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Micro audio recorder looking like a bank card. With VAS system, wide dynamic range and time scheduler

An anonymous microrecorder but exceptional quality!

REC-CARD looks like a modern bank card but actually is an awesome digital audio recorder available for covert audio recording. No buttons or connectors are visible on the body and its hidden operating LED indicates the audio recording is in progress. The battery operates up to 35 hours in record mode and up to 150 hours in standby mode.

High security software allowing safe recording and privacy

The REC-CARD allows a high recording quality also in noisy environments. In fact the microrecorder provides a wide dynamic range of recorded signals (90db) and high level of data protection. No other except the owner can access to the stored data within the micro recorder because of the possibility to use password. Data and settings are easily managed by a user-friendly software. All recorded audio data files are identifiable by date and time stamp.

VAS Voice Activation System, start timer and recording scheduling software

REC-CARD includes a voice-activated recording system (VAS) and a start/stop recording timer. The user can set different time schedules and specified times for each day and date. The microrecorder will go on uninterrupted, also checking if there is enough free memory and battery charge. The device supports loop recording mode allowing the device to go on recording even if it is out of free memory, overwriting the oldestt files with the latest ones.

The files can be also protected with a ciphered password that can be digitally signed on each audio file. The card recorder has a built-in free memory and Li-Pol battery. The LED indicator can be also deactivated if necessary. Just make a "slide" with two fingers on the magnetic stripe to turn the card on or off.



  • Sample rate: 24 kHz / 16 kHz / 8 kHz
  • Bit depth: 4 / 16 / 24 bit
  • Audio compression: ADPCM, PCM
  • Dynamic gamma: 90 dB
  • Power: built-in Li-Pol battery
  • Power consumption in standby mode: not more than 0.1 mA
  • Power consumption in recording mode: not more than 4 mA
  • Battery life in recording mode: 35 hours
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • USB connectable card reader available for PC

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