Flying Lift, a perfect view from above

If you want to get the best out of your video camera, and add a vantage point of view from the top, you do not need to risk your life to climb on top of a mountain, you can just just mount your camera on a radio controlled quadrocopter, which will allow you to shoot breathtakig views while hovering in the air.

The Flying Lift model, weighing just 500 grams, easily foldable and transportable in a backpack, is designed to carry conventional digital cameras, and consists of a micro-helicopter with four rotors, a small receiver unit that can be comfortably tucked into your backpack, and a pair of glasses with a small display.

On this display, with one eye, you can see the what the camera on your Flying Lift is seeing at that time, while the other eye can follow the chopper’s route.

The control unit is equipped with two antennas, and the system can automatically switch between one or the other to achieve the best reception, for receiving images from above and to send operation commands to your camera. It is also equipped with a screen that displays the flight data and the battery level, to avoid losing that great view.

Thanks its four propellers, the Flying Lift is able to fly in a stable manner, providing clear images thanks to the simplicity and precision of the control unit, which controls the micro-helicopter just like a videogame console joystick.

The Flying Lift was presented at the recent Photokina, the largest international trade show of photography and video equipment. It is not yet available on the market, but it should be released later this year, with a not-exactly-cheap) 10,000 euro price tag.

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