A watch or a radio transmitter?

Those who have reached the 35-40 years mark, when they were kids, were dreaming of a pair of two-way radios, or walkie-talkies, to play war or spy games with their friends, or to keep in touch with them at a (relatively) remote distance without having to call.
Later on, radio transmitters have been introduced into our every day lives, for example in homes with small children, giving mothers the opportunity to hear what happens in the babies’ room while they are busy with household chores.

In the age of cell phones, people tend to think that all communications should be conducted by telephone; on the contrary, however, radio transmission can surely be helpful to keep in touch within a short distance, without having to use the phone.

For example, when you are hunting in an area not covered by the telephone network, or for police forces engaged in an operation which requires a continuous and discreet contact, or simply for parents wishing to leave their children free to roam in a shopping center while they are busy spending their money on Christmas presents for friends.

In all these cases, a valuable aid may come from the use of an R-Watch, that is, a radio watch. Inside what looks like your ordinary wristwatch with a digital display, in fact, lies a powerful radio transmitter that can operate within a maximum range of 3 km.
R-Watch is also able to interact with other devices that use the same radio frequencies. Therefore, it can communicate remotely with anyone with a walkie-talkie.

For more information and details on the operation of radio watch, you can visit the Endoacustica website, a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for your security, as well as for audio and video surveillance and monitoring.

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