Bluetooth micro earpieces, an invisible and vital presence

When you need to gather confidential information and relay it to someone who is far away, without making the people around you aware, or when you need to receive instructions from outside in the same discreet fashion, you might certainly use a little help from technology.

In situations of different kinds, which may range from an important meeting to a police operation, from a show or concert, where the leading actor may forget a few lines from his part, to an intelligence gathering in a case of corporate espionage or struggle against crime, a valuable help can certainly come by using an invisible earpiece.

Invisible earphones are placed inside the ear canal of their wearer, and thanks to a microscopic antenna, they are able to communicate via Bluetooth with an equally small transceiver device, which can be concealed inside the pendant hanging from a necklace, or inside a wristwatch. This transceiver can also house a SIM card just like the ones we use on our mobile phones, in order to be able to send and receive its signal (and its intelligence) towards someone who might be hiding even on the other side of the world.

In this way, the wearer of the secret earpiece will be able to receive instructions on the steps to take, based on the information that it gathers invisibly and that are transmitted through the Bluetooth connection. By doing this, the remote counterpart will receive information in real time, and interact with the person carrying out the operation, sending him immediate instructions which will ensure the best possible outcome of the entire job.

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