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Helicopter video surveillance

Radio-controlled helicopter with wireless video system, suitable for beginners




What is the Heli-V1?

helicopterThe Helicopter model V1 is an affordable, reliable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which has been designed to carry wireless video and photo cameras. Thanks to its radio control, you can pilot the UAV remotely, and an advanced autopilot system makes the flight experience enjoyable and easy.
Using its unique quad rotor design, which is derived from a previous version, the UAV achieves a remarkable stability of flight and ease of control, while its advanced software circuit board provides for the fast and accurate processing needed to accomplish its tasks.

Easy to Use and Fly

controllerThe Heli-V1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle uses advanced flight sensors, which help it to stabilize autonomously during its flight. Magnetometers, accelerometers, and a Barometric Pressure Sensor are all working together with an advanced flight computer, to make sure that the only task left to you is getting the best possible aerial pictures and video footage.


Heli-V1 can support several camera modules, giving you a wide range of choices to find the one that suits your needs.

You can choose the camera that is best for your needs:

  • 12.1 MP digital still camera with 720p video recording
  • Thermal imaging video camera
  • Micro color video camera



The small, battery powered Heli-V1 can deliver the same great aerial pictures that you can obtain by renting a small aircraft, with a cost that is many times smaller. You do not need to use a full size aircraft, with all the costs and time wasting that it involves, for projects that can easily be accomplished with our Heli-V1 UAV at a fraction of the cost.


The Heli-V1 is based on a high strength carbon fiber frame. Thanks to its strength, the airframe can withstand crashes of limited entity, without suffering serious damage. The carbon fiber rotor blades can be replaced, and are attached to 4 brushless motors. Spare parts can easily be found for almost every part that can potentially break, and in case of need, the landing gear can be easily removed for repair operations.


Its quad rotor design makes flight much easier than any unmanned helicopter of a comparable size. Each pair of rotor blades spin in opposite directions, and by doing so, any rotation caused by the spinning rotor blades momentum is erased, making sure that the helicopter flies straight and without trouble.
Along with making the helicopter much easier to fly, counter rotating propellers increase efficiency and flight times by minimizing battery consumptions and providing for a longer time in the air.




Large Project Management

Able to carry lightweight still and video cameras, the Heli-V1 is the perfect solution for the remote monitoring of equipment.

When you're in charge of a large project, getting an up to date overview can be a challenge.

Not any more - the Heli-V1 allows you to quickly fly over, and get a general overview of almost any situation or project. A picture is worth a thousand words, and an aerial picture provides the best description possible.

Designed to be low profile and low cost, the Heli-V1 is feasible for almost any project. A rugged, carbon fiber frame can withstand the stresses of the job site, and the watertight equipment case protects the helicopter during transport.

Remote Supervision and Investigation of Equipment

Able to carry lightweight still and video cameras, the Heli-V1 helicopter is the perfect solution for the remote monitoring of equipment. Fly the Heli-V1 anywhere at the job site, and get the aerial pictures and video that you need to keep up to date on your projects status.

The remote controlled, battery operated helicopter can be used anywhere due to its unique and innovative design. The wireless, 2.4 Ghz radio resists interference, and gives you full control of all flight functions.

Pipeline / Hydro-Transmission Line Inspection

Many thousands of kilometers of pipelines cross the country, providing a vital supply of water, natural gas, and other fluids to residents and businesses. In many cases, these pipelines run over rugged, remote terrain, and are difficult to supervise and inspect properly.
With the Heli-V1, you can fly over and obtain outstanding aerial pictures and video, without the expense and planning involved in hiring a conventional helicopter.

Able to be flown easily by anyone, the remote controlled, battery operated helicopter allows you to get the pictures and video that you need, when you need them. A choice of several different camera types means that you can choose between still, Thermal Infrared video and HD video, depending on your application. Keep hydro lines and other pipes running, by doing aerial inspections with the Heli-V1.


Use the Heli-V1 to get outstanding aerial pictures and video of your operation.
Being able to see potential problems and compensate ahead of time can make the difference between a successful harvest and financial loss. The Heli-V1 can be equipped with our new camera.



