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3G and GSM spy camera is an audio/video surveillance device. UMTS technology based, it enables you to keep an eye on what is going on remotely, in a place you want to control.

Particularly suited to those who need to monitor their house or to put under surveillance the workplace, the 3G bug FALCON offers the opportunity to work in two modes: one with audio and video that allows you to listen and watch what happens in the place subjected to observation; the other mode is as an environmental bug giving the possibility to listen with its powerful preamps microphones, listening everything that happens in his range.

To use the first mode, audio/video, simply make a video call to the SIM card inserted in the FALCON (UMTS coverage required), for the environmental mode it's enought instead make a simple call from any phone or cell phone, to the FALCON (GSM coverage required).

Small size (only 43x40x8 mm) and lightweight (10 gr.), it can easily be concealed in any home appliance or object, enabling you not only to record video in MP4 format.The bug is able to record audio/video clips and to take photographs on a MicroSD and send them by e-mail. It's easy to configure by sending SMS text messages, the 3G videobug is also easy to use

Easy to use, you can change the settings via text message and you can see what is going on in a particular place just by making a call to the number listed in your camera from an UMTS mobile phone. Otherwise, it fuctions as a simple audio bug by making a call from any other mobile phone. Equipped with a voice activation sensor, which activates the camera if a given noise threshold is exceeded, it enables to know whether there is someone in the room put under surveillance, allowing for timely countermeasures.

It's also equipped with auxiliary input for the implementation of external sensors for automatic phone calls or video call with the recognition of specific alarms as voice activation, external sensor activation.



Falcon A/V bug transmitter can be installed into objects or other devices of your choice. Call us to check your project.
Supported networks WCDMA (3G), GSM 900/1800/1900
Video sensor 30 Megapixel CMOS
Image resolution 640x480
Video resolution 320x240 MP4 format
Recording format AMR
Power supply Li-Ion battery 3.7V, rechargeable via USB or supplied battery charger
Memory MicroSD Memory card
Size 43x40x8 mm
Weight 10g

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