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Anti-drowning and anti-lost defender kids

Anti-drowning and anti-lost kids defender with alarm

Keep under control your children and pets with the bracelet alarm
The protection system, built-in the bracelet, combines anti-drowning and anti-loss alarm, and works effectively as an alarm to protect your children or pets from drowning and loss. It can also be used as a wristband, functioning as a swimming pool alarm, child locator and water immersion alarm. 

How does anti-drowning and anti-loss kids defender work?

Anti-Drowning Alarm:
When the device detects that the child or pet is immersed into water (0-50m), the alarm on the base unit will go off, and the unit will vibrate.

Anti-Loss Alarm: 
When the child or pet is walking or running away (over 5-50m), the alarm on the base unit will go off, and the unit will vibrate.They can work separately.

Children are always lively and keen to explore, and can easily get out of their parents' view. Even if you use an anti-drowning alarm, toddlers may fall into a swimming pool without triggering the alarm, because they are outside the detecting range of approximately 30-40 meters. 

To prevent such unfortunate events, now you can use anti-drowning kids defender with its anti-loss alarm. You can adjust the detecting range to keep track of your little loved ones. Once the kids, during their activities, exceed a preset distance from the base unit, the unit will vibrate and a loud alarm would go off.
(The anti-loss alarm maximum range, as well as that of the anti-drowning alarm, is about 50 meters).

Anti-drowning kids defender can be used for many applications, with its two functions (Water immersion alarm and Anti-loss alarm), which make it flexible for situations and locations like private swimming pool, garden ponds, river side, sea water, beach, on a boat, on the street, travel, supermarket, malls etc.

braccialetto allarme per bambini antiannegamento e anti-smarrimento

braccialetto allarme per bambini antiannegamento

COD. ART.:Anti-lost

Anti-drowning and anti-loss kids defender can protect pets
Anti-drowning kids defender is also suitable to protect pets thanks to the additional wristband.
Tha alarm has no interference
Some users may worry that using more than one Anti-drowning kids defender will interfere with each other. Fortunately, our team has developed a new technology that successfully prevents any kind of interference among the various bracelets in use. Therefore, if another family within the same range is using Anti-drowning kids defender to protect their children, the two devices will not interfere with each other’s operation. It can be used as a wristband pool alarm
Anti-drowning kids defender is not a traditional indoor swimming pool alarm. 
The traditional indoor pool alarm base unit needs to be installed at the side of the pool deck and once it is installed, it can not be moved. Anti-drowning kids defender is similar to the traditional wristband swimming pool alarm, but its applications go far beyond. It not only detects when a child is drowning or is in the water, but also works outside the pool, and can be used outdoors, for example out at sea, on the beach, on a pond, by the riverside, on a boat etc. 

What's more important is that Anti-drowning kids defender has an additional anti-loss alarm which highly increases its effectiveness and reliability.

The components of anti-drowning and anti-loss kids defender:

Base Unit:
This small, easy to use device is used by the parent or guardian to detect the presence of the bracelet wearer. It's a handheld device, and can manage up to two bracelets simultaneously. Equipped with an LCD screen to check the status of the system.

This specially designed, water-resistant wristband bracelet is worn by kids or pets and is locked. 
The bracelet is designed to be comfortable to wear and requires no wearer interaction. It contains a strong locking mechanism that can not be opened without a key, and is completely waterproof.

distanza di trasmissione braccialetto


  • Size - base unit: 140x66x23mm, Bracelet / Transmitter: dia.35mm.
  • Main materials: ABS plastic, w/o lead.
  • Product weight with packing: about 0.5KGS.
  • Easily portable for usage during travel.
  • Suitable for any kind of water, including saltwater swimming pools.
  • Vibration alert in case of alarm.
  • Alarm sound at 100dB, loud enough to be heard anywhere.
  • Three LEDs indicating different statuses.
  • One Base Unit can work with two bracelets.
  • LCD screen on the unit base. No interference between two sets of alarms.
  • Anti-drowning range can be adjusted between 5 and 50 meters.
  • Anti-loss range can be adjusted between 0 and 50 metres of immersion.
  • Base Unit is powered by AC adapter or AAA battery.
  • Bracelet is powered by LIR2032 battery.
  • Low battery alarm on base unit and bracelet.
  • Bracelet battery can be recharged.
  • Base Unit can be reset.
  • Operating frequencies 433Hz or 315Hz
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • Meets NF P90-307 & ASTM F2208-08 requirements
  • Small and light packaging.

Our Safety Statement - Important!
Anti-drowning and anti-loss kids defender isn't a substitute for parents' supervision, or a barrier to restrict access of children to the water. Although its anti-loss alarm increases children’s security, we recommend that parents look after their children carefully, anytime and anywhere.


protezione per i vostri animali e bambini

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