How to record conversations in the office, or wherever you want, hiddenly and safely

Credit card shaped micro recorder REC-CARD. A champion of discretionary and effectiveness on the field! We know too well there are many efficient and “invisible” micro recorders available on the market. However whenever we take a look at this ultra-thin credit card shaped mini recorder we remain everytime fascinated. That’s …

Attention to the new gadgets of thieves

This may be the last discover of ingenious thieves who don’t hesitate to resort to the technology to hit unsuspecting victims. The news of recent months shows several cases where someone complains of being robbed, at home or in the company, after agreeing to unknowns small gadgets, deployed on the …

Protect yourself from illegal cell phone tapping!

If you are used to networking in search of easy solutions against the unauthorized phone tapping issue, you may be disappointed. Just like that, because the overwhelming problem of phone privacy, especially that one which concerns mobile network, has long since exceeded the limits, so much to induce public opinion …

The new frontier of biometric access: the body odor

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has added to the biometric recognition tools already on the market, another ingredient: the body odor. Identification parameter that, according to the researchers may soon be used for a reliable recognition through personal characteristics and biological properties. So we’ll be able to filter people based …

Microregistratori digitali

Everybody wants drones

aprile 23, 2013 Self Defence No Commenti

In the U.S. everybody wants a drone, many civil administrations have request them. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for six sites where realize tests to the use of drones (unarmed) in national territory and it has received offers from numerous organizations from 37 states. There isn’t money for the project, but most of the proponents believe in future applications in the security field to show that, in the fight against crime, they are unbeatable.

The idea is to use the drones to observe with bird’s-eye view the cities, but in different parts of the U.S. there is a high intensity of air traffic and drones could pose a danger. Added to this are the issues related to privacy and intrusiveness of government in the private lives of citizens. Over time, it’s clear the risk of abuses of all kinds: the drones will end up into the hands of anybody and they could be used in private. Excellent video surveillance systems have been already adopted by many administrations without having the need of drones and damming, in the same way, incidents of crime.

There isn’t doubt, instead, about the drones success in military field. From the entry in office of Obama to now, the robots have taken part in many military campaigns, including Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, killing many victims. In Pakistan, the drones are controlled directly by the CIA. More than half of American citizens appreciate the fact that the soldiers in the flesh and blood don’t risk their lives.

In short, the unmanned aircrafts attract the attention of many countries that haven’t the resources to manage air force. The Americans obviously are advantaged and they are keen to remain so; they don’t exclude the application in other fields such as marine or forestry.

There remain many shadows about the use of drones in the field of civil security. At the moment exist on the market powerful video surveillance systems that have little or nothing to envy to the robot and, above all, they don’t jeopardize the privacy of citizens.

U.S. look to recruit hackers for digital defence

aprile 18, 2013 Self Defence No Commenti

The USA Department of Homeland Security searching for about 600 hackers to employ in the next years to reinforce the digital defence of the country. The research is part of a program to discover young talents that emerge from software competitons, real challenges of computer security and creativity.

In reality isn’t the first time that United States are looking for “border line” people to involve in the security field. Also others agencies are searching for informatic experts to enrich their activities.
This need arises from the continuous increase of cyber crime that endangers the existence of institutions, public and private companies. The intrusion in database and unauthorized access to reserved information taking place every day and provide huge damages to the businesses.

Many companies had adopted security systems for PC and make regular environmental bug sweeps to verify the presence of any bugs or other hacking and control systems. Only in this manner they can prevent leakage of data, and the consequent losses.

According to the estimates of McAfee, large computer security company, the potential damage caused by cybercrime and by data loss amounted at $4.6 million on average for each company in a sample examined by a study in collaboration with Purdue University. The telecommunications giant At&t estimates that the U.S. companies will double or triple the cost of digital defenses.

Last summer, the National Security Agency has even sent some talent scouts to a famous conference of hackers, Defcon, so to enter step by step in a particular world. But on the best digital experts don’t bet only the U.S., but also many other nations. Recently ended in the United Kingdom, the third edition of the Cyber ​​Security Challenge: the competition included the work on a software application with mathematical formulas of encryption that protect business communications.
At the moment to help companies and institutions there are only self-defence tools.

From the password to the “passthought”

aprile 15, 2013 Technology No Commenti

Data leaks, confidential information solds to competitors, patents missed for the fault of unfaithful employees: This is the current situation in many companies in the world. The strong crisis “obliges” every day millions of employees to sell themselves to competitors in exchange for large sums of money or favors professional.

