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Wireless tapping device can be made its out look unlimitedly. It can be harbored in the package of the gift, and can be controlled by wireless controller. Besides, it can be hided any objects that we normally use for our daily lives, such as a flowerpot, a calculator, a ballpoint pen, a fire detector, a remote controller, a telephone connector, a beeper, a and a mobile phone.


Wireless tapping technology is highly developed, so it is extend to Very Low Frequency, Extremely High Frequency, and Digital area. In fact, its operation methods are incredibly sophisticated. Here, we describe the practical examples of wireless tapping devices.

Throw down Bug

It is designed that they let the detectors find the bug, and believe detection is over. However, the real one is hided more deeply.

Snuggled Bug

Its frequency range is almost same with the public broadcasting area, so that the detectors confound it. Audio information is compressed and saved for 3 to 4 hours, and it is transmitted in certain time immediately. It usually does not appear its frequency.

Frequency Hopping Bug

It utilizes for security issues. The certain range of frequency is changed to the different amount. There is, for instance, the one which has 50MHz but happen 500 times per second for frequency modification.

Carrier Current

Voice signal is transmitted by the electric wires or telephone cables through carrier wave. This technique is accepted for the number of methods, so that it can be re-transmitted by wireless receiver and recorder in the different location.

Laser Transmission

Laser is non visible ray to be transmitted the voice signal. Laser is shot form the out side of the window. The vibration on the window is examined by the laser, and it is converted to the voice.


There is everywhere to be exposed in the path like the inside of the telephone, the wire path, the unit box, the electric pole, etc. Not just around the target, but also the out of the way place can be eavesdropped. Here, the practical examples are described in detail.

Series bug

The bug is directly connected on the side to the telephone line, so that voice signal is transmitted wirelessly.

Parallel Bug

The bug is connected in parallel. It works by the current flow and the sound. Power supply is necessary.

Inductive Pickups

When the telephone is on, the difference of the electric magnetic field is examined to eavesdrop.

Slave Bug

When the target person uses the telephone, the system calls to the receiving location for bugging.

Tone Activated Bug

Wherever the phone line conversation is possible, it calls to the target telephone, and transmitted certain frequency for activating tone. Then, it is bugging with installed micro phone.

Hook switch Bypasses

Resistors, condensers, and operation maintenance diode are connected on the hook switch. So, the voice signal is tapping via the phone.

Extra wire bug

On the Extra wire connected to the telephone, micro elements, the inside of the receiver microphone, micro phone on the speaker phone, speaker, and linker, are connected for tapping.

T1 and E1 Circuit Bug

The monitoring function of the device for checking the DID circuit, T1 and E1, on the small and middle size of the switch boards are utilized for bugging.

1. T1 is the north American type with 24 voice channels
2. E1 is the European type with 30 voice channels.

Tape Recorder

The recorder is connected in parallel. When the phone line works, the device is automatically operated.


Here, the practical instances of bug with the key-phone system and private branch exchange are described in detail.

Executive override, Barge-in

When the target is on the line, it intrudes into the line with the program which design for not to recognize.

Bridged Extension

Instead of the physically direct connection, the line, trying to contact to the target line, is connected and accessed on the programming environment.

Connection via Voicemail

The recorded message on the voice mail is easily eavesdropped by it secret number.

Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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