Concerts, meetings, conferences: a micro digital recorder is always there

You can find them in all shapes and colors, with different memory capacities and different features, suitable for a professional use or designed for leisure, for children or secret agents, dirt cheap or expensive, as big as a book and as small as a credit card.

Micro digital recorders have now become a commonly used object, and on sites specializing in electronic devices they are one of the most popular gizmos.

The secret behind such a huge worldwide success lies in their small size (in average they are as small as a cigarette pack), their ease of use (recording can be started with one touch), as well as easy connectivity with other devices such as stereos or PCs, to which they can be connected via a USB cable.

In our specific field, the usage of a miniature recorder is absolutely vital in order to guarantee success of a surveillance operation, or to gather evidence in cases of corporate espionage, infidelity or children’s custody. All you have to do is conceal your micro recorder in the front pocket of your jacket, press a button and there you go, you can tape your counterpart’s secrets while he is unaware.

Law enforcement agencies rely on voice activated recorders, which automatically start gathering information as soon as their sensor detects a voice or a noise. By doing this, you can avoid recording useless background noises, thus optimizing resources and ensuring success of a surveillance operation or gathering of evidence to be used before a court of law against criminals.

Of course, a digital recorder is also a faithful companion to tape concerts, conferences, meetings, taking voice notes on the go… in short, whatever your need, the only limit is your fantasy. And if you have questions, you can always contact Endoacustica’s specialized staff, who will help you find your solution.

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