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Micro GPS / GPRS

GPS/GPRS tracker

The micro GPS and GPRS satellite is a localization system that involves in it a GPS and GPRS transceiver and a satellite receiver. This lets you know live or deferred the exact location of the object, person or animal observed. The GPS position is indicated in a simple and exhaustive way on the pilot mobile phone through a SMS containing the link to Google Maps that will allow you to view the location directly on the map without loss of time. 
 In real time it's possible to know the position and to track the movements of the device both by cell and by web without having to pay any extra cost.
But the GPS and GPRS satellite system also works as an environment GSM bug allowing you to listen live everything that happens around the device.
The GPS route is stored, in absence of GPRS connection, on the SD card for about six months offering the possibility of compare data over time.
The device can save energy by sending the location to the server (GPRS) or mobile phone (GSM) only when the system records change satellite position.
For example if the device is used on a car, in the moment in which this will stop at an intersection for some minutes, it will be sent as last position that of the stop and the next only when the car will move again, avoiding the sending of repeated data. Also, if the device doesn't receive any signal, it will switch to “sleep mode” consuming only 1-3mAh. In the case of new activity, it will resume to work automatically.
In an emergency, you can use the SOS button. When you push it, the tracker will send SMS of help to all the authorized phone numbers and to the web platform of monitoring.
The device is already equipped with powerful magnets of only 18mm.
For a more accurate control, users can insert a motion alarm Geofence that involves the sending of an SMS when the device comes out from a predefined area. It's possible also receive an alarm of shake, ie of voluntary movement of the system, having inside a sensor with programmable sensitivity.
And with the GPS/GPRS sistem is also possible to keep under control the speed. In fact, set parameters (eg speed limit), it will send a message when the limits are exceeded.

micro gps gprs
micro gps gprs


micro gps gprs

Technical Specifications
Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Communication protocol: TCP/UDP
GPS chip: SIRF3 Sensitivity: -159dBm Accuracy: 5m
Time To first fix Cold status 45s Hot status 1s
220V input 5V output
Battery: 3.7V 860mAh Li-ion battery Standby: 250hours
Storage Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions: 57 x 44 x 18 mm (including magnets)
Weight: 85 g

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