Be it resources, law, transportation, fire, emergency measures, all can benefit from aerial observation and recordings to assist with management and enforcement issues.

Law Enforcement

The Heli-V1 is the perfect platform for aerial surveillance and intelligence.

Able to carry a wide range of cameras the Heli-V1 enables you to get the aerial pictures and video you need. The remote controlled, battery operated helicopter can be easily set up and used for any situation.
Use the aerial video and photography features to obtain the intelligence your organization needs to plan and make decisions.

Whether it is a macro shot of crowd activity, measuring the positions of vehicles, or finding out what suspects are doing at any given time, the Heli-V1 silently and consistently delivers all the critical information.

Gathering Evidence

The Heli-V1 allows you to quickly and quietly gather evidence, without disturbing the original scene of the crime. Crime scenes deteriorate over time, and it is important to capture all the details before this happens. Hiring a conventional helicopter, plane, or other platform takes time and flying low enough to get the pictures and video you need may not be possible. The Heli-V1 provides a simple and clean solution to both of these problems.
Four nearly silent brushless motors propel a small, electric, and low profile UAV to where you need it to go. Whether the crime scene is indoors or outdoors, the Heli-V1 allows you to get the necessary pictures and video, from heights or angles you desire. Simple to use, easy to fly, and affordable, the Heli-V1 provides your organization with the ultimate aerial video and photography platform. Do not let time or personnel contaminate a scene - the Heli-V1 can do the job, without disturbing anything.

Traffic Accident Investigation

trafficWhen investigating traffic accidents, officers routinely have to deal with injury, death, and rush hour traffic on major highways. Clearly, there is a need to obtain reliable, fast images and video. With the Heli-V1, you can do all this and more.

The Heli-V1 is an ultra lightweight, advanced UAV with aerial photography and videography capabilities. Constructed out of rugged carbon fiber, the Heli-V1 can be used almost anywhere. Lightweight and portable the Heli-V1 can be launched in minutes. High definition video and still cameras give you the flexibility to choose which tool is best for the job.

Accident clean-up cannot begin until all the details have been recorded. In rush hour traffic, you cannot wait to open closed lanes longer than is absolutely necessary. Use the Heli-V1 to quickly get the necessary aerial images and minimize the delay imposed on traffic.

Traffic Congestion Analysis

trafficAnalyzing traffic congestion is a difficult task, involving many different variables such as vehicle types, timing, and traffic positions. How do you get all this information, view it in real time, and preserve it for further analysis?
The Heli-V1 is the answer.

Fly the Heli-V1 as high as you need it to go, and capture the entire area in the high definition camera's field of view. Use the barometric pressure hold to hover, at a fixed altitude, and capture a live video feed of a specific intersection or highway junction. Once you have an aerial video of the traffic congestion in your area, you can analyze it to determine the cause.

Use the Heli-V1 to get a clear and concise picture of what causes traffic congestion, and see it all live with streaming high definition video.

HAZAMAT Operations

A HAZMAT operation, just the use of the term can bring fear to many people.
For those whose task it is to deal with it, having the correct, most complete information can be a matter of life and death. To start the operation, knowing if hazardous materials are involved, type and quantity of material, condition of containers, and other environmental conditions are all relevant to successfully dealing with the incident.

Use the remote controlled Heli-V1 helicopter to get a visual account of the situation. The Heli-V1 can deliver this information to you without putting anyone in jeopardy. The helicopter is battery operated and can be equipped with any one of the optional cameras; a high resolution still/video camera, a thermal infrared camera, or a lightweight miniature color camera. Live video feed allows the operator and others to observe simultaneously.

In addition to getting the close up information required, the Heli-V1 can easily obtain an overhead view of the affected area to help you determine the spread of the hazardous material or plume of gas. You can then identify areas for evacuation and determine safe entry and exit strategies for emergency personnel.
The Heli-V1 helicopter can save you time, when every second counts.


Advanced RC Flight Research

aerialThere are many uses for the Heli-V1 in specialized, educational applications.
Interested in advancing remote controlled flight? Universities, colleges, technical institutes involved in technical research can request custom built Heli-V1 to suit their needs. Contact Heli-V1 Innovations for further details.

