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Remote controlled aircraft CCD Camera



Heli-V1-Pro is a four rotor helicopter such as Heli-V1 but coming with additional characteristics that make it unique. Its superior aerial video performance and exceptional pilot friendly flight make it suitable for amateur of this kind. Among its more considerable characteristics leaps a computerized radio system featuring adjustable sensitivity and options to customize the flight characteristics and  a high resolution CCD wireless video camera and a bracing kit on the frame to increase strength and reduce vibration.

The CCD Video Camera is coupled with a high-power transmitter to minimize video static and breakup while maximizing range and image detail. The FM video transmitter operates on the highest amateur frequency, 2.4GHz, to yield the most colors and best resolution. Transmitting at 50mW, video can be received at large distances with reduced video static. In addition, the Heli-V1-Pro does not suffer from frequency drift during temperature changes. A 6 channel transmitter is included which features a switch to activate or deactivate Thermal Intelligence.

The Heli-V1-Pro technology advances your professional aerial video quality by reducing noise and static. The Heli-V1-Pro's Video Camera CCD Optical Sensor outperforms CMOS sensors, which are plagued by noisy, distorted images and are hypersensitive to vibration. The CCD Optical Sensors perform in low-light conditions while CMOS Sensors can only see black. While the CCD Optical Sensor helps clarify your video, the Circular Polarized Flat Patch Antenna's directional reception minimizes momentary video static due to multipathing. Multipathing static occurs when old video data arrives at the receiver because the signal took multiple indirect paths through surrounding objects. Less static means unparalleled video quality.

The Articulating Camera Mount allows you to point the video camera in any direction desired and also provides protective isolation from the Heli-V1-Pro's motors. Its frame bracing also dampens vibration, providing more stable video. Stabilization, higher video quality and less static are key capabilities in the Heli-V1-Pro.

Heli-V1-Pro includes:

  • Flight Simulator with USB interface cable for windows operating system.
  • Extremely durable, assembled Heli-V1-Pro frame with extra frame bracing.
  • 6 channel computerized 72 MHz FM transmitter, with a flexible, high gain detachable antenna.
  • One CPU seven-sensor control system with built-in dual conversion 72 MHz FM receiver and Thermal Intelligence.
  • One set of damage resistant injection molded nylon rotor blades.
  • Four high speed electric motors with installed pinion gears and capacitors.
  • Four drive gears with 2 precision ball bearing each.
  • One 11.1 volt 1320mAh Lithium Polymer high discharge battery with protection circuitry.
  • AC digital peak detection charger for Lithium Polymer battery and transmitter.
  • Printed instruction manuals and instructional DVD.


Wireless video system includes :

  • High resolution 430 line 1/4" CCD micro video camera.
  • 2.4 GHz 50mW video transmitter.
  • Articulating arm camera mount.

Radio-controlled helicopter Heli-V1-Pro

Overhead view of Heli-V1-Pro
Overhead view of Heli-V1-Pro

CCD camera detail
CCD camera detail

Thermal Intelligence circuitry
Thermal Intelligence circuitry detail


Control system 7 sensor control system with built-in dual conversion 72 MHz FM receiver and Thermal Intelligence
Transmitter type 6 channel computerized 72 MHz FM transmitter, with a flexible, high gain detachable antenna
Video camera High resolution 430 line 1/4" CCD
Video transmitter 2.4 GHz 50mW
Video camera range 1500 ft
Receiver type 72Mhz
Motors 4 high speed electric motors with installed pinion gears and capacitors
Drive gears 4 drive gears with 2 precision ball bearing each
Auxiliary channels


Flight time 12-15 minutes
Video ground station antenna Circular polarized, 8 dbi patch
Video ground station power regulator type 9V
Batteries 2 batteries, 11.1V-1320mA Lithium Polymer with protection circuitry
Rotor blades composition indestructible nylon injected
Aircraft dimensions 30" in diameter
Weight 18.5 ounces
Maximum speed 34 kph


Wireless Video Ground Station includes :

  • Eyemonitor (optional) to see comfortably with our glasses.
  • Circular polarized, 8 dbi patch antenna.
  • 11.1 volt 1320mAh Lithium Polymer battery with protection circuitry.
  • 9 volt power regulator.
  • Audio/video connection cable.

Crash kit (included) :

  • 2 Folding rotors sets virtually indestructible nylon injected rotor blades.
  • 2 High impact nylon motor mounts
  • 2 Carbon fiber frame tubes.
  • 2 Vertical risers.

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