Exploding mines and Peaceful Mind

Unlimited GSM transmitter

Mines were exploding and Mr. Hardweister was smiling happily. He was in-charge of a major construction activity that, when completed, would change the traffic scenario of the city.

Though the city housed only 3 million people, I couldn’t contain the vehicles flooding and choking the Grant Road that linked city to the industrial hub and airport. But this life line of the city was choking. It was unable to carry the influx of vehicles especially during office hours. Almost every commuter was troubled by the chaos and lost productive hours in transit.

Mr. Hardweister was working on the solution – Modern Link Road! It was to be constructed by digging across a rocky mountain that stood opposite to the airport. He had to travel several times between the city office and the worksite. And that was his point of worry. He was sure that the workers will perform in his presence, but what after he departs for the city office? The worry made him restless as the project had strict deadline to follow.

He has always been a solution seeker, so it hardly took him any time to decide what he wanted. He took resort to a device called Infinity GSM Triband, an Unlimited GSM Transmitter. It utilized SIM to access across any GSM network. By dialing the number it allowed to listen sound or voice in the background from anywhere in the world.

Now, Mr. Hardweister could anytime listen to the mines exploding!

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