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Microregistratori digitali


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Those who do not live in Italy and do not follow Italian affairs may not be completely familiar with details of the several bills that the Berlusconi government is presenting to the Parliament in order to have them approved. The talk might go on for days concerning whether they are politically legitimate or not, but sure enough some of them are controversial, to say the least, and have been raising more than one eyebrow.

For example, the one that has caused the widest outrage, along with the Alfano Law, which was supposed to protect the holders of the four highest offices in Italy (and incidentally, the prime Minister himself) from any trial, and that has been rejected by the Supreme Court, was the possible bill about telephone and environmental eavesdropping within the framework of criminal investigation.

Had this bill passed, the district attorneys would have seen their hands almost tied during the investigation phase of the trial, as they would have been able to authorize planting covert bugs only when serious clues are present, and not in case of presence of a limited number of clues as the current law says. This is not valid for organized crime and terrorism, and for any crime which could be punished with sentences longer than 5 years; for these crimes, the current legislation would still be applicable.

Another aspect that would be dramatically limited is the duration of the interception operation, which is limited to a maximum of two months (that is, one month plus two additional 15-day terms) which undoubtedly is too short a time to gather substantial and incontrovertible evidence to prove a defendant’s possible guilt (or his innocence), especially if financial misgivings are involved; incidentally, financial crimes are those that have put Berlusconi in hot water.

But what undoubtedly would make the current Italian Prime Minister a happy man is the part of this bill which forbids publication of any documentation concerning preliminary investigations, or even the ban on informing the public opinion on any warrant received by a defendant. Considering the limitations inflicted to investigations, there would not be much time to issue one, and should a judge be able to do it, it would no longer be possible to report this simple fact on a magazine or newspaper, thus keeping the general public unaware of any crime committed by their representatives.

Should a journalist publish such acts, or any excerpts from eavesdropped conversations, he could be fined or even jailed, while if a judge makes any comment on ongoing investigations or proceedings, he could even be stripped of his office. In short, not only investigations would be thwarted, but the public’s right to be informed (and to make their choice at the polling station based on this information) would suffer a severe blow.

Telephone interception, in the past, has helped catch dangerous criminals, as well as preventing financial crime, with an immediate benefit not only for public security, but, notably, for the State’s finances.

Therefore, it is just fair to ask ourselves who would really be benefiting from such a bill being passed, if not those with something to hide from the law, or those who fear that the content of their eavesdropped conversations would harm them if made public.

And among these people, as you can easily learn from newspapers worldwide, the most notable one is, incidentally, the person who is governing Italy since years.

Find your way back home safely, thanks to your cellphone

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Walk Back Home

If you find yourself in a city that you don’t know, you may happen to take a wrong turn and, along with losing your way, you might end up on the wrong side of town, where you could have unpleasant encounters and your safety might be at risk. If the city in question is San Francisco or Washington, though, a GPS system comes to the rescue, giving us directions to reach our destination without going through dangerous neighborhoods.

This system, called Stumble Safely, has been developed by a software house based in Washington, a city where crime rate is always on the rise, and is based on a range of data including addresses of bars and nightlife venues, public transport locations, and crime statistics based on the crime location.

In short, by gathering in real time the data coming from the city police database, and by matching the data against the nightlife database, the system is able to give you advice on whether or not you should go to a certain bar tonight, or drive on a certain road on your way back home.

This risk location system allows its users to display in real time, on their smartphone or PC, any dangerous situations nearby; it also informs them about open venues and provides useful info such as taxi companies numbers, open pharmacies, police stations and so on.

For the moment this system is being tested in San Francisco and Washington DC, but should the test be successful, it would surely be a useful tool to enjoy an evening out with friends or come back home (or rather, stumble) safely after a day at work or a night shift.

Electronic voice changers

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Voice Changer

Living in the age of telecommunications and of information accessible to anyone anywhere, means that often we may find ourselves facing unpleasant situations, caused for example by the fact that our phone number may end up in the wrong hands due to the extreme accessibility of data for those in the know.

To protect us from any possible intrusion of our private life that takes place by phone, the most common solution is changing your phone number or having it removed from public directories. This solution though, aside from being inconvenient if you are using your phone for work and have to inform all your contacts about your new number, still has a degree of risk, as a smart detective could easily trace your number.

Instead of changing your number, you can think about changing your voice! All you need is a small electronic device, connected to your landline or mobile phone, and you will be able to pretend that you are someone else.

Thanks to an electronic voice changer, in fact, it is possible to select preset options, to make your voice sound like a man, a woman, an older person or a kid, as you like.

All this happens in a completely natural way and without metallic sounds, as the voice changer works on the different frequency ranges of the human voice, altering the pitches thanks to an algorithm which changes the voice without peaks that may sound artificial. Furthermore, it is also possible to add sound effects like a barking dog, a crying infant or a doorbell ringing, giving you an excuse to close an unwanted call.

To save you from creditors, sales people, ex boyfriends who just don’t get it, instead of changing your address or your phone number, just change your voice!