Aerial Archeology

archeologyEven though the Heli-V1 is light weight and very compact, it still has the ability to take dazzling high resolution aerial photographs and video. This makes the Heli-V1 an excellent piece of equipment to take to remote locations.

Aerial photographs provide a cutting edge method for analyzing archaeological dig sites. No matter if the dig site is located with in easy access, or in a remote desolate jungle the Heli-V1is the perfect low cost tool for the job. Instead of hiring a full size aircraft and working around their schedule, you can have the Heli-V1 on site and launch it in minutes.

This allows your archaeological team to take multiple photos at different times giving you the opportunity to show a time lapse progress of your project. Archaeologists have recently started using technologies such as Google Earth, for aerial images of a site. The Heli-V1 can give you real time up to date aerial photographs while you are on site. Make the Heli-V1 part of your archaeological tool kit today.

Choose from a large selection of cameras, including HD video, low light, still, and FLIR cameras, or change them depending on the individual site or time of day / weather conditions.

Get a bird's eye view of any dig with the Heli-V1 helicopter.

Environmental Assessment

geologicalThe Heli-V1 is an excellent tool to aid in environmental studies. Compact, light weight and easy to transport the Heli-V1 can provide another dimension to your studies.

With the Heli-V1 at your disposal you can take aerial pictures almost anywhere. You have instant access to the photographs and videos that you have taken. This allows for instant data analyses in the field.

An aerial photo can show all the details of a large area at a glance. The Heli-V1 helicopters advanced stabilization software can hold and maintain altitude, using a barometric pressure sensor. This means that you can produce scaled maps of entire areas using the Heli-V1 helicopters on board camera.

The Heli-V1 helicopter can be flown ahead of any expedition, to minimize risk to human life.



Heli-V1 is Fun to Fly

helicopterHave you been looking for a fun, easy-to-fly heli? Look no further! The Heli V1 is a fun, agile, and easy-to-fly helicopter.
You do not have to learn how to set up complicated pitch/throttle curves on an intimidating transmitter. There are no complicated maintenance procedures or countless hours spent ensuring your helicopter is ready to fly.

The Heli V1 has few moving parts. Make sure your batteries are charged, do your pre flight check, and you are ready to fly.

Once you have mastered flying the helicopter, upgrade by adding a camera and trying your hand at aerial video and photography.

A Great Helicopter

hobbyThe unique helicopter is a great choice for the hobbyist.
Flying a traditional helicopter can be compared to balancing a ball bearing on the end of a needle. It takes many hours of flying and simulator practice time.

The Heli V1 also requires practice but is a much more forgiving aircraft. If you get in trouble in the air, simply let go of the controls and the Heli V1 will resume a level position allowing you to take control and safely land.

Piloting the Heli V1 is easy and fun. Advanced stabilization software is incorporated into the Heli V1 that allows the helicopter to both self-stabilize and follow the pilot's commands at the same time. This greatly reduces the concern while flying allowing the pilot to get more enjoyment out of the flight.

The Heli V1 handheld controller incorporates many of the advanced features of the Heli V1 handheld controller. One of these advanced features is the ability to connect as a "buddy box" with another Heli V1 handheld controller. The instructor can select which functions that the student will have control over. By doing this, the student is not overwhelmed and can gradually progress to flying the Heli V1 solo.

The Ideal Aerial Photography and Videography Platform

Are you interested in photography? Do you want to expand that interest to include RC aerial photography, but don't know where to begin? The helicopter is the ideal aerial photography and videography platform for the amateur.

With the helicopter, you will be able to get great aerial pictures. An onboard computer and stabilization software assists with stable flight control allowing you to concentrate on getting great aerial pictures and video.

Many outdoor and indoor events benefit from aerial pictures and video. Use the helicopter to obtain this footage in a safe and unobtrusive manner. Four nearly silent brushless motors give the helicopter plenty of power, allowing you to fly almost anywhere. Use the Heli-V1 to get great aerial pictures and video, wherever you happen to be.

