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laser microphone

professional laser microphone, Listen Through Any Window From 1 Full Mile Away!


This Laser microphone system is operated by transmitting an invisible IR-beam to the window of the target room. The window pane is slightly vibrating in accordance to the sound waves emanating from speech.

The beam is reflected from the window pane according to the law of optics, ie. the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The receiver picks up the reflected beam that is modulated by the window pane vibrations, and the optical signals are automatically converted into electronic signals.

The picked up speech is now filtered, amplified and recorded. Both the transmitter and the receiver are built into standard single lens reflex cameras, allowing for perfect concealment.

The complete system is supplied in a camera case incorporating amplifier, filters and recorder.

LASER MICROPHONE consists of three parts:

  • Laser Transmitter
  • Laser Receiver
  • Amplifier Unit with Audio-Recorder


Sound wave vibrations which reflect off smooth-surface glass (single or double glass thermo pane). Transmitter laser's angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection to the receiver. Rippled or grained glass will not provide a suitable reflecting surface from which to record.


Acoustic interference cause by interior and exterior sound wave reflections may be filtered and modulated by the LAS-MIC 's receiving system. The transmission may be fine-tuned by means of a modulated search tone or by adjusting the placement of the receiver. Tape recordings may be further edited at the user's option.

Laser microphone infrared system

COD. ART.:Las-mic

Laser Microphone
professional laser microphone long distance laser microphone

Technical Specifications

Laser Transmitter (TX) 1 piece advanced version consists following parts:

Micrometer platform with adjustable x/y axis
(to be mounted with transmitter on manfrotto tripod) 1 piece
Manfrotto with pan & tilt head is included

Laser Type: Semi-conductor
Laser Wave Length: 750 - 840 nm
Output Power: 5 mW automatically controlled
Power Supply: 8 x 1.5 V AAA Battery pack with control panel power / search tone for transmitter (TX)
Current Consumption: approximate. 100 mA
Beam Focusing: Tele-lens 135 mm
Target Finder: through lens
Connections: 1 for power supply
Mounting: standard to fit to the tripod
Operating Time: approximate 10 hours continuous
Other features: switchable modulation, search tone
Camera housing

Laser Receiver (RX) 1 piece

Laser Type: noiseless PIN-Diode
Wave Length: Infrared
Tele-Lens: 500 mm with reduce cover
Power Supply: 9 V Block Battery
Battery Life: 15-50 hours (depending on the adjusted volume)
Current Consumption: 10 - 30 mA
Camera housing


Amplifier unit: amplifier with DNR and equalizer built inside the case
Amplification: adjustable
Connections: Headphone, Speaker
Voice Filter: Equalizer, adjustable
Voice Recorder: built-in and internally connected with the amplifier


  • Amplifier with DNR and equalizer built inside the case
  • Switch between laser mode and IR bug mode
  • Cable (power supply -TX)
  • Set RX/TX of cordless headphone
  • Cable between RX and case
  • Searchtone-handreceiver with earphone
  • 2 outputs for digital recorder built inside the case
  • Opening tool
  • Antenna for cordless headphone
  • IR stethoscope transmitter with 6V battery

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 470 x 380 x 220mm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg without batteries and tripods

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