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A micro audio transmitter (bug) can help you make sure that your trust is well placed.

Surveillance microphoneAs the saying goes, „the more you spend, the less you spend”. This is particularly true when at stake there is not only a substantial amount of money, but also the feeling of reassurance that comes when you know that in your business, you are surrounded by trustworthy personnel.

In my specific case, as I am working in the civil engineering and construction field, trust in my staff is absolutely EVERYTHING, as most of our business comes from tenders from the Public Administration. For those who are not familiar with this field, when a public institution (generally a local administration) needs a job, they invite some companies to submit an offer, which is kept secret (generally in a sealed envelope or similar). On a fixed date, envelopes are opened, and the firm which submitted the most convenient (that is, the cheapest) offer, gets the job.

I would not say that our firm was winning every tender for which it ran, but a large percentage of these jobs were assigned to us, and that kept the business going, the money flowing and the smiles on everyone’s face. Only one of my engineers did not seem to be particularly touched by that; no matter if we were winning or losing, he looked quite absent most of the time, and although he was carrying out his daily duties with his usual accuracy, he seemed to be quite of a loner and was very elusive when asked questions about his life.

Then, suddenly it happened: for a year or so, the Public Administration which was providing most of the business for us stopped giving us jobs: apparently some of our competitors, always the same,  was constantly outsmarting us and submitting offers just a tad lower than ours.

And at the same time, the silent engineer was even more elusive, always looking above his shoulder as if he had something secret on his computer screen, speaking softly on the phone and quickly hanging up when someone came to his room, locking his drawers etc...

At first, I thought nothing of it, everyone has his phases. But thinking about it, I had the idea that the decrease in business could be connected to his strange behaviour. Of course, when someone is working with you since a long time, you don’t want to believe that he might be doing something behind your back, but as I said, this field is particular, and the funds at stake are big, so I decided to keep an eye on the guy.

Actually, I should say „keep an ear” on him, as I equipped myself with a so-called micro audio transmitter, that is, a small device, the size of a 1 Euro coin, which thanks to a miniature-size high-sensitivity microphone, can be concealed pretty much anywhere, and will pick up sounds around it with extreme clarity.

It then transmits the eavesrdopped conversations, via radio, within a range of 200-1500 meters, depending on its strength. Some GSM audio transmitter can even be connected to a SIM card and would act as a mobile phone, and the conversations picked up would reach you through a phone call, no matter where you are!

In my case, I had a small UHF radio bug, which I taped under my employee’s desk, safely and secretly concealed. In my office I had a small receiver, which would allow me to listen in real-time to whatever was happening in my engineer’s room.
And unfortunately, I was sad to discover that my suspicions were right. He was secretly passing information on our tender offers to our main competitor, and they were taking advantage of this information by placing offers just a bit lower than ours, but which would allow them to win the tender and get the job.

Needless to say, I was absolutely outraged by the fact that this guy, whom I could call a friend, was betraying my trust and seriously undermining the stability of our company, and I fired him on the spot, and also sued him for a HUGE amount.
And after that, the trend reversed and our offers were the winning ones on at least 70% of the cases!

All this, thanks to a small „friend” which, from under a table, was doing its job perfectly and invisibly, and allowed our company to get out of danger and out of trouble!

Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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