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Anti-tapping mobile phones: encrypted mobile phones to secure your privacy.

Are you looking for a secure media device in order to make phone calls or send messages? Do you want to keep your conversations completely secret with no risks of being geo-localized or listened?
You just have to look at the wide portfolio of encrypted mobile phones and smartphones able to professionally protect you against phone tapping and risks related to privacy breach.

What are anti-tapping mobile phones?

Mobile phones contains your everyday life and you cannot risk your phone calls are listened by unintended people. Anti-tapping mobile phones are a secure media device. Anti-spying mobile phones secure communications by a military type encryption code; highly reliable, it cannot be cracked or decoded. Itís perfect for those who want to protect their own privacy.
There are several types of anti-tapping mobile phones, each of them has different functionalities coming from highly sophisticated technologies and software that allow you to make phone calls without being listened and then talk securely. Additionally, encrypted smartphones are very requested to manage cryptocurrencies Bit coin and Altcoin accounts securely; for digital currencies in general.

Why to buy an encrypted mobile phone?

An encrypted mobile phone has more features that prevent people to access to info on your mobile phone, as the blocking screen does. To better understand how these devices work, letís consider a blocking screen as a padlock on your house front door. A padlock on your house front door prevents not-invited people to enter the house and stole your personal stuffs; but you have to think to what you would do if someone breaks the padlocks and enters your house. You need several defence levels to really protect your data. Inside the security community, this is called "defence in depth" and this is what encryption really does. .

Anti-spying mobile phones: different types

In the range of anti-tapping phones there are two main types of devices: encrypted mobile phones and stealth phones. Letís see together their main features.

check Encrypted mobile phones

Encrypted mobile phones allows you to make phone calls in total privacy by Military type algorithms like AES256 or Two Fish 256, only if they are paired with another encrypted mobile phone. It means that these anti-spying mobile phones provide the best performance when used paired with another device with the same operating algorithm. In this case the voice is encrypted so phone calls cannot be listened.

checkStealth Phone

The Stealth phones software, instead, works on the mobile phone ID number, known like IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Itís a numeric code that identifies the mobile device uniquely, being it a mobile phone or a GSM modem.

check Stealth Phone Plus

A Stealth phone plus has some additional features as the dual SIM, the protection against active tapping devices, the geo-localization camouflage and an advanced encrypting system of text messages.

Explore our portfolio, check features and cost of our anti-spying devices and choose the most suitable for your needs. Your privacy is important, letís protect it from external risks. Donít leave your conversation at the mercy of everybody! Endoacustica Europe helps you to identify the most suitable encrypted mobile phone for you!


Voice and message encryption mobile phone

The use of wiretapping has become so widespread, simple and uncontrolled that you must assume that records of your private calls end up in the wrong hands. The use of wiretapping has...
CRYPTO CP-500   details


Encryption for android, encrypted text messaging

The Zimmermann Mobile smartphone provides a wide protection against privacy threats. Equipped with secure virtual spaces, automatic passwords, end-to-end encryption, randomized pins and much more...


Untraceable GSM mobile phone


The untraceable Nokia 5000-d2 reports any intrusion attempt. Every time you replace the SIM card the phone will automatically change...

STEALTH-PHONE   dettagli


More secure anti-tapping/anti-tracking functions

Stealth Phone Plus protects the user against mobile eavesdropping. Besides the Stealth Phone's basic protection it provides: GSM isolation function, advanced cryptographic security, C2 level analysis and much more...


Encrypted landline Telephone

The Encrypted Telephone VoIP comes with full source code available for independent review. Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors in the...
SECURE IP PLUS   details


Anti Interception VOIP Telephone

The Anti Interception VOIP telephone comes with full source code available for independent review. Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors...
SECURE IP   details


Encrypted anti-interception satellite telephone

GSMK CryptoPhone comes with full source code available for independent review. Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors in the...


Email encryption app and mobile security

ChatMail PGP uses encrypted email messaging and other security tools to protect you at any time against hackers or malicious people. The app can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets...
CHATMAIL-PGP   details


Secured SIM card - unknown outgoing number - unlimited international traffic

sim card anonima
A secured SIM card, ensures an High Security Communication. The secured sim card, hides the identity of the outgoing number, includes unlimited international traffic, and prevents cell phone geolocation.
SEC-CARD   details