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microspia gsm

With a GSM bug you can listen everything around a certain range from the place you hidden it, just with a telephone call.

The new GSM room monitoring bug allows environmental listen even from an unlimited distance, and you can control it from any location around the world, bringing the listener and the person under surveillance virtually close to each other, even if there are a thousand miles between them, also with a perfect audio quality, thanks to the professional microphone with high sensitivity that catches every single sound around him. The only thing you need to make it works is just a phone call from any mobile phone.

We offer bugs with different shapes and sizes that can be hidden in many common object, like plugs, domestic objects, table lamps, or any other object you can find in your house. You can even hide them inside cars, when installed, they do not emit any sound or vibration making them impossible to be found by your victim. GSM room monitoring bugs can be controlled with a simple text message to activate all the different functions like: voice activation, anti-detection function, microphone sensitivity level, and many others. The infrared GSM bug for example, between its features there are the vibration sensor, the motion sensor and the possibility to be connected with a landline phone.

APPLICATIONS: The GSM bugs can be even be installed in cars, self-powered appliances, electricity plugs and in hidden corners.



Analog Radio Bugs


microspia analogicaA radio analog bug to monitor a room, or simply a bug, is made up just with a small spy microphone, connected to a miniature radio transmitter, that can catch up any audio signals around it and transmits them to your radio receiver, placed at a distance which can range within a few tens of meters up to some kilometers, according to the transmitter’s output power; receiver and transmitter must be tuned into the same frequency. Our radio bugs can also be equipped with VOX circuitry, that allows to activate the microphone only when there are noises or voice in the room under surveillance, to save battery, and to minimize the risk of the bug being discovered by a bug detector.

Furthermore, it's possible to activate and deactivate the bug thanks to the remote control unit, in order to make it impossible to locate by anti-interception devices.

APPLICATIONS: Its ease of use and reasonable cost make it suitable for being used everywhere, at home or in the office. These small bugs can also be hidden inside objects like a cellphone battery, a necklace pendant or even inside your clothes.



Digital Bugs


microspia digitale auroraDigital radio bug transmit a digital radio signal, providing an absolute clear sound. Our digital radio bugs use an advanced encryption method that makes the transmission absolutely impossible to decipher and even optimize the transmission quality.

To listen the conversation you will need the proper decryption key. Our quality digital bugs use spectrum inversion, that means that they cut the signal in millions of little pieces and then it is transmitted in so called "bursts".

When the burst is received, the receiver puts the pieces back together, recreating a clear and understandable sound for the receiver.

: We recommend the use of this audio bugs to professional and experts customers, governmental agencies or law enforcement.



UMTS Video Bugs


For all your kind of needs our UMTS room monitoring video bugs can help you, and they are very easy to use. All you have to do to make them work is place the video bug in the room you wish to keep under control, and it will be never be noticed thanks to its extraordinarily tiny size.

Our UMTS video bugs can be mounted inside several common objects, like a table lamp, a multiple plug or inside an electrical box to achieve the best performances thanks to the continuous power supply, avoiding to recharge their batteries. Video bugs can transmit their signal at an unlimited distance.

To get the best performances from your UMTS video bugs, all you need is an UMTS video phone or a pc with any software for video playback and an UMTS key, to start recording everything that happens in the room.

APPLICATIONS: This bugs thanks to the unlimited audio/video monitoring distance is perfect for being installed inside car, vans or self-powered appliances.


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