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Telephone eavesdropping is now available for everyone

marzo 14, 2010 Technology No Commenti


When talking about telephone eavesdropping, the image that comes to mind is that of a secret agent sitting in a dark room, concentrated on listening the telecommunications around him thanks to complicated and expensive machines.

A similar scenario is now available for pretty much everyone, thanks to the increasing user-friendliness of the technology used for mobile phone bugging, which can now be easily housed inside a device just a tad bigger than your average home computer.

The GSM Interceptor is a passive eavesdropping system, with a concept not much different from radio scanners. While the latter inspect the radio frequencies band in search of transmission, this GSM interception device does basically the same, but on GSM networks, either encrypted or non encrypted.

By operating on the different transmission bands, of 900 and 1800 MHz, used by GSM networks, this device is capable not only of intercepting calls, but also to display the caller telephone number, as well as all identification and authentication numbers of the intercepted handset, which can then be stored for a tailored eavesdropping operation. Intercepted calls are saved as audio files, making it easy to use them at a later stage, for example as evidence before a court of law if needed.

GSM Interceptor has an operating range of approximately 500 meters, and is capable of working in a completely invisible way, unnoticed by the GSM operator. Therefore, law enforcement agencies which need to monitor activities in a dangerous neighborhood, or are trying to track down dangerous criminals by knowing in which area they are hiding, can use this modern system to intercept their phone calls and finally put their hands on them.

In a similar fashion, individual citizens, for example managers of large plants, may be able to keep under control all phone activities in their work area.

To obtain more information on this mobile phone interception device, as well as many other tools for security and struggle against crime, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website.

Your data can travel in absolute security

marzo 13, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Lately, producers of data storage supports seem to be busy in a constant race towards the highest possible level of security for their USB drive products.
In all this, consumers are indeed reaping the benefit of this constant improvement, especially if they need to make sure that their data is travelling in the safest possible way.

Under the security point of view, the new Kanguru Defender Elite USB drive seems to be pushing forward the limits in this particular field, as it is compatible with the extremely high standards set by the US Department of Defense, and even exceeds them in some aspects.

Furthermore, it has been awarded with the FIPS 140-2 certification, thanks to its 256-bit AES-type hardware encryption, compatible with hi security standards such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. The FIPS 140-2 certification, assigned by the National Institute of Standards and Certification, is the minimum requisite to apply for tenders to become suppliers of the US Government institutions.

In fact, recently the Department of Defense had banned its employees from using USB drives for data transfers, as deemed not completely secure; this ban has been partially lifted for some products, including Defender Elite.

Among its several features and functions, we can list the limited number of password attempts, the possibility to have access limited only to certain IP addresses, and an advanced antivirus and antimalware protection.

Available in formats ranging from 1 to 128 Gb, its price can reach up to 600 dollars, certainly a high price, but certainly reasonable when it comes to national security issues.

A camera for all seasons, from sports to surveillance

marzo 13, 2010 Technology No Commenti


When carrying out undercover or confidential operations, either with police forces or the military, you need to have support from accessories that, along with absolute top-notch performance, can guarantee ease of use and maneuverability, along with total flexibility and the ability to be suitable for a wide range of possible applications.

And this is exactly the case with SV-CAM, a pocket video camera which, thanks to its characteristics of extreme sturdiness, can be used as your perfect adventure companion for shooting footage of extreme sports activities, for example by mounting it on the front of your mountain bike or a motorbike, or even on the pilot’s helmet. In fact, the digital portable video camera is water and shock proof.

Thanks to this, SV-CAM can be a very useful tool also for those who are professionally dealing with dangerous situations, be it military personnel in action or on a reconnaissance mission, or police agents on a crime enforcement operation.

The SV-CAM digital video camera can in fact be easily operated with a big record start button, which makes it possible to put it to work with a quick pressure and without complicated procedures, even while you are wearing gloves.

