Mass SMS to all phones in a given location is now possible

It could be a first step towards a some sort of advertising Big Brother, which follows our cell phones everywhere to tell us that we really need to buy something which, incidentally, is on sale just a few meters away. If used in the right way, however, the BMC (Broadcast Message Center) system, developed by Alcatel-Lucent could on the contrary be very useful, especially in situations of emergency or danger.

The BMC system, in fact, can send text messages to all mobile phones within its operating range, regardless of the mobile phone provider.

In the intention of those who created this system, BMC should be used as a public utility service, for example by a governmental body in case of emergencies such as an earthquake, a flood, a gas leak, an approaching tornado or rainstorm, or otherwise, in order to make it possible, for those who find themselves near the danger zone, to flee to a safe place or to take adequate measures to face the emergency.

It could also be used to send messages to all motorists on a road where an accident occurred, to prevent formation of queues, or to evacuate an airport or a public place in the event of a bomb alert. In short, the possibilities of use are certainly several, and thanks to its flexibility BMC, which can cover an area ranging from a few hundred square meters to entire cities, can be used both as an utility service and to send targeted marketing messages.

Of course, those who use a mobile phone hope to never receive a message via BMC, either as a warning due to emergency or as an annoying advertising message!

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