How to turn a mobile phone into a bug

How to turn a mobile phone into a bug

Ever heard of a mobile phone bug? One of those actions that we take automatically and without thinking, such as turning off our mobile phone, is basically just like hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside a hotel door when we want to sleep a bit more, and allows us not to be disturbed by people we do not really want to talk right now, enjoy a bit of privacy or maybe just take a short nap.

Along with all this, switching off their mobile phone might mean, for those who have something to hide, that they can talk about their private business, without worries or fear to be disturbed by prying ears… or not?

If the person in question is unaware that he is actually using a spy cellphone, the answer to this question is indeed a no. In fact, modern surveillance technology allows you to turn almost any phone equipped with Symbian operating system, into a full package for remote long distance surveillance.

How to turn mobile phone into a mobile phone bug?

Thanks to the installation of a spy software, it is in fact possible to keep constantly under control the person to monitor, listen to their conversations in real time as soon as a call is placed or received, receive on your cellphone a copy of all incoming and outgoing text messages; furthermore, for mobile phone models equipped with GPS navigation system, you can also receive geographical coordinates of its position, so as to know at any time where it is.

But certainly, the most interesting function featured by Spy Phone is certainly the one that allows to use your spy handset as if it were a real bugging device, just like the ones you see in spy movies, to listen not to incoming or outgoing phone calls, but rather to conversations taking place around it.

To do this, the spy software secretly installed on your spyphone uses the handset’s microphone to pick up sounds and voices within a range of approximately 5 meters. Just call from your normal cellphone, whose number has been stored as monitoring phone upon installation, and something amazing and unexpected will happen.

In fact, by calling from this number, the phone will not ring, nor will the phone call leave a record in the phone activity history, but instead, it will answer automatically, allowing the person at the other end to listen to what is happening around the handset, until the moment when the phone user places or receives a call; in that case, in fact, secret listening will be automatically be interrupted and the spy phone will turn into a normal mobile.

It is also possible to use the environmental listening mode when the mobile phone is turned off! In fact, it is exactly in these moments that those who fear that they are being bugged feel secure, believing that they are really safe from prying ears. Instead, if they are using a spy mobile phone bug, this is the moment when their privacy is running the highest risk.

When the spy handset is turned off, all you have to do is call from the controlling number, and even though in theory it should not be possible to talk on the mobile phone bug, the spy software will give green light to your call, without giving out any visible sign of activity, and of course arising no suspicion in the person under surveillance.

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