At the other side, the smartest companies have adopted valid surveillance systems both for the environmental monitoring of what is happening in the company, and as regards the informatic security. Through invisible pc devices you can monitor the work of your employees and prevent intrusion attempts. In fact, shouldn’t be underestimated even the threats of hacking. In unnoticed way, through sophisticated algorithms, it’s possible enter into business Pcs and stealing information and important data. It isn’t useful now constantly change passwords.

To give an answer to the need for informatic security, in addition to powerful tools previously mentioned, could come in the next years a computer that is controlled by gestures. And that’s not all. It seems that it will no longer need to type the password because this will be read directly from the user’s mind; for this reason, the name “passthought”.

The project of the UC Berkeley School of Information explores the feasibility of brainwave-based computer authentication as a substitute for passwords. The research team used a device, an helmet, already tested, that works through the non-invasive EEG features. The device is connected via Bluetooth to a computer that can decipher the brainwaves. During the test has been asked to several people to imagine to make a specific actions, such as moving a finger or sing a song. In all cases (with an error level of less than 1%) it was possible use the brain waves to identify the actions accurately. Clear, at this point, the possible application in the world of passwords.

This type of research lies in the biometric authentication field which already offers wide applications in various areas. Just think of the locks to fingerprints. Going beyond the physical tools and the classic alphanumeric combinations it will be possible a higher level of security, at least for now!

The car without driver

aprile 9, 2013 Self Defence No Commenti

The dream of many drivers could become reality. Travel miles and miles without concerns and in safety it might be possible with the car that drives itself, or rather, the car without driver.

To lead the project is a team of researchers from the University of Oxford that has developed a model that, using cameras and laser, is able to move autonomously in traffic, without requiring that the person at the wheel do anything and without even the need somebody to be sitting in the driver’s seat. This type of car is ideal for those who repeat the same route every day, for example, to go to work or to accompany children to school. In any case, the human pilots can resume anytime the vehicle driving, simply by touching the brake pedal with your foot and then turning off the autopilot.

At the moment there are still some limitations: the prototype “doesn’t know the road” so it’s necessary that a human teaches the path so that the cameras installed on the car record it on a dedicated computer or on an iPad. Once the route has been stored out of the car, just plug it in again, as you would with a navigation system, and the “automatic pilot” repeats exactly the same.
A system of laser beams, naturally, probe the road in search of all kinds of obstacles: other vehicles, pedestrians, dams, and softly presses the brake until it stops if it finds one, restarting only when the obstacle is no longer visible on its screens. Also today the cost of the new technology is quite high, about 5000 pounds (about 6000 euro), but the English experts think that in a short time the price will drop down to £ 100 (120 Euros).

So we still have to wait and in the meantime make use of valid measures in support of our safety on the road. An example is definitely the anti sleep driving alarm of Endoacustica Europe which drastically reduces the risk of accidents caused by tiredness and sleep. The device is positioned above the ear and, in the case in which the head is inclined more than 30 degrees, it starts to produce a loud sound that gives the driver quickly to reality. The product is already available for purchase online from the website, in the section “Self Defense”.

The answer to the wiretapping: the Stealth Phone

aprile 4, 2013 Self Defence No Commenti

More and more frequently, on newspapers’ headlines, we can read news about telephone wiretapping of conversations between politicians, business men, public officials and “important” people. Nowadays, anyone who knows even just a little of a person in certain circles risks that his conversations are intercepted. The only solution is the use of an encrypted phone.

Through the different systems developed by the technology applied to the cell phone (GPS trackers, network access, app and software ..) we are always reachable at any place and at any time. This advantage can quickly turn into a curse at a time when we share sensitive information, or simply personal ones with a person whose phone is placed under control. We would be in danger of having our name exposed, and might be facing consequences for our personal life or business.

To save ourselves from this kind of intrusion of our private space, and to make sure that our confidential conversations remain confidential, we need to be equipped with an Endoacustica encrypted cellphone. It’s like a normal cell phone, but inside, there are a powerful 256-bit encryption software that guarantees transmission of our phone calls in an encoded format, which cannot be decrypted by any third party. We just need that the person at the other end of the phone call is equipped with the same encryption key, and our calls will be absolutely safe, impossible to decode. The secret key can be edited at any time, thus adding one more layer of security. The installed software is completely invisible and can be password-protected.

