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Small hidden microrecorder with USB protection system

The distinguishing feature of the B76 micro digital recorder is its extremely small size, the metal casing measures just 37 x 25 x 6 mm, almost smaller than a keychain.
Point of strength of this recorder is given by its high level of safety and anonymity, in fact, if someone find the voice recorder, may not use it or access to the data. This is thanks to a special USB adapter supplied with the voice recorder which is the only tool able to communicate with the computer system. In addition, the software for the management of records is already involved in the same micro recorder therefore it doesn’t require the installation of additional programs that may arouse suspicion on the PC.. The B76 thanks to the functionality VAS (voice-activated-system) can work up to 70 hours.
Through the integrated software you can save the messages recorded on the computer as standard audio files, restore the breaks during the loading of the file on the disk, set the parameters of the recorder (eg date and time), and apply password protection access to the settings of the recorder and to the information.
The device B76 is a professional device that, like all Endoacustica Europe recorders, has combined ease of use with high quality recording. The automatic control has flexible configuration items, depending on environmental noise and on the conditions in which the recording is done with an auto gain control system (AGC).
In addition, the recorder can also be used as a safety device for the transportation and/or storage of important data, in fact, has a physical memory of 8 GB with the same high protection of the recordings.
The product is powered by a replaceable battery CR2016 "button" type which gives to the recorder the possibility to work for several days; for a maximum continuous recording that arrives to 36 hours. The removable battery offers a great advantage: it isn’t necessary in fact to stop the recording for the charging time of the battery, but you can simply insert a new one, having access to the device for a few seconds.

Micro digital voice recorder

Micro digital voice recorder


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• Circular Recording;
• Integrated clock in real time;
• VAS and Timer;
• Protection of information;
• AGC system to adjust the amplification according to external noise conditions;
• Battery life in record mode: up to 36 hours;
• Battery life in standby mode: up to 4 months;
• Battery life in record mode with VAS: up to 70 hours;
• Frequency band: 0.1 - 10 kHz;
• Signal to Noise Ratio: -80 dB;
• Sensitivity of microphone: up to 12 m;
• Interchangeable battery CR2016 type;
• Dimensions: 37x25x6 mm
• Weight: 16 g

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