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GSM Bugs

novembre 30, 2009 Technology No Commenti


Long distance listening devices have reached such a level of miniaturization, versatility and reliability that allows anyone who needs to use them to find the right type for his needs, be it law enforcement agencies hunting for criminals, concerned husbands wishing to check on their wives’ fidelity, or businessmen who need to keep a watchful eye over their staff.

To be always able to keep under control the subject of surveillance, whatever the distance between him and the person who is monitoring him, the best solution is using a GSM bug, that is, a hidden microphone, powered either by a battery or by continuous or alternate current, connected to a SIM card just like the one of our common mobile phone.

Thanks to this ingenious system, it is possible to follow your subject anywhere he goes, without risking to screw up the entire surveillance operation by arising unnecessary attention, as it will be possible to stay in constant touch with a simple phone call towards the number connected to the covert listening device.

To be sure about the operation’s efficiency, most of the GSM bugs are equipped with an automated activation sensor which allows to detect a voice, a motion or, if installed inside a car, can detect when the vehicle is switched on. Once an event is detected, the bug will automatically call you towards a preset number to inform you that the person under control is moving or talking, and allow you to listen in.

GSM listening devices can be remotely controlled and configured; in fact, by sending a simple SMS, you can set the number that controls the hidden microphone, as well as sensor sensitivity parameters, or even reset the whole device, in order to optimize your surveillance operation and sleep tight!.

For more information on any kind of listening devices, as well as on a wide range of security and surveillance-related items, you can visit the Endoacustica website.

Bug in the Line

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Bug in the Line

Mr. Mittal couldn’t wait for long to tell his friend and entrepreneur Mr. Maitra about how he plugged the hole in the office telephone line that drained his accounts. Amidst the hustle bustle of weekend party thrown by one of his associates, he cornered Mr. Maitra, a CEO of leading switchgear firm.

Mr. Maitra couldn’t believe his story. How can a device such small in size can do wonders like monitoring even the smallest of noise and conversation in a hall of 12sqm? And that too, with crystal like clarity! And more seriously, are there any such ‘drainers’ in his office? There was no open way to find out. The only solution was to implant some spywares that monitored activity especially communication.

He visited Mr. Mittals office the next day and came out with awe. He wanted similar system installed at his office as well. He immediately called engineers from Endoacustica Europe that deals in various spy listening devices. He was surprised to know about the wide range efficient products that were worth investing into. Just to get a trial he got UHF Telephone Bug installed in his office.

In fact, installation is too big an activity to name. He only had to change old telephone socket with the new one that contained hidden UHF Telephone Bug. It’s that very simple! It utilized power supply directly from the telephone line.

The effects of this device were visible on Mr. Maitra’s face! And for the next party, he was ready with a story!

First intercontinental flight of jet man fails

novembre 27, 2009 Technology No Commenti


A couple of days ago, Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy made an attempt at the firs intercontinental flight on board of a jet pack, that is, a jet propulsion system strapped on a person’s back, which allows men to fly, albeit for a very short range.

The attempt consisted in jumping off a plane flying over Tangiers in Morocco, and head north towards the Spanish town of Tarifa, where Rossy was planning to land after a 23-kilometer flight, a journey only apparently short, but which would have made Rossy the first man to carry out an intercontinental flight by using this kind of jet-propelled vehicle.

In this specific case, the vehicle that Rossy used, and that he also designed, is called Wingpack, and consists of a rigid carbon fiber wing, with a wingspan of approximately 2.40 meters, mounted on a backpack. The pilot-passenger wears a suit similar to that of a fireman to protect himself from heat generated by the jet flow.

Unfortunately though, the attempt was thwarted by the heavy clouds present in the area at the time of flight. Rossy met a strong turbulence, and since he was flying without instruments to stay light, he tried to climb over the clouds, but this attempt failed because of low speed and altitude (approximately 300 km/h and 850 meter altitude).
At this point he had to leave the crossing attempt (as well as his vehicle) by parachuting himself at sea, where he was promptly rescued without any further damage.

Despite the failure of this first attempt, Rossy stated that he will try at the beginning of the new year, after testing a system with a wider wing, that he will use to fly over Grand Canyon. The guy is certainly stubborn and determined, that’s why they call him Jetman…

Tap that line and Plug that hole

novembre 27, 2009 Technology No Commenti

Tap that line and Plug that hole

“Rupees twelve thousand?” Mr. Mittal almost screamed after seeing telephone bill for the month. His office had two landlines for official communication, though he never restricted his employees from using it for personal reasons. After all communication holds the key to success in business, he believed.

“But… this is ridiculous!” he said in disbelief. He put the bill down and the next moment he called an engineer to install STR-TEL Wire Tapping Device.

The installation was done in a whiz. All it needed was a normal telephone line. Even its operation was simpler than any other gadget. Dial the number, wait for free signal, feed the code, that’s it! Get ready to pick up any noise or conversation within 12 sqm.

