Internet-based home surveillance, wherever you are


To keep a watchful eye on your loved ones, your home or even the situation in your office while you are away, there is a system for remote surveillance called LiveLine which, thanks to the installation of a video camera in the place to be monitored, allows its users to display images in real time over the Internet.

This convenient anti theft service has a monthly fee of only 10 dollars, on top of which you should add the cost for purchasing dedicated cameras (between 130 and 200 dollars.
During its launch phase, the cameras were supplied for free, while now this offer is no longer available, although the price of the cameras is within the reasonable range for surveillance cameras designed for home or office use.

Once the camera is installed, all you have to do is connect it to your home computer, and you will be able to activate it and display its images in real time, wherever you are, just by logging into your online account. Furthermore, images captured by the LiveLine system are stored on the provider server, and can thus be used at any time as evidence, in case someone should break into your home, or if you should prove a marital infidelity or a case of corporate espionage taking place in your office.

This system is convenient not only to protect your home during your holidays, but also for those who leave their home often due to business trips, or those who live alone and work night shifts, leaving their home unattended during dark hours.
The LiveLine camera is also equipped with a motion detection sensor, which starts recording immediately and sends a notification either via email or via SMS, allowing you to acct immediately in case of danger.

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