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Domestic case

With a host of instruments, here, the skills to detect and remove wired and wireless tapping materials are described in detail.

How to prevent

If you are on the secret long term project, public offering of your company's stock, and law suit against other company, it will be highly probable to be tapped.
Especially, the people from the outside say that there is some signal sound on your line. In addition, you can notice that there is noise and mixed sound, lowering of the volume, and frequent breaking on the line. If you can figure that if you experience a few followed cases, you better ask help specialized company for detection service.

The Suspicious Signs

1. The people from the outside say that there is some signal sound on your line.

2. Telephone bill is overly charged.

3. There is trace to be disassembled or new telephone wire and connector is appeared.

4. After the FAX ring the bell, there is no data printed out.

5. When you pick up the phone, there is some strange sound on the line

6. Someone knows your secret business, technical information, critical meeting schedule.

7. You fail to the bid with small gap of the price.

8. You get a present some item which possibly contain tapping device on the inside, such as small sized radio,     alarm clock, CD player, etc.

9. Your investor or competitor gives you a gift.

10. On TV or radio, there is radio wave interruption.

11. Electric switch, outlet, lighting device are placed on the different site.

12. On the wall side, there is a few centimeter mottle or spot.

13. On the floor near the wall, there is white colored powder.

14. On the fire detection, clock, lamp, and emergency light, there is certain change on its appearance or you can     find something new on the inside of such stuffs.

15. Although somebody trespass in your office or house, there is nothing stolen.

16. You do not call them though, some repair man visit your home, such as telephone, cable, gas,  air conditioner, water pipe, etc.

17. Some strange truck or vehicle drives around or parked.

18. Stuffs are mess around, and you feel that something is moved.

Wireless tapping device detection service

By the broad band receiver, attenuator, frequency counter, electronic and magnetic meter, poison detector, wireless tapping is traced and remove

Wired Tapping Device Detection Service

Telephone Analyzer, cable analyzer, wired taps on the cables and wires are detected and removed. Communication lined tapping and facility lined tapping are matched

Naked eye Detection Service

By micro circuit detector, Metal detector, installed tapping devices on more than 30 spots are traced; the wall, frame, furniture, sofa, decorations, curtain, power switch, inside of the ceiling space, fan coil etc.


Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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