U.S. look to recruit hackers for digital defence

U.S. look to recruit hackers for digital defence

The USA Department of Homeland Security searching for about 600 hackers to employ in the next years to reinforce the digital defence of the country. The research is part of a program to discover young talents that emerge from software competitons, real challenges of computer security and creativity.

In reality isn’t the first time that United States are looking for “border line” people to involve in the security field. Also others agencies are searching for informatic experts to enrich their activities.
This need arises from the continuous increase of cyber crime that endangers the existence of institutions, public and private companies. The intrusion in database and unauthorized access to reserved information taking place every day and provide huge damages to the businesses.

Many companies had adopted security systems for PC and make regular environmental bug sweeps to verify the presence of any bugs or other hacking and control systems. Only in this manner they can prevent leakage of data, and the consequent losses.

According to the estimates of McAfee, large computer security company, the potential damage caused by cybercrime and by data loss amounted at $4.6 million on average for each company in a sample examined by a study in collaboration with Purdue University. The telecommunications giant At&t estimates that the U.S. companies will double or triple the cost of digital defenses.

Last summer, the National Security Agency has even sent some talent scouts to a famous conference of hackers, Defcon, so to enter step by step in a particular world. But on the best digital experts don’t bet only the U.S., but also many other nations. Recently ended in the United Kingdom, the third edition of the Cyber ​​Security Challenge: the competition included the work on a software application with mathematical formulas of encryption that protect business communications.
At the moment to help companies and institutions there are only self-defence tools.

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