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Device with micro switches (dip switch) ables to select individual frequency band to inhibit. Thanks to this feature, you could for example use normally electronic devices in the frequencies not activated (DIP switch to Off) and inhibit rather activated ones (DIP switch in On). This allows to use a single device for different bands. It is also equipped with two further larger antennas that allow a greater db gain and an increase of the action range in the choice frequency.

Many European countries, ban the sale within the UE. Check the regulations in force on its own territory.
Fixed Mobile Phone Jammer
Jams all cellular
fixed Mobile Phone JammerJams all cellular phone signals: GSM 925-965 MHz, DCS 1800-1950, CDMA 860-885 MHz, PHS 1800-1950, 3G 2100-2200 MHz...
cod. MJ-200SA   dettagli
Multifunction jammer
Compact jammer
jammer Product description: jammer for mobile, WiFi signal Product Category: high power mobile phone signal jammer...
cod. JMLT   dettagli
Handheld Phone Jammer
Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer
JammerThese are very high powered pocket sized cell phone jammers that will disable all cell phones in all countries including the new 3G band and WiFi 11b This models ...
MJ-2000 PLUS   dettagli
Rf jammer
Radio frequency jammer
rf jammersSht1-Rf is a powerful generator of radio waves, operating on a wide band and emitting electromagnetic waves on a frequency that ranges from 0.01 to 1500 MHz ...
cod. SHT1-RF   dettagli
Radio frequency jammer
Radio frequency jammer
radio frequency jammersGenerates electromagnetic interference waves, on a frequency ranging from 0.01 to 2500 MHz, with a maximum output power of 35 W thanks to its metal casing housed inside a travel bag...
cod. SHT4-RF   dettagli
High power jammer
High quality cell phone jammer
JammerJams all cellular phone signals: GSM 925-965 MHz, DCS 1800-1950, CDMA 860-885 MHz, PHS 1800-1950, 3G 2100-2200 MHz. All the specified mobil phones signals...
cod. MJ-200LA   dettagli
Handheld Video Jammer
Handheld Video Jammer
handheld Video Jammer For home or any private place where users want to prevent peeping camera from being operated. TX Frequency: (A) 895/900 ~ 1000 MHz # (B) TX frequency: 1195/1200 ~ 1300 MHz ...
cod. VJ-200   dettagli
Portable audio jammer
Portable audio jammer
portable audio jammer Keep your private conversations private! The Audio Jammer AJ-100 protects your sensitive room conversations by generating a random masking sound...
cod. AJ-100   dettagli
Jammer recorders
Locking device for recorders
digital and analog dictaphone jammerWTK is the first completely self contained real time tracking device with an installed rechargeable battery. No wires to install, no batteries to insert. WTK is perfect for covert tracking purposes...
cod. JDM-01   dettagli
Walkie-talkie breaker
Walkie-talkie Jammer
walkie-talkie breaker Effective walkie-talkie breaker able to block any walkie-talkie radio signals. As soos as it turns on, the device starts to work, blocking any transmissive VHF (144-174 MHz) and UHF ...
cod. WTJ-200   dettagli
Mobile phone detector
Mobile phone detector
mobile phone detector It simultaneous detects four bandwidths (GSM, DCS, CDMA, 3G) transmission signal. Each band is designed with individual detection circuit for high sensitivity and consistency...
cod. AJ-300   dettagli
Adjustable Five Band Mobile jammer
Mobile Phone Jammer also for 4G Net
Mobile Phone JammerFrequency jammer for jam cellular network GSM, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and WIFI. 40 meters coverage, power regulator and switching off for each single frequency.
cod. MJ-400G   dettagli
Portable Jammer
Jammer for GSM and RF bug
Mobile Phone JammerJM-24H is a jammer hidden in a handbag, able to block all kind of cellular phone's signal and RF frequencies.
cod. JM-24H   dettagli
Jammer with 8 antennas
Multifunction jammer
Mobile Phone JammerThe 8-band Jammer blocks all the popular wireless signal channels, including all mobile phones, UHF&VHF walkie-talkie and audio bug,...
cod. JM-8A   dettagli
Bomb jammer pro
For military/police/government
portable audio jammerBomb Jammer Pro is a wide-band portable jamming system, designed for the protection of VIPs and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio...
For military and law enforcement
cod. EN-4016G   dettagli
Long range jammer
Long range jammer for mobile phones
Jammer MJ-120WA powerful jammer for mobile phones, with an operating range that can reach up to 500 meters. Effectively shuts out all AMPS, N-AMPS, NMT, TACS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, IDEN...
For military and law enforcement
cod. MJ-120W   dettagli
Bomb jammer 160w
For band radio devices and mobile
in-car gps jammer Perfect to thwart or prevent terrorist attacks, or other crimes carried out by using any improvised explosive devices (IED) that is, explosives remotely controlled...
For military and law enforcement
cod. VS-160W   dettagli
Bomb jammer pro
For military/police/government
Bomb jammerSuitable to neutralize or prevent any terrorist attacks or other crimes perpetrated via a IED (Improvised Explosive Device), that is, a remotely controlled explosive device operated via...
For military and law enforcement
cod. LA-60W   dettagli


Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.
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