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coming with vas system, security software and simplified management interface

BLACK-BOX is a small light digital micro recorder, able to work like a real "black box" able to recover the latest recording data stored on the device. The two working modes, both in linear and vocal activation system (VAS), make it suitable for professional use in any circumstance.

Microphone activatable just when needed

Its very sensitive knowles microphone can capture sounds up to 12 meters away without any signal compression. It can be also activated automatically thanks to the Voice Activation System (VAS) able to work just when it's necessary.

User friendly management software

BLACK-BOX also comes with a special easy to use management software, actually the only one allowing the access to the audio files stored within the recorder. That means that in case of stolen or incidental retrieval the files won't be read in any way. Furthermore users can easily adjust quality, gain, and recording time by configuring the wanted functions (for e.g. when you want to set up the recorder for starting on specific dates and times, etc.).

Max function autonomy and low power consumption

The micro recorder works with a simple 3V button battery, allowing you to reach 100 hours of effective recording. It also owns an integrated 4Gb flash memory.

10 good reasons why to use BLACK-BOX for your hidden recordings

  1. Loop Recording is able to run it as a "black box" for the recovery of the latest important information
  2. Extremely small and lightweight. Can be worn on or hidden anywhere
  3. Sensitive microphone can capture sounds up to 12 feet away, without any signal compression
  4. Its 4Gb internal memory allows a file storage equivalent to 150 hours duration
  5. It can be manually activated by a switch or by the voice activation system (VAS)
  6. Smart software configuration of listening parameters and recording audio
  7. It can be interfaced with a PC or via USB 2.0 high speed (up to 7 Mb /s)
  8. Built-in clock and calendar
  9. LED indication of the recorder's operation
  10. Safe hardware key for the protection from unauthorized data retrieval

BLACK-BOX is really a valuable ally for those who are looking for a safe, easy-to-use and functional miniaturized audio recorder to be used in any places or situations.




Caratteristiche tecniche
Width 21,8mm
Lenght 31mm
Thickness 8,5mm
Weight 6g
Case lightweight plastic case
Record time up to 100 hours
Power supply three battery type: CR2016, CR2025, CR2032*
Battery 3V (one sample provided with the device)
Built-in flash memory 4Gb
Interface USB 2.0
Audio recording format mono
Frequency from 5461kHz to 22050kHz
Software compatibility only Windows systems
Sample rate and function PCM, A-LAW, ADPCM, ENCRYPT, VAS
Voice Activating System Yes (adjustable intensity and gain)
Timer recording Yes (with date, hour and calendary wholly customizable)

*The use of the CR2032 battery may require a technical support.

Our support doesn’t end after the purchase. Our technicians will be at your disposal at all times for the resolution of any problems or explanations, recommending the installation and the use of the product.

Our after-sales consultancy provides the following services:

  • Direct consulting for the best solution of the problem
  • Assembly instructions and installation of the product
  • Service parts, programming and data entry

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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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