name may suggest, Slide HD is equipped with a sliding screen, which can be tilted and placed at an angle to enjoy playback of your video if you do not have a laptop computer handy.
Because of its design, which makes it slightly thicker, its size is a tad bigger if compared to other Flip models, but still we are talking about a very small device which will not be heavy on your pockets.

Slide HD has an embedded memory capacity of 16 Gb, twice as much as other models, which allows it to store up to 4 hours of high definition video with a resolution of 1280×720 pixel, or up to 12 hours at a lower resolution rate, and can also be used as a portable drive to store not only movies, but music, pictures and documents, for a price of approximately 280 dollars.

When you want to download the recorded files on any computer, all you have to do is flip out the USB port and plug it in, and thanks to its proprietary software you will not need any installation to transfer files. Battery life is quite short (around 2 hours), which makes it advisable to have the battery charger on you just in case.

Anti sleep driving alarm, to stay awake on the wheel

aprile 13, 2010 Technology No Commenti


Those who, either for work or just for holiday, have experience of driving for long and boring hours, especially when travelling at night, know very well that the number one enemy for safety on the road is the moment when sleep takes over, which can cause them to lose control of their vehicle, be it a car, a bus or a truck, with the potentially tragic consequences that one can imagine.

To provide assistance in protecting drivers against this kind of accidents, technology lends us a hand, thanks to the availability of an anti sleep driving alarm, which helps them to stay awake, and maybe decide that the time has come to stop for a short nap, before going back on the wheel to resume their journey towards the final destination.

The earpiece, which looks just like a hearing aid device, is worn on the back of the ear. While the head is in vertical position or slightly tilted, everything is fine; when the sensor housed inside the device detects that the head is tilted at an angle that exceeds 30 degrees, possibly because the driver is falling asleep, it will immediately let out a powerful and loud sound, capable of awakening the driver and allowing him to regain control of his vehicle, thus avoiding any possible accident or collision.

The anti sleep alarm turns out to be very useful not only on the road, but also for those who are doing sensitive jobs that require a high level of concentration, especially if this happens during the wee hours of the night. For example, security personnel, hotel receptionists, night porters, TV operators, or students who need to stay awake for long hours to prepare for an exam. For more information about anti sleep alarm, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website.

For safety in the house, your stairs light up automatically

aprile 13, 2010 Technology No Commenti

To reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, to add a touch of class in your house, or more simply (and much more importantly) to make sure that no one gets hurt while walking up or down your flight of stairs, especially during the night, the German design studio Interactive Furniture has just launched its latest project, a flight of automatically illuminated stairs.

The system, called Stair Lights, is made up of LED lights which are turned on or switched off one at the time, showing you where to go by illuminating the steps while you are walking towards the upper or lower floor, and at the same time by switching off the light on the steps behind you.

Thanks to this, especially at night, the risk of stumbling or missing a step because of sleep, while you are walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water, is significantly reduced. Furthermore, Stair Lights proves extremely useful not only to show you the way at night or to add a particular note to your furniture, but especially as a valuable support in houses inhabited by elderly people, or by visually impaired persons, who might have a hard time when walking at home, and find a priceless aid in the possibility of avoiding trouble when moving from one floor to the other.

The lighting system for your staircase works thanks to a laser beam, connected to an infrared transistor which works as a sensor; when the bean is interrupted, the LED light ahead of it is immediately turned on, and it is automatically switched off a few seconds after the beam returns to a continuous state.

Before buying a Jetpack, you can put it to the test

aprile 13, 2010 Technology No Commenti


The news which reported that the New Zealand manufacturer launched on the market its personal Jetpack has, as one would easily imagine, sent waves all over the world, as well as shivers of excitement among flight enthusiasts, even among those (let’s face it, the large majority of us) who can not afford spending the hefty sum of 86000 dollars to take one home and use it to go to office every day.

For those who want to purchase one but are not sure they can actually ride it, in spite of the producers’ claim that a few minutes of training are more than enough to master it quite safely, an adventure travel agency, which is also based in New Zealand, is offering a complete test flight package, to experience the Jetpack’s characteristics first hand.

This package is not exactly what you would call cheap, as its cost is approximately 10700 dollars, but after all, those who can afford to buy a personal Jetpack should not have problems with cashing out this amount.
The course, open to those above 18 years of age, holding a valid driver license and weighing less than 90 kilograms, takes place at the Martin Aircraft base, in a secure environment which allows Jetpack newbies to appreciate its potential in full safety.

The maximum number of participants is limited to four, allowing each one to learn what is necessary to handle the vehicle correctly; aside from a diploma, participants will receive a video shot during the course, to relive the exciting moments, as well as to play the cool guy with their friends!

A jammer helps you ensure that all mobile phones are switched off

aprile 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti

MJ 2000

There are certain situations in which one must make sure that, within a certain environment, no external interferences are present. For example, during a classical music performance, it is advisable to do the utmost in order to have everyone switch off their mobile phones, in order to avoid inconveniences for musicians and listeners alike.

During a confidential meeting or a conference, someone might have forgotten to switch off their mobile phone or, worse, might use it to leak out some information which is supposed to remain private.

In order to protect privacy, silence and confidentiality of your information, it is therefore advisable to take proper protection measures, by using a defensive system such as a mobile phone jammer. A jammer is a device which, when you are not physically able to lay your hands on each and every cellphone to switch it off, works on the radio waves in the room or hall that you wish to protect.

The cellphone jammer can be as small as a pack of cigarettes, and it transmits disturbance waves, which basically hamper all communication with devices present in the area, be they all type of mobile phones (GSM, UMTS and 3G), WiFi networks and Bluetooth connections, within an operating range of about 15 meters.

