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Records all keystrokes typed on a PC!

The Keyrecord basic model, suitable for home and small offices, records all keystrokes typed on a PC. The 97,000 Keystroke capacity is enough to store and retrieve approximate 1.5 weeks worth of typing.

The Keyrecord can be installed in a few seconds even when the target computer is logged out, has a password, is locked or switched off. Simply clip to keyboard cable! Its quite unobtrusive. Most users go months without examining the back of their computer. Think now ... can you picture what the back of your computer looks like at the moment?

Once the Keyrecord is installed, it quietly records every key pressed on the keyboard to its own internal Flash memory (same as in smart cards).

To install the Keyrecord you simply unplug the keyboard cable from the back of the PC, plug it into one end of the Keyrecord, then plug the other end back into the PC. No software installation is necessary!

*For security reasons, the photo (above right) is only a representation of what the Keyrecord looks like. The actual Keyrecord II is injection molded to look exactly like an EMC Balun.



The images are not representative

Technical data:

  • Impossible to detect and/or disable by using software.
  • Easy to install in a few seconds! Simply plug it in.
  • Powered by PC. You don't need external batteries.
  • Can be installed even when the target computer is logged out, has a password, is locked or switched off.
  • Can be unplugged and information retrieved on another PC.
  • Over 500,000 keystrokes (depending on model) with 128 bit encryption can be stored in non-volatile flash memory (same as in smart cards) that doesn't need batteries to retain storage.
  • Works on any desktop PC & all PC operating systems, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Linux, OS/2, DOS, Sun Solaris and BeOS.*
  • No software installation is needed at all to record or retrieve keystrokes.
  • Recorded keystrokes can be played back into any text editor using our 'keystroke ghosting' technique.
  • Plugs into computers with a small PS/2 keyboard plug or a large DIN plug.
    (Please note: PS/2 -to- Large Dinn adaptor are required to convert Keyrecord hardware key logger to plug into the older style large DIN socket).
  • Unlike software keystroke recorders, Keyrecord records every keystroke, even those used to modify the BIOS before boot up.

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