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Bomb Jammer Pro EN 4016G

Bomb Jammer Pro is designed for protection of VIPS and for prevention of leakage of information



Bomb Jammer Pro is a wide-band portable jamming system, designed for the protection of VIPs and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio exploder control lines in dangerous areas and for the prevention of leakage of information through intercepting units during confidential talks.

Bomb Jammer Pro transmits RF interference and creates a "Radio Frequency Protected Zone" around the object that prevents remote controlled bomb activation by various RF means in its vicinity with a sufficient jamming safety radius, in order to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Bomb Jammer Pro is also deployed to guard forces in the field, Dignitaries and VIPs, checkpoint and border rossings, roadblocks, Embassies, Police and Government offices etc.

Bomb Jammer Pro is available in various models as for the frequency and output power.

However this jammer can be customized as for the user requirements.

Many European countries, ban the sale within the UE. Check the regulations in force on its own territory before proceeding with the information request.
(on demand)


A fully mounted VS-160W bomb jammer unit.

Trasporto del bomb jammer ad alta potenza

CODE: EN-4016G

Bomb Jammer Pro Bomb Jammer Pro
Bomb Jammer Pro Bomb Jammer Pro

Technical specifications

450-470MHz: Option 15W

870-889MHz: 15W

930-960MHz: 15W

1805-1925MHz: 15W

2010-2025MHz: 40W

WiFi 2400-2480MHz: 15W

GPS: L1 1575.42Mhz: Option 15W

GPS: L2 1227.60MHz: Option 15W

Total output power 100W
Coverage bands  AMPS,N-AMPS, DCS, NMT, TACS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, IDEN, UMTS 450MHz/ GPS L1:1575.42MHz/ GPS L2:1227.6MHz/ WiFi 2.4GHz

Whip antenna with 5 dB  gain

450-470Mhz :Omni 360 5dBi, 60/80cm long, 0.8Kg weight
851-960Mhz :Omni 360 6dBi, 60/80cm long, 0.8Kg weight
1805-1990Mhz :Omni 360 7dBi, 60/80cm long, 0.8Kg weight
2000-2200Mhz :Omni 360 8dBi, 60/80cm long, 0.8Kg weight
2400-2500Mhz :Omni 360 8dBi, 60/80cm long, 0.8Kg weight

Coverage area 40-100 meters@-75dBm
Power Supply  AC adapter (AC220V-DC27V or 24V/18Amp)
Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ +60℃

Temperature Over Protection

Dimensions 51cm(L)×43cm(W)×20cm(D)
Weight  25 Kg (approximately) just main unit not included antenna & all accessories
Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel Yes
VSWR over protection for each modular. Yes
Remote Control Yes
Operating humidity  5% ~ 90%

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