For the next week, he asked his PA to monitor conversations happening through the office landline. He was surprised to know that most of the conversation was taking place during lunch hour. It was the time for the staff to have their lunch and relax. So most of them used to be in the cafeteria or lounge.

That turned out to be an opportunity for the peons and security guards to utilise office telephone for personal communication. Initially, the usage was restricted; but after finding no resistance from the staff, these people took it for granted and used the facility to the max.

This little device called STR-TEL Wire Tapping Device exposed the culprits and Mr. Mittal was more than happy to have plugged the hole in time.

Don’t miss my Upcoming Movie

novembre 26, 2009 Technology No Commenti

Unlimited GSM transmitter Infinity-GSM

Film production is indeed very critical and complicated activity. I realized this while trying to record a film on our handheld camera. Though the recording quality was above average, it couldn’t catch the sounds in the background and at a distance. We wanted natural background noises and voices to be recorded along with our actors’ dialogues.

Though we had plethora of microphones and other recording devices, none of them could satisfy me as far as clarity and crispness was concerned.

I almost gave up and decided to get the task completed with the help available microphones. Just after unsatisfactory first shoot, we wound up for the day. For a change, I decided to chat with one of my online friends.

I don’t know what I clicked on and followed, but I trembled upon a treasure. It was a site of some Endoacustica Europe, a technology firm that masters in listening as well as recording devices.

After surfing through their site for a few minutes, I decided to get Infinity GSM – Triband, an Unlimited GSM Transmitter that could allow me to not only listen but record as well, the sounds in its background. All it took from my side was a SIM and it was ready to work on any GSM network.

Need not to say, our next shoot was brilliantly caught and recorded. This Unlimited GSM Transmitter could help record even the smallest of sounds in its surrounding. It also transmitted sounds that were earlier inaudible to our ears. Can’t believe me? Then don’t miss my upcoming movie.

A GPS Jammer, to be finally free from the satellite!

novembre 25, 2009 Technology No Commenti


Newer generation cars are basically all equipped with a GPS navigation system, to the point that you can encounter cases of drivers who, once they get off the car, can not name the street they are on or even the town they are in!

The fact that our cars are GPS-equipped means that we are not the only ones to know at any time where we are and where to go, but also that the satellite system can, at any time, find out our position, and that it can be made public to prying eyes who could use this piece of information against us.

Therefore, it may be useful to make oneself unavailable, for example for those who have some private business of a personal nature (unfaithful husbands, keep your ears open!) or for those who work as multi-contract sales reps and don’t want one of the companies to get to know the whereabouts of the others’ customers, or simply for truck drivers wishing to take a nap after long hours of driving.

For all these reasons, it may be useful to provide yourselves with a GPS jammer, that is, a small device which, after being connected to your car’s cigarette lighter, transmits encoded signals which interfere with the GPS receiver, making it temporarily unable to communicate its position to the satellite.

Those interference waves, apart from being completely harmless for human health, are also not creating any kind of damage to the navigation system, as they only prevent it from talking to the satellite.

Thanks to this system, you will be able to be finally disconnected for a while, and enjoy some peace, away from the modern need of having to be always connected, always visible and never really free!

How to power your mobile phone through your car’s kinetic energy

novembre 23, 2009 Technology No Commenti


Some time ago we have seen, one the pages of this blog, how it is possible, by placing a particular kind of panels on the road near highway exits, to harness and store kinetic energy generated by cars.
The next step will be gathering this kinetic energy directly from vehicles in motion, and using the stored energy to power small electronic devices on board the cars, trucks or planes.

This operation of kinetic energy harnessing will be possible by the application of particular piezoelectric crystals, developed by the City College of New York, about half inch by one inch in size, which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle, be it a car or a plane, and their vibration would generate an airflow that would be gathered in order to produce a voltage.

At the moment, researchers are working on optimizing the system according to the vehicle on which it is mounted: as you can imagine, turbulence and vibrations to which the crystals are exposed will vary enormously between a car, a truck and a plane.

Of course, the energy generated is not enough to ride a car or to fly a plane, but it could be used to power some small electronic devices inside the vehicle. For example, of mounted on an aircraft, it could be used to supply electricity to the passengers’ portable computers, mobile phones or MP3 players.

Inside a moving car, usage of this kind of system could be used to charge the battery of your mobile phone; in the surveillance field, specifically, it could be very useful to power hidden listening devices such as GSM bugs. In that case, the problem will be how to mount the whole system, including sensors on the roof… Stay tuned, time will tell!

Invisible mobile phones

novembre 22, 2009 Technology No Commenti

Stealth Phone

As we have seen in many previous posts on this blog, our conversations on mobile phone are far from being secure, far from being private and far from interception-proof. On the contrary, cellphone is the means of communications that carries the highest risk of having our conversations eavesdropped by prying ears, which could be interested in extracting information to be used against us, either in the personal life field or in business, especially if high-figure interests are at stake.

