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Wireless system for distance monitoring of Alzheimer's patients

Can manage up to 40 patients! Also suitable for elders and subjects with mental illnesses.
Wireless technology is now at your loved ones' service!

Alzheimer's patient assistanceAlzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the most frequent cause of dementia in elders over 65 years, and causes loss of memory and of time-space coordination, as well as disorders in personality and behavior. The disease is progressive and is very hard to diagnose in its early stages.

There are an estimated 26 million people around the world who currently suffer from Alzheimer's disease and the total worldwide cost for care and assistance to Alzheimer's patients, amounts to more than $148 billion per year for communities and families.

The trouble caused by this disease is not limited to the patient, but also to his family, which is forced to bear the burden of continual support and assistance to the person affected by AD, which is costly on an emotional level, but also financially. On top of this, the medical institutions are also facing problems when taking care of AD patients, because of lack of funds and specialized personnel, facilities not always suitable for dealing with such emergencies and so on.

This is why providing a valuable support, relieving patients and families from this burden, at least partly, is an imperative for us.

TRUSTY BIP wireless control manager center


You immediately know where the patient is

Because of this, we recommend to use TRUSTY BIP, a modern equipment which provides an invaluable service to families, doctors and patients alike, by bringing a final solution to the age-old problem of patient monitoring, wherever he goes. This system can monitor up to 40 patients at the same by distance, and can be carried along with you, allowing to keep a watchful eye on patients even while away from them. This is done by equipping the patients with 900 MHz transmitting bracelets, which send continuous signals to Trusty Bip and can be worn by a patient without hassle.

When he leaves TRUSTY BIP’s operating range, or the place where he is supposed to be (home, hospital etc) the signal is no longer received, and the patient’s name is displayed on the display, along with his position and any additional information which can be user configured. At this point, personnel or family members can promptly intervene in the patient’s rescue. The "Patient Locator" feature allows to locate the exact position of the person under surveillance, and along with the "Call Waiting" function, which can manage more alerts at the same time, and a historical record, allows you to have a full history of your patient’s whereabouts.Transmitting bracelet on wrist

How it works

The transmitting bracelet (which can be worn around wrist or ankle, and locked to avoid loss) sends a signal every 10 seconds. If this signal is not received for at least 3 minutes, Trusty Bip’s alarm will go off. Transmitting bracelet on ankleThis device can be installed, for example, in a hospital registration office, or carried along with you in your pocket for continuous monitoring.

When the patient tries to leave the device range, Trusty Bip detects the lack of signal, and an alarm on the main unit goes off. The patient’s name, along with additional information up to 15 characters, is displayed, and the "Patient Locator" function asks you if you want to search for him, and upon confirmation goes into search mode, allowing you to spot his exact location.



TRUSTY BIP is easy to set up and use. Just connect it via cable to the transmitting bracelet, enter the event information (up to 15 characters) and the patient’s name, and all this info will be displayed in case of alert. Furthermore, an external plug can connect it to a vocal control unit, which allows it to call phones and pagers. This wireless system allows monitoring of patients both at high and low risk

For High Risk monitoring, the bracelet is placed on the patient’s ankle, and the alarm is activated when he moves 15 meters away from the central unit. By doing this, he has a relative freedom of moving, in smaller environments like home or an hospital unit.

Low Risk patients can wear the bracelet on their waist, and the alarm will go off when they move 150 meters away from Trusty Bip’s main unit. This configuration is suitable for a "loose" monitoring, and allows the patient to move freely within a block of flats, a hospital or a park.

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