You have to know that wiretappings are mainly based on the identification number of the device. So, who thinks to be safe changing the SIM card and using the same cellphone solves nothing. In this moment, the most advanced model is the Stealth Phone. It’s equipped with a software that continuously changes its handset identification number (IMEI). This phone doesn’t need another encrypted phone to work properly and it can work even as stand-alone. It also has a built-in firewall that would notify you in real time of any intrusion attempt with acoustic sound or blinking light notification. There are also landline phones to ensure secure phone calls at any time.

How airport body scanners work

marzo 29, 2013 Biotechnology No Commenti

There are millions of travelers each day that are subject to monitoring through the body scanners or, more technically, millimetral scanner. These security tools “lay bare” the passengers to check what is hidden under clothing.

In the beginning these instruments were introduced to avoid the search “by hand” by the agents of airports. Until a few years ago, the X-ray detectors could see only metal objects possibly present under the clothes.
Millimetral scanners, however, are lighter radiation, but at very high frequency (millimeter waves, in the order of Terahertz (112 Hertz)) crossing the clothes, but they’re partially reflected from any object, even non-metallic, and skin. The opaque materials (for example clothes) become transparent with this device allowing to distinguish any hidden objects.

In the most popular devices in the U.S., the millimeter-wave are transmitted simultaneously from two antennas that rotate around the body. The energy of the waves reflected from the body or from other objects is collected by two detectors placed diametrically to the object and then used to reconstruct a 3D image.

The scan lasts 2-3 seconds and raises some concerns regarding privacy. People scanned appear virtually naked and then you can see everything including any breast implants or piercings in sparsely exposed parts.

At this concern was answered by putting the operator that observes images in a room from which he can’t see passengers directly. Furthermore, at least in the U.S., passengers can refuse to pass through the scanner, preferring to be searched by an agent. The system also doesn’t provide at the time the ability to save and store images.

Contrary to what one might think, electromagnetic waves used have a power 10 thousand times lower than those of a common mobile phone and aren’t considered ionizing, ie aren’t able to break the bond that unites electrons and nucleuses in a atom, therefore they aren’t overly harmful to health. It could be said that privacy and health are slightly sacrificed for security. In fact, the biometry is often applied to the surveillance industry, just think to the fingerprint locks increasingly used both in private companies and in public places. These allow for greater security due to the singularity of the recognition and offer alternative management methods used in the absence of electric current.

Ways to improve smartphone battery life

marzo 26, 2013 Technology No Commenti

The smartphone abandons you just when you need it? Once the battery was with us for weeks. It was the time when the mobile phone was used only for calls and sms. It isn’t so now: with the modern smartphone you can play, surf the internet, keep an eye on your home and monitor your partner. These among many other activities. It isn’t uncommon that the battery doesn’t arrive until evening.

There are some small tricks that help us to increase the autonomy of the mobile phone. They aren’t miraculous softwares or complex applications, but attentions to reduce the normal battery consumption.

Typically smartphones include a brightness sensor able to detect the light of the environment and consequently adjust the brightness of the screen. More light is stronger, the screen will be bright. In contrast, in a dark environment, the brightness will be weaker. The first precaution may therefore be to manually set the screen light choosing the best configuration for yourself, thus avoiding to strain the power source.

You should also know that when we don’t use the connections, it doesn’t mean that they are turned off. The Wi-Fi connections on making continuous connections consuming energy. Same thing goes for Bluetooth or GPS. So it would be profitable turn off the networks when they aren’t necessary.

An element that may be less known regarding the telephone connection. Every smartphone is set to use the 3G network, ie the data network. If you don’t surf the Internet, 2G network is perfect to manage phone calls and SMS and above all allows you to earn useful minute battery.

The same thing is valid for the setting of continuous data synchronization. If this setting is activated, the phone will check if there are email or notifications even when it’s in stand-by mode. Disabling automatic data synchronization, you can update your mail manually, when you desire.

Implementing these recommendations could be boring, but through shortcuts on the screen or facilitated menu configuration it may be easier than you think, especially useful if it comes to emergency situations where it isn’t possible to charge the phone.

Watches with thousands of functions

marzo 21, 2013 Technology No Commenti

The clock now no longer serves only to mark time. Today this type of equipment have many other features and applications. A watch can for example integrate a GPS locator, interact with PCs, tablets and smartphones, become a real spy complete with micro recorder and micro camera.