The keys can be locked, in order to prevent recording from being accidentally interrupted, and ensure continuous operations while at work or while both hands are busy.

Thanks to its wide LCD screen, this BWV (Body Worn Video) system allows you to see at all times what it is shooting, to make sure that it is working correctly. This is particularly useful for police forces on a patrolling operation, as real time video recording may effectively deter from nasty behavior, as the offending person knows that he is being recorded.

In a few inches, you basically have a complete tool for leisure, surveillance and security.

Boeing to launch a three-dimension camera for aerial views

marzo 11, 2010 Technology No Commenti

3d Camera

Aviation giant Boeing has just announced that soon it will launch on the market a photo camera to be used to capture 3D aerial images, which has been specifically designed to be deployed on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) type aircraft and helicopters, and which can have applications in several fields, ranging from reconnaissance or target acquisition for the military, or commercial applications of various kinds, as well as aerial video surveillance operations, both civilian and military.

This 3D photo camera has been developed by Spectrolab, a subsidiary company of Boeing, over more than two years of design and different tests on UAVs. Compared to similar devices for capture of 3D images, it has the advantage of a smaller size (its encumbrance is roughly one third of similar models), as well as a ten times lower energy consumption, a factor of vital importance for UAVs, which are powered by battery packs, making every inch of power important.

To create its 3D images, during flight the photo camera sends short and quick laser pulses towards the ground, measuring the duration of every pulse’s flight time to determine the distance of the ground from the device thanks to its set of sensors and imaging software.

Once the test stage on UAVs is over, Boeing will also be studying the possibility of adding video capabilities, in order to add further potential to its three dimensional imaging system, in order to make it suitable for a wide range of applications on the ground, in the air and even in outer space.

Long distance monitoring from anywhere, with a robot cam

marzo 11, 2010 Technology No Commenti


If we are going on holiday and are afraid that our home might be visited by burglars, or if we are keeping valuable objects in the house and fear that someone with malicious intentions might take advantage of our absence, and we just do not want to sit back, cross our fingers and just hope that nothing happens while we are out, we still can find an effective solution to keep our home (or our office) under close control, without having to spend a fortune for the installation of a complicated surveillance system with cameras in each room.

All that is needed is a WiFi connection and a computer, and wherever you are, you can keep the situation under close scrutiny, thanks to the cam robot, that is, a small device, equipped with a pan and tilt webcam, which can freely move on wheels within your office or home, and detect any changes in the environment, such as a movement, a piece of furniture that has been moved, an open door which was closed before or vice versa.

By programming a path with preset waypoints, you can easily achieve a full surveillance inside your premises or apartment, and in case of alert the robot cam can send an acoustic alarm in the room. Thanks to its webcam, it is possible to follow In real time what goes on, by simply connecting to the internet and guiding its webcam in real time, even in the dark thanks to its powerful headlight which will illuminate the area.

In a few words, we are talking about a webcam teamed up with an intelligent robot, which thanks to its rechargeable battery can freely move around on its sturdy wheels. The operating time of the battery is around 90 minutes, therefore it can be programmed so that, at fixed intervals or when the battery is low, it will automatically return to its docking station to recharge, and get ready to start his job again!

A hydrogen powered bicycle in the traffic? Why not

marzo 9, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Hydrogen Bike

The latest novelty in the clean energy field comes, needless to say, from the Far East, where Japanese firm Iwatani has just presented its hydrogen bicycle, which uses a fuel cell to generate approximately 60 Watts of power.

The fuel used to power it is liquid hydrogen, which is in turn used to charge a Li-ion battery, responsible for supplying the necessary energy to generate motion. At the current stage, the bicycle is being tested within the Osaka Kansai airport, where it is used by staff to move from one terminal to the other of the huge Japanese airport, famous for being built on an artificial island.

On a full battery, the bicycle can travel for around 45 kilometers, roughly the equivalent of approximately 3 hours of operation. Charging is started by inserting a liquid hydrogen cartridge, with a 0.25 liter capacity, in its slot placed above the bicycle’s rear wheel.