The most common mistake is made by thinking that, as far as telephone interception is concerned, it is only the telephone number that is placed under surveillance. By doing this, people think that they can be safe by simply changing the SIM card on their mobile phone, especially when travelling abroad.

Once the card is changed, erroneously believing to be safe, they start talking freely about confidential business. This is a very big mistake, because most of the mobile phone eavesdropping operations are carried out not only by picking up conversations from a specific telephone number, but also by using the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, that is, the unique number that identifies each and every mobile phone on the market.

Every mobile phone has its unique IMEI number that identifies it, and the modern systems for covert listening and eavesdropping are capable of intercepting conversations carried out on a mobile phone, by using this number. Once the handset is being intercepted, changing your SIM card will not protect you from prying ears.

In theory, the solution would be using a different cellphone every time you change your SIM card, but aside from being not so practical, this method does not protect us from interceptions at all, or at least not as safely as it is the case by using an invisible mobile phone, otherwise called Stealth Phone which, instead of requiring to change the SIM card each time, changes its IMEI number upon request, whenever we want and without having to change the handset.

Invisible cellphones are normal Siemens S65 handsets, on which a special software has been installed which, automatically or upon request, interacts with the device’s firmware, thus dynamically changing the phone’s IMEI number. By doing this, it will be as if you are using a different handset each time, without actually changing your phone.

Furthermore, the Stealth untraceable phone is equipped with some sort of built-in firewall which, in the unlikely event of an interception attempt, will immediately send an alert to its user. Once you receive this kind of notification, all you have to do is close the call, change the IMEI number, and you will be able to resume your conversation from where you left it, without fear of any unauthorized listener.

Therefore, the Stealth Phone is a method which guarantees a 100% efficiency to protect the privacy of our conversations. By using a Stealth secure phone we will be protected from unauthorized listeners, and will be able to carry on with our business, or talk to our loved ones, without fearing that our conversations could be intercepted and used against us. To be sure that our counterpart is also protected, and that our conversations are absolutely impossible to intercept, it is recommended that both parties use a Stealth Phone.

For more information about how a secure phone works, as well as to view a wide array of devices for interception defense, you can visit the Endoacustica website.

New analog surveillance cameras with night vision from JVC

novembre 20, 2009 Technology No Commenti


JVC has just announced the launch of four different models of analog cameras for closed circuit surveillance systems, which are capable of working even in extremely low lighting conditions (0.05 lux for color images, 0.006 for black and white), and with an electricity consumption reduced by 40%.

In spite of the fact that the security industry is taking giant leaps towards a widespread usage of digital systems, at the current stage analog CCTV systems are still holding a 90% market share for this kind of installations.

JVC-made Super LoLux surveillance cameras along with their high sensitivity, also feature a high resolution (580 TV lines) and are equipped with a digital signal processor. They also have an automatic electronic shutter, automatic gain controls and a 2.0x digital zoom.

The dome-shaped model is protected against vandalism and attempted theft, so it’s more suitable for outside usage or for protection of places such as banks and shopping malls; its aluminum chassis mounted with special screws provides total protection against any attempt to remove it, while the transparent polycarbonate dome can withstand even the most violent shocks. The box type is equipped with ExDR Plus system, which improves the camera performance in conditions of high brightness, allowing for a better vision of objects or people in the foreground against an illuminated background.

Although the trend of technological advancements is quickly heading towards switching to digital systems with IP transmission, good ole analog systems are still more than able of doing their steady job, even at night!

Unfaithful husbands, beware of spy mobile phones!

novembre 19, 2009 Technology No Commenti

Secret Love

During the course of our work, we happen to step into strange cases, and situation weirdly funny if they were not true. Such a case happened recently to a female customer of ours, who was getting increasingly suspicious about her husband and asked for our cooperation.

The lady’s husband is often travelling for business, and since approximately one year he started going frequently to Germany, a country he had seldom visited in previous years. This tickled our friend’s female instinct, and she immediately turned to us to ask for some piece of advice.

It took her a while to decide to use a spy mobile phone, that is, a normal mobile phone, enhanced with the installation of an invisible software which turns it into a real spy following its unaware user.

She bought her husband a spy cellphone for his birthday, and he was just happy to start using it right away, without knowing that his every call could be listened to remotely, and any SMS sent or received could be read from his wife, no matter how far. On top of that, a spy phone also works like a listening device, a bug that transmits the sounds around it, even while the phone is turned off.

And thanks to this latter function, our client found out that the reason for her husband’s frequent trips to Germany was not exactly professional, since instead of visiting new potential customers, he was visiting a famed bordello in the outskirts of Frankfurt, a place where a certain kind of pleasure goes hand-in-hand with the city’s business reputation.

I can’t add further details, but sure enough I would not have wanted to be in her husband’s shoes upon his return…


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