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Delete permanently and unrecoverable data memories


Why erase your data?

When you are dealing with or handling sensitive data of any kind, be it commercial, financial or personal information, it is important that when the deletion of this data is done in an absolutely secure way.

Normal file deletion operations are insufficient to ensure the real elimination of data. With simple softwares is now possible not only to recover deleted files from the empty recycle bin, but also all the hard drive contents after formatting operations that are trivially considered definitive.

On the other hand, we must recognize that getting rid of old PCs may be very dangerous: the abandoned warehouses and landfills of electronics are the favorite places of crackers in order to operate trashing.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital that who manages those workstations, be it a financial institution, a public authority or a private business, handles with utmost care the matter of secure deletion of data, erasing in a definitive and irreversible way all information previously stored, avoiding any possible problem caused by a (intentional or not) breach of privacy and access to confidential data.

Without a suitable protection, in fact, confidential information, access data, credit card numbers or contracts might be (intentionally or not) sent to the world outside, where they might end up in the wrong hands, with all possible risks that one can imagine in such situations.


hd eraser


Hit the DEL key? Not only

The simple actions that we take when we want to delete a file or an email message do not completely remove all traces of the object we are trying to erase; therefore we need to use some additional system which provides for a secure deletion.

A simple way to completely remove any traces of a document, for example a text file or a worksheet, consists in simply overwriting it, for example by saving a blank page, or a page with useless characters, and giving it the same name as the file you wish to remove.
In alternative, you can use brute force, by demagnetizing the storage media; this is achieved by exposing it to a strong magnetic field which in the end would result in deleting all information and data previously saved.

What does the law say?

From a legal point of view, privacy legislation in several countries has already addressed the issue of secure removal of data stored in electronic format; before being given to a new user or disposed of, all storage support must be treated with systems which guarantee that the data previously stored can not be retrieved or recovered, and that it is impossible to read it.

Non compliance to this legal recommendation could result not only in administrative fines or even a criminal prosecution, but also in the danger of a loss of reputation with your customers or your suppliers, who would become extremely wary, should their information be at risk of being leaked out because it is not treated with the appropriate measures.

To face this problem and solve it, Endoacustica Europe can provide you with a range of options.

How we can help you

In order to assist our customers, either private businesses, public authorities or financial institutions, in the important job of secure deletion, we now have at your disposal the HD-Eraser system.

It is a small device which uses the de-magnetization technique, by generating a powerful magnetic field thanks to its special batteries. All you have to do is place your storage support to be deleted (hard or floppy drive, audio or video cassette) on the surface of our HD-Eraser, press the start button, wait just a few seconds and the job is done.

HD-Eraser complies with international security standards defined by the US Department of Defense, as well as with laws applicable in the European Union territories, and is able to completely delete all contents on the data storage support used, making it illegible and impossible to recover.

  • HD-Eraser provides hardware deletion by de-magnetizing the storage support
  • Works on Hard Drives (internal and external), Floppy Drives, Audio and Video Cassettes (either functioning or defective)
  • Deletes data from any operating system, with a few seconds of exposure to its magnetic field
  • Please note that some supports, once erased, might no longer be used

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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.
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