A valve would then reduce the pressure generated by liquid hydrogen, to optimize its flow towards the PEFC fuel cell, which generates a current of approximately 30-35V, which in turn is reduced by a converter until it reaches 26V, necessary to charge the Li-ion battery.

Currently, its creators are studying solutions to increase the engine’s output power, which may not be enough in case of particularly difficult conditions such as a long uphill road or so.

For this reason, at the moment a public release date has not been planned yet, and the bicycle might hit our roads only when the problem is satisfactorily solved, allowing us to face the traffic without polluting the air, saving energy and also attracting curious or envious looks from fellow car drivers stuck in a queue!

A bug inside your ordinary mouse

marzo 9, 2010 Technology No Commenti


When it comes to long distance surveillance, one of the main factors is keeping the operation as secret as it gets, and when you have to use a remote monitoring system, you should try to make them as invisible as possible.

Thanks to the ever increasing miniaturization of technology, particularly the kind that is used in this specific field, it is now possible to conceal listening devices inside objects of everyday use and of small size, such as table calculators, office lamps, inside what looks like a USB drive or, for example, on the inside of a computer mouse, which can be equipped with a GSM bug.

The GSM mouse, at a first glance, is a perfectly normal mouse which, along with carrying out its ordinary duties, on the inside conceals a small but important secret: a micro transmitter teamed up with a SIM card.

All you have to do is replace your old mouse with this new one, and as soon as it is connected to the USB port, the transmitter will immediately be available to start working, allowing a third party listener to hear in real time the conversations in the room, no matter where he is. To listen in, all you have to do is a phone call.

When it is not used as a remote listening device, your GSM mouse works normally, in order to avoid arising any possible suspicion in its unaware user. When you want to be in touch with him, all you have to do is call the number connected to the SIM card, and in a completely invisible fashion you will be able to listen in real time to environmental conversations taking place within a few meters around your spy mouse.

Once the surveillance operation is completed, just hang up and the mouse will keep working normally, while the bug is in standby mode.

A shirt to tell you if you are connected

marzo 8, 2010 Technology No Commenti


In our times, being always connected, always available and always traceable has become a modern need. The problem is that often, we may not be aware that even while we are offline, the net is always around us, as well as other surveillance and detection systems, mobile phones and Bluetooth connections.

To respond to this need, Richard Etter has created AwareFashion, the first clothing line made up of shirts which inform you about the presence of wireless networks, mobile phones or transmission systems around you.

By using a shirt from the AwareFashion line, it is for example possible to make sure that, inside a meeting or conference room, all mobile phones are duly switched off, or that no one is transmitting any confidential information to an outside receiver. The shirt is equipped with some sort of external pocket, with the same design as the shirt, which is attached on the shirt’s front or sleeve by means of buttons.

Inside this pocket, you can find a small lightweight antenna, which in turn is connected to thin optical fiber cables. When the antenna detects a transmission source, the end of the optical cable, placed on the shirt’s sleeve, will discreetly glow, informing its wearer that a source of transmission is nearby.

Optical fiber cables are sawn and inside the shirt’s stitches, making them look like an element of design and fashion rather than an electronic device, and the color of the glowing light can also be chosen by its wearer in order to add one further touch of style. Furthermore, the cables can easily be washed along with shirt and detachable pocket (but not with the antenna!).

The price of this techno-fashion wonder has not been disclosed yet, but quite sure, fashion or tech victims will anxiously be waiting to get one!

A micro helicopter for post-nuclear attack reconnaissance

marzo 8, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Nuclear UAV

At Virginia Tech University, a group of researchers is at work on designing an unmanned helicopter which, due to its characteristics, is one that its creators hope that they will never have the chance to use.