(standard configuration)
(without Rotors)
(without rotor blades or landing gear)

Width: 64.5 cm (25.4in)
Width: 36 cm (14.1 in)
Width: 36 cm (14in)
Length: 64.5 cm (25.4in)
Length: 36 cm (14.1in)
Length: 36 cm (14in)
Top Diameter: 78.5 cm (30.9in)
Top Diameter: 51 cm (20in)
Top Diameter: 51 cm (3in)
Height: 21 cm (8.3in)
Height: 21 cm (8.3in)
Height: 7.5 cm (3in)


Weight & Payload
  • Helicopter Weight (with battery): 680g (24oz)
  • Payload Capability: 250g (8.8oz)
  • Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight: 980g (33oz)

Rotor Blades
  • Four Counter Rotating Blades
  • Rotor Blade Material: Molded Carbon Fiber

Electric Motors
  • Brushless Motors: 4
  • Configuration: Direct Drive (One Motor per Rotor)
  • Safety Features: Stall Protection
  • Ball Bearing: 2 per Motor
  • Rotor Mounting Points: Integrated
  • Voltage: 14.8V

Camera Attachments
  • Panasonic DMC-FX580 12.1 MP (Mega-Pixel) Digital Still / Video Camera with Remote Controlled Tilt, Zoom & Shutter
  • FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) Tau Micro Infra Red Video Camera with built in DVR.
  • Watech 902 Low Light Video Camera with built In DVR.
  • Micro Analog Board Camera with built In DVR.

Position Navigation Lights
  • Number: 8, Two Per Motor Arm
  • Colors: 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 White, and 2 Green
  • Type: 1 Watt LED Variable Brightness Emitters
  • Purpose: Helicopter Navigation and Orientation
  • Visible Range: Direct Sunlight to Full Darkness
  • Color Scheme:
    • Front Left: Red
    • Front Right: Green
    • Rear Left: White
    • Rear Right: Blue

Rechargeable Helicopter Battery
  • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Polymer
  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 1900mAh
  • Connectors: Integrated Balance and Power
  • Recharge Time: Approx. 30 minutes (after typical flight)

Landing Gear
  • Installed Height: 17cm (7in)
  • Stance Width: 26cm (12in)
  • Skid Length: 31cm (12in)
  • Landing Gear Material: Molded Carbon Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Glass Filled Injected Nylon
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • RoHS Compliant

Operating Requirements
  • Recommended Pre-Use Temperature: 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)
  • Maximum Environmental Operating Temperature: -25° to 38°C (-13° to 100°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 90% Noncondensing
  • Maximum Windspeed Recommended for Novice Pilots: 16km/h (10mph)

Flight Data Recorder
  • Flight Data Recording: On-Board
  • Stored To: Removable 2Gb MicroSD Memory Card
  • Data Recorded: Onboard Sensor Flight Data (Link quality, Orientation, Altitude, Battery Voltage)

RF Communications
  • 2.4GHz Data Link
    • Link Type: Helicopter to Ground & Ground to Helicopter (Two-Way)
    • Helicopter Antenna: Wired Whip Antenna
    • Controller Antenna: Omni-Directional
    • RF Data Rate: 250kbps
    • Receiver sensitivity: -100dBm
    • Transmission Technique: DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
    • Frequency band: 2.4000 - 2.4835 GHz
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, ETSI
    • Data Link Channel Selection: Automatic (13 Channels)

  • 5.8GHz Video Link
    • Link Type: Helicopter to Ground (One-Way)
    • Transmitter Antenna: Omni-Directional
    • Receiver Antennas: Omni-Directional & Flat Patch
    • Transmission Power: 12dBm
    • Transmitter Power Consumption: 500mW
    • NTSC and PAL Compatible
    • 7 Selectable Channels: 5740MHz, 5760MHz, 5780MHz, 5800MHz, 5820MHz, 5840MHz, 5860MHz

7 Onboard Sensors
  • 3 Solid State MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Gyros
  • 3 Solid State MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Accelerometers
  • 1 Barometric Pressure Senso




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