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Welcome to the End of the Telecommunications Interception Age.

The Problem

Telecommunications interception has developed into a major industry in the last two decades. Intelligence agencies and private organizations within all countries routinely intercept calls that may yield sensitive political, military or economic information.

The use of wiretapping has become so widespread, simple and uncontrolled that you must assume that records of your private calls end up in the wrong hands. Equipment for wireless interception of mobile phone calls has become available at such low prices that it is deployed frequently even in comparatively small business conflicts. So using encryption to protect your privacy is the prudent choice.

But protecting your information with strong and trustworthy encryption has become difficult. "Proprietary" or "Secret" algorithms of dubious quality, and encryption that is too weak to protect against modern computing power are commonplace in the telecommunications market. These weaknesses are masked by marketing efforts, suggesting that you need to rely on "the secrecy of the algorithm" or "government classification" - certified by the same intelligence agencies that are actually in charge of telecommunications interception.

Cellulare criptato

art. code: SCR-TEL

Today's Solution

Now there is a solution that you can trust, because it can be verified by you or by your experts. SCR-TEL, the first secure desktop phone that comes with full source code available for independent review - is available now. Finally, you can perform a independent assessment to ensure that there is no weak encryption and no backdoors in the device you entrust your telecommunications security to. You don't have to believe us when we say it is secure - you can verify that claim yourself.

The SCR-TEL is not a black-box-device with scarce technical information, like other products in the market. We will give you all the details of its inner workings - even before you buy.

The SCR-TEL enables you to put the trust where it belongs - into a trustworthy, open and scientific verification

The SCR-TEL technology is based on well-researched algorithms for both encryption and voice processing, the strongest encryption available combined with key length that provides peace of mind today and in the future (See reverse side for technical details).

The SCR-TEL encrypts your calls with the two algorithms that are regarded strongest by the cryptographic community – AES and Twofish.

Technical characteristics:

  • Secures your voice's privacy
  • Strongest and most secure algorithms available today
  • AES256 and Twofish
  • 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange with SHA256 hash function
  • Readout-hash based key authentication
  • 256 bit effective key length
  • Encryption key is destroyed as soon as the call ends
  • Source code available online for independent security assessments
  • Standard analog PSTN/POTS interface with RJ11/RJ13 plug
  • Audio port for interfacing the PSTN/1 with videoconferencing equipment

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