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GSM quadriband audio transmitter

The tiniest audio transmitter on the market !!!

Amazing miniaturized GSM Quadriband audio transmitter, for domestic rooms and vehicles, allows remote unlimited audio surveillance. The system allows to listen to rooms or vehicles from any distance. With its 39x40x9 mm size, it can be easily concealed in any vehicle or domestic environment, electrical outlets, switchboards, junction boxes or in small household appliances.
The transmitting audio is developed by a powerful DSP (digital signal processor) that reduces and eliminates noises and rustles whether in domestic or vehicular environment. The firmware allows the complete real time management of sound. It's possible to modify remotely its algorithms parameters and also to activate or not two independent Hi-pass and Low-pass filter.

Positioning and size

The audio transmitter's size helps the user to install it on any kind of vehicles, from the oldest to the latest ones on the market. Thanks to its strong rejection to electrical noise and 50 Hz AC voltage noise residue, it can be placed on electrical switch panel or domestic power plug as well. Its high miniaturization makes it the smallest transmitter of its kind in the world.

GSM Quadriband audio transmitter


Audio operation

It is possible to set up 2 programming thresholds of internal DSP to reduce noise in the cabin, for moving and stopping vehicles. Another special functionality we call “Dynamic Mik” enables on board and external microphones to be switched automatically when the vehicle is stationary.
You can have 3 programmable levels of sensitivity.
Recall on moving towards the base station with self-breakdown function.
Recall on VOX function and threshold setting at various levels.

Peripherals operation

Remote programming through SMS.
Virtual lock that reduces accidental or non authorized reprogramming.
Single listing functionality, eliminates non authorized user on listing the unit.
Motion (start and stop) SMS alarm functionality.
Fast reset of all the configured options to factory defaults.
Remote stealth functionality, switches off immediately the unit for a specific time.
Recall functionality on movement or VOX.
"Infinity" function, for a continue call listening also without presence of events (movement or VOX).
Remote diagnostic including unit IMEI, main cells and all other secondary cells with signal straight.
DTMF tone emitted in case of SMS reception.
“Ring Alarm” function towards base station with voice call and succeeding self-breakdown by module.
Diagnostic LED remotely switchable OFF through SMS.


- Frequencies Quadri Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- RF Power 2W Class 4 (900 MHz) – 1W Class 1 (1800 MHz)
- SIM positioning Slide SIM card reader
- SMS type Text
- VOX Function Adjustable
- FILTERS Function Independent Hi-pass and Low-pass filter settings
- DSP functions oise reduction regulation, echo deletion, audio in signal processing etc PERIPHERALS etc.
- Power supply by battery 7-26 Vdc 7-26 Vdc internally stabilized trough a high efficient switching power regulator, 3,6 Vdc direct.
- Power supply by grid can be directly powered by 220V electrical current by means of its adapter. Ideal to be concealed into sockets etc.
- Current consumption 3,6 Vdc = 75mA sleep, 200mA
- Transmission "speak" 12 Vdc = 30mA sleep, 100mA transmission “speak”, 18 Vdc = 22mA sleep, 69mA transmission “speak”, 24 Vdc = 18mA sleep, 42mA transmission “speak”, 26 Vdc = 17mA sleep, 40mA transmission “speak"
- Microphone 1 otophone type microphone
- GSM antenna on board / patch / SMA
- Connections Power supply with red (+) and black cable (-). Cables type microphones anti rip in steel and double shielding
- Operating state Intermitting red LED signal
- Sensors/Parameters Parameters regulation of the accelerometer with time thresholds/movement through SMS
- Weight 30 g approximately
Dimension 40 x 39 x 9 mm
GSM Quadriband audio transmitter
Microspia GSM occultata in una internet key

To improve the performance of GSM bug you can connect it to the GSM recorder that allows you to record sounds taking place within an environment. Thanks to this innovative system you will be also able to listen to the recording files more times comfortably seated in front of your PC.

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