In this context, couldn’t miss the contribution of the giant Apple that has submitted a project for the iWatch, an object that will revolutionize the concept of watches. The device, in addition to mark the time and interact with the smartphone, will be a true digital “key”, linked to the user, which could be used as an element of access to personal devices. Infact iWhatch, thanks to special biometric sensors, only works in presence of the owner or with his fingerprints. Needless to steal it, in short.

The object will be transparent, made ​​of vitreous material, with iOS operating system and equipped with an NFC chip that will replace the Bluetooth connectivity. Don’t enclose itself many functions, but will represent an extension of tablets and smartphones that will manage the “hard works”. In this manner iWatch should have a long autonomy. It will howeaver be able to manage calls, messages, email, and basic applications of the device that is connected to, but above all to keep codes and passwords able to unlock electronic clock when it is near, thanks to software Passbook. The clock may be integrated with Siri, the voice assistant from Apple, so as to provide voice commands.

The watch evolution of Apple isn’t yet available on the market and in any case will be the first experiment of this kind for the company. Who should carry out professional tasks of survillance must rely on professionals in the field that guarantee efficiency immediately, as Endoacustica.

The electronic bracelets will change our daily life

marzo 18, 2013 Biotechnology No Commenti

The introduction of wearable electronic devices will bring profound changes in our daily lives. After the smart glasses, comes Myo, the bracelet designed by the U.S. Thalmic Labs.

It’s enough move your fingers to interact with your PC and other devices: scroll the pages up or down, start playing music or video, rotate the arm as virtual knob to increase the volume, raise a hand to block a play, interact with a presentation of work.

The creators have recorded a series of electrical pulses on the basis of our movements and then translate them into thousands of digital controls. They analyzed the connections of the human muscle, both at rest and in action, producing electrical microvolt. Using the technique of electromyography, the sensors placed inside Myo have the ability to amplify of thousands of times the recording of the signal, sending it to an internal processor which performs machine learning algorithms. The device, wirelessly connected (using the bluetooth system 4.0), allows you to interact with remote computers, video games, smart phones and appliances.

Myo improves with time, because as the device is used, it learns to recognize always better the gestures of the user, thereby increasing its accuracy. Obviously the product now is limited to the hands and arms, but in the future may also relate to other parts of the body. The bracelet will be on sale at the end of 2013 to about $ 149.

In fact, the bracelets are items that have numerous uses. One example is the anti drowning and anti loss Endoacustica’s bracelet. For years the device is chosen for the safety of thousands of children.
The bracelet is connected to a base unit which sends an alarm if the wearer comes into contact with the water or moves away over a predetermined limit (usually 50mt). A great way to keep track of their children, but also domestic animals when you are outdoors.

Smartphone in the freezer to discover all the secrets of Android

marzo 13, 2013 Technology No Commenti

Researchers of the University Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen, Germany have found an easy way to hack the encryption system adopted by the fourth version of Android.
Sophisticated algorithms and software every day manage to access to millions of informations contained in smartphones and electronic devices of all kinds. Behind there is always the work of teams of experts, hackers or not, that studying the characteristics of the systems and then violate them.

It didn’t go exactly in this way for the German researchers that have discovered an unusual flaw in the “Ice Cream Sandwich” system, that is, the data protection of the most advanced Android devices. It’s the cold to ease the encryption that substantially prevents access to the contents on the smartphone without having first unlocking the screen.

The test was carried out not so much to test the validity of the software, but to solve a problem that worries investigators and law enforcement: be able to trace the information contained in a smartphone for legal reasons. Most of the time they are used spy software that are installed in a few minutes on mobile phones of those who want to control and you have the opportunity to listen phone calls, view incoming and outgoing text messages, listen to what is happening around the device and check the position GPS.

More specifically, the researchers put a Galaxy Nexus in the freezer for an hour, bringing it to a temperature of -10°C, then they took it off, put back the battery and they managed to recover contacts, pictures, files and browser history . Hacking is done via software, activated in place of the operating system, able to send the collected data to another machine.

What has happened: when the chips are very cold thay keep longer the data and facilitate the deciphering of protection. The freezing is a technique already used in the forensic field on PCs and laptops, but nobody had applied to smartphones. The method was named Frost, Forensic Recovery of Scrambled telephone.


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