In fact, it is designed to be used for reconnaissance missions in areas hit by a nuclear strike or a dirty bomb, which combines conventional explosive and radioactive material, supporting investigators to detect radioactivity levels and gather intelligence data and images to assess the damage suffered.

The micro helicopter, approximately 6 foot long and with a weight around 200 pounds, is a Yamaha RMAX UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which has been engineered by adding a software which, among other things, would have it head automatically towards a radioactivity source, if it is detected by the sensors mounted on the vehicle.

On top of that, it can carry, along with photo and video equipment, a mini robot, which is connected to a retractable wire and dropped on the affected area, where thanks to a small “vacuum cleaner” it can be used to gather evidence and debris, which is then analyzed to evaluate the level of radioactive contamination.

Thanks to its high maneuverability, this robot can reach the crater where an explosion took place, take pictures and measurements; furthermore, researchers are working to make it waterproof, in order to be able to use it in the difficult environmental conditions that follow an explosion, with broken water pipes, puddles and the like.

They are also studying the possibility of adding a range of devices to take 3D images of the ground, in order to better analyze characteristics of the blast and optimize rescue operations.
The project is being financed by the US Department of Defense, and should see the light before the end of the year although, for obvious reasons, we all hope that it is never used for applications for which it was designed.

Digital video recorders to expose cases of bribery

marzo 6, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Take the Money and Run

When it comes to having the possibility of using one’s position and power in the political arena, no matter how small or big, for a personal gain, the world is all the same, no matter which side of the fence one sits in.
So, at any latitude, at any level, you can hear about agreements reached under the table between majority and opposition, agreements which, instead of bringing about an advantage for the community, end up being profitable mostly for politicians of either side, or of both.

Generally this kind of agreement is reached silently, to avoid publicity and unpleasant political consequences. Sometimes though, it may happen that among the members of a chamber, or a local or regional council, there is someone who says no to this status quo and decides to expose these under-the-table agreements.

Something like this is what happened in a small Russian town, lost in the middle of the Siberian tundra. In that part of the world, corruption is unfortunately part of daily life, and opposing it means, too often, running a personal risk or putting one’s life in danger. All this was not enough to put down the local MP Sergei (not his real name) from his idea of making a corruption case known to the general public.

The question was about the opening of a waste processing plant near his town. The fact itself is quite a common thing which would not make the headlines, if not for the fact that, unbeknownst to the inhabitants, the plant was going to be used not only for common waste, but also to dispose of much more dangerous nuclear waste, of course without making the whole thing public.

To guarantee approval of this slight deviation from the official plan, both coalitions received promises of substantial sums of money, personal benefits or even luxury cars. This was being openly discussed during council meetings, with no shame whatsoever or any respect for the public.

To make this case public, Sergei equipped himself with a miniature video recorder, slightly smaller than a pack of cigarettes, concealed in the front pocket of his jacket.

A micro digital video recorder, in spite of its extremely small size, is capable of recording high quality video footage and clear sounds, without being visible at first sight, saving its recordings on a memory card, either built-in or additional, with a capacity of up to 32 Gb or more.

Recording can be easily started by casually pressing a button, without giving out any sign of activity and without raising any suspicion. Once the recording operation is completed, all you have to do is connect your digital video recorder to any computer thanks to the USB cable, and download your footage.

This is exactly what our Sergei did, and once he had his movies downloaded on his PC, he uploaded them on YouTube and made the link public in his town. Despite the fact that in Russia, people have a very lax attitude towards their politicians, and often turn a blind eye to corruption and bribery cases, getting to know that their hometown was to become the gravesite of tons of nuclear waste generated a widespread outrage, and several protests in the city ended up in having the project rejected. All this thanks to a local MP without a price tag on, and to his passion for technology.

If you want to give a go at taking video footage without being seen, not only to expose such cases, but just for work reasons, to take notes during a meeting, or for leisure (a day out with your friends, a concert and so on) and to have more information on how micro video recorders are working, you can visit the Endoacustica website.


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