An armor for dogs, to protect our faithful friends in war

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K9 Storm

For armed forces men deployed in difficult war zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as for policemen patrolling our cities, the presence of a dog, aside from being a valuable operations support in patrol operations, is also an important psychological support especially for those who are away from home.

This makes it important that our four-legged friends can enjoy the same protection level as their two-legged handlers, of course without hampering their possibility to move or without causing them pain.

According to these needs, the first dog armor has been created, manufactured in Canada by K9 Storm; aside from providing passive protection from bullets, it also allows the handler to stay in touch remotely with the dog.

This is achieved by using a small camera, microphone and speakers which, embedded in the armor and connected wirelessly to the handler, allow him to see what the dog sees thanks to the camera, and to send him commands via the audio system, up to 250 meters away from him.

This armor is the result of 11 years of work and fine tuning by K9 Storm founder; his work was mostly aimed at minimizing discomfort for the dogs, who can suffer from being overloaded or from the heat, especially if they have to wear it for long hours. The Intruder model, with camera and microphones, weighs below 250, and while being light on the dog, it certainly is a bit heavy on the financial side, as it sets you back some 20,000 US Dollars.

But for our four-legged friends, no price is too high!

Smell Rats? Get the Trap

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Wire Tapping Device

Just six months into marriage and Amit had a change of job. The corporate firm was offering a better package and he accepted the offer.

This move surprised his wife Neeta. Amit always weighed job satisfaction more than money. He was happy with his current job profile. So, why shift? But she left the matter to Amit as it involved his career.

Neeta was happy that Amit started returning from office in a fresh mood, smiling, whistling. Probably he was enjoying his new job. But as days passed, he started neglecting her presence. He hardly talked to her but used to engage in telephonic conversations. Their outings were reduced as he returned late.

Neeta smelled rats and decided to get the ‘inside story’. She wanted to monitor Amit’s conversations as he attended calls from the phone placed in bed room.

After searching internet, her mind was set on STR-TEL Wire Tapping Device. It was easily installed on the telephone line to be monitored. A very sensitive outer microphone of this device could discreetly pick any noise or conversation from her large bed room. And its operation was quite easy. She had to dial the number of the telephone to be monitored, wait for first free signal, enter the numeric code and listen.

Then, what she could listen to? Amit’s new firm was expanding and client were mostly the people from overseas. So he had to talk to them as per their locale timings.

Neeta regretted her suspicion but thanked STR-TEL Wire Tapping Device.

Speeding drivers may escape fines thanks to their Nokia phone

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If your behavior on the wheel tends to be as respectful as possible of driving rules, you most probably will not need to read any longer. But if, on the contrary, you like to push on the gas every now and then (without excesses, of course), you might think that the newest Nokia smartphone application just released by Road Pilot was made just for you.

It is a software for speed radar detection, to be downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store, and that is free to use until end of February 2010. At the end of the promotional offer, you will have to subscribe to the service for a not yet disclosed monthly fee.

This service is active on Nokia phones equipped with GPS navigation system, and allows drivers to be alerted in real time about any fixed radar speed detectors on their way, and also to send a real-time alert to fellow users driving nearby, to inform them about mobile radar stations manned by traffic police.

Basically it is a modern version of the old unwritten rule of flashing your headlights at drivers coming in the opposite direction, warning them to slow down because the heat is on. At the current stage, this system is compatible only with a dozen of Nokia models, but the manufacturers are planning to release versions compatible with other phones, from iPhone to BlackBerry, as well as GPS-equipped Sony Ericsson and Samsung models.

Personally, I prefer respecting the limits as much as I can, but for those who prefer pushing a bit more on the gas, this system could help doing it without risking of being caught. In my humble opinion, though, I would not call it a contribution to safety on the roads…

Protection from interception, a modern need

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On Italian newspapers today, wide coverage was given to the news that Carlo De Benedetti, editor of the centre-left newspaper La Repubblica, since long taking a stance on opposite positions compared to the Prime Minister Berlusconi, has found out that some hidden bugs had been planted on his car, with the obvious intention of eavesdropping his conversations during his journeys.

This shows that the political arena in Italy is getting increasingly dirty, and most of all serves as a warning to those who wish to keep their conversations private. Nowadays, in fact, privacy has turned into a value to be protected at all costs, especially for the powers that be or for those, like De Benedetti, who find themselves keeping an opposite stance to those powers.

Therefore, to keep your privacy both in your office and during your way from home to work or your business journeys, it is certainly useful that among other precautions, you also provide yourselves with an interception protection system, which accurately monitors the environment around it, simply by flooding it with a range of radio waves.

Thanks to such detection systems, it is possible to find hidden transmitters operating on a wide range of radio frequencies (for example between 1 MHz and 6 GHz), either hidden in a car or in your offices, or even buried inside a concrete wall.
There are also some detectors capable of revealing the presence of a GSM transmitter which uses the telephone network instead of airwaves.

Certainly, due to his position and visibility, De Benedetti might be equipped with such systems, and they were certainly useful to thwart this intrusion of his privacy, probably orchestrated by political rivals. But those among us who need to protect their personal and business affairs from dangerous prying ears and eyes, can certainly find comfort in a bug sweeping system, specifically tailored on his needs.

