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Cell phone encryption software (military ciphering algorithm)

The software* solution to secure mobile communication !

Do you fear someone may listen to your conversation or catch your messages on your cell phone?

Are you looking for a definitive solution to mobile phone privacy and security problem?

Safe & Talk is your right option!

Safe & Talk is a software solution that enables you to make encrypted secure calls over GSM network with an extreme reliability; other than that, Safe & Talk allows you to encrypt your sms!

The software, requires to be installed on user’s handsets, along with a secret key entered by all users. If the key is not entered correctly the connection will not be established.

As soon as installation has been ended, the user can access immediately the software from the main menu of the phone to place a secure call  or send an encrypted sms to other users.  To place the call the user needs to enter the normal phone number of the caller from the dialer screen. That’s all!

When the call is answered on the other end, the software compares the correct keys on both ends and then initiates a 256 bit encrypted call.

Instant Secure Communication
This application ensures that information can be sent within a few seconds and a conversation can take place to aid instant decision making.

A Solution against tapping

The data transferred over the GSM networks is encrypted, where the users can be assured that no one will be able to listen in.  Thus, the product is a reliable and effective software against mobile phone tapping.


The secret keys can be changed by users at any time, to ensure that keys cannot be hacked by a listening party and can be entered evey time if necessary.  Changing the key regularly will help in maintaining a high level of security.

Software SAFE & TALK

Nokia N 93 Encrypted



The Safe & Talk software is quite simple to configure.  As said, just enter the secret key on any phone yout wish to communicate with.  Please note simplicity of this software should not be mistaken for its performance.  The software uses Data Call facility provided by the network provider to seamlessly auto-adapt itself to any GSM network.  The end user does not need to enter the bps, port parity or any other settings to make it operational.  Just the Secret key and you are ready to go. Only you and the other phone you are communicating with are authorized to talk. An intelligent plug and play system ensures smooth operations.  Software access is protected by a password also changeable at will.

The software runs on a 256 bit encryption, with a 32 alpha numeric Initializing Vector (IV) provided by the end user.

This ensures the following:

  • All calls are 256 bit encrypted.
  • The IV or Secret Key can be changed at any time to ensure higher security
  • As the IV or Secret key is entered by the end user there are no back doors, or security lapses.   Harder is the secret key (or IV), higher is the encryption. (For e.g.: a key 173456905558  can be easily broken as compared to &%$78!0006*2 which is harder to crack).
  • Keys are not exchanged at any time during the call set up or handshaking thus ensuring that no one, including the network provider can listen to the calls.
  • The software and call logs are password protected so that no one can view the calling activity when they have access to the handset.
  • Safe & Talk logs are not viewable in the normal call registry of the phone.


Safe & Talk software has the following modules:

Encryption Layer

This module ensures the security of the call.  The voice data is captured by the encryption layer, encoded, encrypted and carried on the data channel.  The encryption layer also receives encrypted data, decrypts it and plays it on the speaker of the phone. If the data is not encrypted correctly then it drops that packet.  The encryption layer does not exchange keys between phones to ensure the highest possible level of security.

Auto Configuration Layer

This layer is activated as soon as a call is placed and answered. It auto enumerates the settings of the HSCSD or CSD settings and sets it for this particular call. The layer remains active during the call and ensures dynamic settings if there is a change in the duration of the call. If the user steps out of the network coverage or the software is not able to enumerate the CSD settings, it immediately disconnects the call

User Interfaces

This layer only allows users to validate the call interface by entering the correct password to open the operational screens of the application. This layer sends call and answer commands to the core of the application.

Logging Engine

This layer ensures that Safe & Talk logs are not visible in the call registry of the phone and allows the user to select contacts from the Contacts or Call Logs to place calls.


  • Encryption level: 256 bit encryption
  • Delay: 2.5 second for first 3 seconds of call. Less than 1.5 seconds for the duration of call after first 4 seconds.
  • Initializing Vector (IV): Provided by the end user
  • Channel: CSD or HSCSD (HSCSD, is an enhancement to Circuit Switched Data, the original data transmission mechanism of the GSM mobile phone system. As with CSD, channel allocation is done in circuit switched mode. The difference comes from the ability to use different coding methods and/or multiple time slots to increase data throughput).
  • Requirements: Compatible Handsets (look at the the complete list aside) as listed at the end of document) and a GSM Network that supports CSD or HSCSD.

Warning: In order that software can work appropriately, the SIM Card inserted must be available for Data Call service (please call your service provider for activation).

*It is possible to buy cell phone with the software installed.

Nokia N 95 criptato Nokia 6110 criptato Nokia N 93i criptato Nokia N 76 criptato


Endoacustica has become a worldwide leader in selling communication security equipments. In this field of application you can find: the cell phone encryption software, the encrypted mobile phone and the untraceable cell phone.

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