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Spy Cell Phone F.A.Q.

Q.: There are several Spy Phones on the market, what makes your Spy Software different?
A.: Endoacustica Europe is working in the Spy Phones field since 1992, a time when the concept of "spy software" this not exist yet, and a spy cellphone had to be modified in its hardware.
Along with almost 20 years of experience in this segment, we can rely on a team of developers, working on all platforms currently used in mobile phone technology (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone), always up to date and active in researching new hardware and software solutions. We can provide assistance and support by phone, online via Skype and face to face in our Italian office.

We are a company with a REAL address, not just virtual.
Beware of dealers who do not provide a real address, as they might be fooling you!
The spy mobile phone market is a very particular segment, in which quite often the price of devices and software which at a first glance look exactly the same, might very dramatically depending on the dealer of your choice. 
We are talking about quite expensive devices and software, but this cost is also a guarantee that you will get the best performance, and the reason behind the difference in prices between apparently equal models is caused by this aspect.
In fact, not all spy software to be installed on your mobile phone are the same, and like it or not, those which are sold cheaper will also show a lower performance quality.

For example, let’s take a look at the most important aspect of how a spy software works: invisibility.
To make sure that the surveillance operation is well done, the piece of software installed on the spy cellphone must work in an absolutely invisible way, without leaving any kind of trace, nor giving out any sign of activity which might raise unwanted attention and suspicion in its user; this might be for example a ring, a notification alert or a call listed in the calls log.
Quite too often, unfortunately, when you purchase the software or the spy phone from a not renowned dealer, you may encounter some small glitches or functionality problems, such as the glowing of the phone display when the spy handset receives a call from the monitoring phone, or you can hear a beep during the conversation, or any other apparently small imperfection, which might result in compromising an entire surveillance operation.
Sometimes a few problems may actually be caused by the network provider, but this should not interfere at all with what is the main purpose of a spy software, and that is, working in an absolutely invisible way, in order to guarantee complete secrecy and discretion.
This task can only be accomplished if you are using a trusted, reliable and tested software, not certainly an off-the-shelf product that you can buy for a few bucks.
And most of all, in case of need,  the customer must have at their disposal a professional support service, which, no matter how high or low the cost of the device or software purchased, is capable of providing adequate responses and specific advice for any need the customer may have.
To achieve this task, you must absolutely rely on professionals, not on dealers who do not provide a reliable and trustworthy service.
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Q.: How does a spy phone work?
A.: For more information in detail, please visit the features page
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Q.: How can I understand if I am being spied?
A.: For more information, please visit endoacustica.com/blog
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Q.: I am looking for a free spy software
A.: On the market there are some freeware items, but they don’t have certain features such as environmental listening or phone call interception, GPS location, SMS monitoring etc., the only function being GSM location, which is not very useful as the data you would receive is not easily legible for everyone. In fact, to figure out where your spied phone is located, you would need a map of all GSM cells in the country where the phone is located.
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Q.: How can I turn a mobile phone in a remote transmitting device?
A.: For more info, just visit the details page.
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Q.: How to record calls from a mobile phone?
A.: For more information, you can just visit the call recording features page.
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Q.: Spy viruses and mobile phones
A.: For more information, you can visit the specific page by clicking HERE
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Q.: Can I call normally from the monitoring phone to the spy phone?
A.: Unfortunately this is not possible, as the spy phone would recognize the monitoring phone number as a number to be treated secretly, thus activating spy functions when receiving a call from ths number. Therefore we recommend that you purchase a SIM card that you will only use to remotely monitor the spy phone.
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Q.: Can I use the same software on more than one phone?
A.: Unfortunately not, the software is strictly connected to the IMEI number of the handset on which it is installed.
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Q.: How many files is the spy software made up of?
A.: Every file includes a function indipendent from others, which therefore can be purchased individually.
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Q.: Can I disable the spy software at any time and enable it again later?
A.: Certainly, you can enable and disable individual functions, simply by sending a hidden comand string via text message.
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Q.: How much does a spy software cost?
A.: The price is not puyblished on our website, but you can request the price list via email, by simply filling out the Contact Form
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Q.: How long does the spy software last on a cellphone?
A.: Spy software has no expiration date, and can be used for an unlimited amount of time.
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D: Can the spy phone be used normally?
A.: Certainly, the spy phone is a normal mobile phone (except for the software installed invisibly) and is sold as new in his packaging.
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Q.: What happens if the spy phone receives a call while I am listening to a conversation?
A.: the spy cellphone will ring normally, and the monitoring call will immediately be disconnected to avoid suspicions.
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Q.: Can I install the spy software via text message?
A.: This is not possible, but what you can do is install it via Bluetooth, for example while the owner of the phone is temporarily busy or distracted.
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Q.: Who pays for the spy call?
A.: The spy calls are paid by the monitoring phone.
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Q.: Can I intercept calls from the Spy Phone if there is no GSM coverage?
A.: Unfortunately this would not be possible, as a network coverage is always necessary.
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Q.: What phone models are supporting the spy software?
A.: The spy software can be installed on any phone which uses Symbian or Windows Mobile, as well as on Blackberry and iPhone.
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Q.: What's the operating range of the microphone?
A.: Depending on environmental conditions, it can pick up sounds within a range between one and 3-4 meters.
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Q.: My partner is very privacy-conscious with mobile phone calls, maybe he or she is hiding something?
A.: Maybe.....
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Q.: How to install the spy software?
A.: Spy software must be installed manually, therefore this means that you must be able to get hold of the phone on which you wish to install it, at least for a few minutes.
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For more information in detail, please visit the Spyphones guide page
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