Flexible antennas, a future solution for telecommunications?

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Since years, our mobile phones are no longer sporting those ugly extendable antennas, that needed to be spread out each time you answered the phone, and that had a hard (and often short) life. Nowadays, antennas are concealed within the casing of our phones, and soon we might see, in this field as well as in others, liquid metal flexible antennas.

Those flexible antennas, manufactured with an alloy of indium and gallium which stays in a liquid state, are the subject of a North Carolina State University research.
The alloy is injected inside extremely thin channels, the size of a hair. Once it is in, it forms some sort of skin which holds the alloy in place and allows it to remain liquid.

Thanks to this, antennas are extremely flexible, and since an antenna’s frequency is influenced by its shape, shortening or lengthening them means changing their receiving properties according to one’s need. Along with this feature, which makes it useful for devices already on the market, its high durability makes it ideal for applications where sturdiness is a must, for example in the military field or to monitor the condition of civilian installations such as skyscrapers or bridges.

For example, as we know, bridges stretch and expand with wind, temperature changes or the weight of passing cars. By inserting such an antenna in the right position, it would change its shape according to these factors, and would provide useful information on the bridge’s health.

Currently, the high cost of the gallium-indium alloy makes it possible to foresee its use for this kind of installations, but in a near future we might be able to see them inside our mobile phones or GPS positioning systems.

Invisible earpieces, for the secret agent in each one of us

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Micro earpieces equipped with Bluetooth are now so small that they can easily be placed in their users’ ear canal, in order to guarantee invisible communication through any Bluetooth mobile phone or a radio.

A spy earphone is a passive type magnet, which receives the audio signal via a transceiver placed on a bracelet or a necklace, or simply hidden in the front pocket of your jacket.

Most of these earpieces are equipped with an equally small microphone, which can be concealed in the clothes you are wearing, in order to pick up the sounds around it and transmit them via radio to a distant listener.

The listener can be even on the other side of the world, if the earpiece and the microphone are teamed up with a GSM watch, that, is, a device which at a first sight looks like a normal watch (and works as such) but conceals a SIM card, just like the one of your ordinary cellphone, on the inside.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection among different elements of the system, any sounds picked up by the hidden microphone can be transmitted via phone, and in the same fashion you can discreetly and invisibly receive information and instructions, directly on your earpiece.

Thanks to it, agents on a covert mission, police forces in an operation against crime, but even university students struggling with an exam, can stay in touch with a distant listener, who along with being able to hear in real time what goes on, will also be able to provide useful directions, information or news to achieve success of your operation, be it the hunt for a criminal or a tough exam.

Listen to the Caller before answering the call

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Caller listening identification
“Come on. We are actually giving them supply order at much lower rate. Actually market rate is too high… no firm is ready to supply at these prices.

But then, who cares! Once we stuck a deal with them, let them suffer loses and go to hell, if they want… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Mr. Foster was astonished to hear that conversation. It turned out to be warning for him before he could actually finalise the deal. This morning when he saw the other firm’s number on his caller ID panel, he was happy that he was pushing forward his business.

Mr. Foster had set up cemented bricks manufacturing firm a year ago. He was a new entrant in this field but did market research before jumping into the business. He started getting enough orders, but was looking for a deal with a major construction company, so that orders get flowing continuously. So he was ready to supply brick to this firm at reduced rate in order to earn goodwill and establish long association.

But, it seems that the motive was different at the other end. Mr. Foster knew how to reply. It saved him a lot of trouble and possible loss from the deal.

He thanked Simul-Tel, a Caller Listening Identification System. This small device enables to listen to voice or comments of the caller before actually answering the call. Surprised? Well that’s the expertise of Endoacustica Europe, a technology firm with spy listening and monitoring solutions.


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spyphone A Spy Phone or GSM spy cellphone is a normal mobile phone on which has been installed a software able to reply many crucial information such as: listening of all incoming and outgoing calls from the mobile, real time phone surrounding sounds, reading of all type of messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber etc..) and GPS tracking. The spy software works on the most of Android, iOS, Blackberry smartphones.

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Wall microphones able to listen through walls thick even up to 70 cm. Ultra sensitive professional stereo microphone, suitable to pick up the lowest noises thanks to its very high sensitive ceramic microphone. Limpid and stable sound. Endowed with sockets for recorder and earpiece.
The phone voice changers when interposed between handset and phone, will change your voice into another one. It transforms any voice into a masculine, feminine, adult or child one.The voice changer can be adapted to cell phones, cordless phones, speakers and microphones, recording systems, or connected to switchboards. The reproduced voice is not a robotic but a human one.
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Real time trackers are designed for those who need to keep their pets under control, while limiting the relevant cost, but also to locate precious objects or to remember where you parked your car.

anti loss alarm

Anti-drowning defender is an alarm device which combines anti-drowning and anti-loss alarm, and works effectively as an electronic safety device for protecting children or pets from drowning and loss.

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