The owner of a cellphone within this range will not notice the jammer’s disturbing action, but will only be able to notice that his handset has no reach, and he or she will not be able to do anything to communicate with the world outside.

A secure and crash-proof police van keeps all passengers safe

aprile 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti


When police forces carry out some operation which involves arresting criminals and carrying them towards the police station or prison, making sure that all passengers of the police van are safe is an absolute priority, either to protect policemen from any reaction that the arrestee might have towards them, or to keep the latter safe from harmful consequences in case of accident or impact.

To meet this need for security, the British car manufacturer Vauxhall has started the production of a particular model of its Vivaro van, which has been fitted with a real prison cell in the back.

A special attention was paid to the security and safety of the unwilling passenger sitting in the back, especially in consideration of the high risk conditions in which police van drivers have to operate, which can represent a potential danger for the security of all passengers. Under this point of view, the Vivaro cell has passed a series of crash tests which proved its sturdiness and resistance to impact, achieved not only by using the right materials, airbags and the like, but also by using a particular seating plan which minimizes the risk of collisions between passengers accommodated in the back of the van.

The Vivaro Prison Cell van, after this testing round, will in the near future be delivered to 54 different police stations across the United Kingdom for a trial period. Once the results of the trial are evaluated, this van might start its service at all stations of Her Majesty’s Police, to carry up to 6 passengers safely and with no risk for their security.

Another underwater vehicle, completely self-powered

aprile 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti


Just a few posts ago, we were talking about an underwater robot, and once again we are reporting a newcomer in this particular field.
Solo-Trec is an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), capable of autonomously generating the necessary electricity for providing propulsion to the vehicle itself, as well as for powering the systems placed on board, by exploiting fully renewable energies.

In fact, this vehicle is powered by an engine which gets recharged thanks to the differences in temperature that can be found at different depths. What makes this recharging operation possible is the presence of materials called “phase-change”, housed inside some tubes which expand or contract depending on the changes of temperature of the surrounding water.

When tubes expand or contract, the oil contained inside would move, thus generating motion in the hydraulic engine necessary to recharge the batteries, which in turn provide power to the engine used for the vehicle’s motion.

The Solo-Trec vehicle, developed by a NASA research team, in cooperation with University of California, can be equipped with scientific instruments and GPS receiver to determine position and route, and has been tested with more than 300 dives up to a depth of 500 meters, as well as an endurance test, which have been carried out in the waters off the coast of Hawaii.

A system like this, thanks to its endurance characteristics, can be used for scientific purposes, such as a long-term monitoring of the conditions of the sea, by using the correct equipment for this job.
Alternatively, by providing Solo-Trec with video surveillance equipment, it can be used for monitoring operations to ensure security in the waters around particularly sensitive targets or locations. And all this can be achieved while using a clean and unlimited source of energy.

Your girlfriend might be cheating? Try a spy phone

aprile 10, 2010 Technology No Commenti


As you might know, your humble blogger is living behind the former Iron Curtain. And you may also happen to know that women from these countries are famous for their beauty, and that due to the financial crisis, the emigration wave is turning into a flood towards the West.

So, it came as no big surprise when I heard that a friend of mine’s girlfriend was moving to Germany. What surprised me a bit was that he asked me to provide him with a spy phone, that he in turn would give her as a present, in order to keep a watchful eye over her.

The spy cellphone, at a first glance, is just your ordinary cellphone, with a small difference. The difference lies in a small piece of software installed in a completely invisible way, which allows a third party listener to know everything that happens to the phone’s user, no matter how far away they are.

In fact, while the owner of the phone uses it normally, making and receiving calls and having text conversations, what he or she does not know is that all messages can be automatically sent in copy towards a pre-programmed number, and that every time that a phone call takes place, an SMS notification is sent to the same number, from where it will be possible to call and listen in real time to the conversation, without being noticed.

It is also possible to listen to the conversations taking place around the phone while it is turned off, using it as a listening bug; and all these functions can be carried out without giving out any sign of activity or history records.

Thanks to all these functions, my friend unfortunately found out that his girlfriend’s job was actually… the world’s oldest job!

Maiden flight for the largest solar panel plane

aprile 10, 2010 Technology No Commenti


After a series of tests carried out in the last months of year 2009, the skies over Switzerland have been witnessing, a few days ago, the first flight of the largest solar plane to ever take the air.

Christened Solar Impulse, this aircraft, which is entirely powered by solar panels, has reached a maximum altitude of 1200 meters, during the course of a flight time of approximately 90 minutes. Its wingspan of 63 meters makes it as wide as a medium-sized commercial airliner, while its extremely light weight (its total mass if approximately as much as a medium car) allows it to take off at speeds as low as 60 kilometers per hour.

For now, these are just the first cautious steps in the air, although to be precise, the Solar Impulse had already been flying, albeit for just a few hundred meters and at a whopping 1-metre altitude. The next step will be testing of night flight capabilities, while the final aim of the project is to make the plane ready for a round-the-globe non-stop flight, which in the team’s best intentions should take place by the end of year 2012.

The road ahead is still extremely long, including construction of a second plane to speed up the testing phase and get ready for the round-the world flight. In the intentions of Bertrand Piccard, inventor of Solar Impulse, the project may play a pivotal role in the future development of transport aircraft powered by renewable energies.

Maybe one day our grandchildren’s grandchildren may really travel on long-haul planes powered by sunlight, not polluting and silent. If that day ever comes, the world will definitely be a better place to live.


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