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Digital Receiver

The receiver offers the most sensitivity available ensuring performance of professional level. In particular, the product offers more volume (with speakers on the top and bottom), a compact design, it's equipped with a handle “Quick-Release” and three powerful LED front lighting of the control panel that allow you to operate comfortably in the night or in dark places. The product is water resistant for use it in wet weather conditions and offers the exclusive collapsible Yagi antenna with cable-free operation.

The addition of polyphase filters, reduces the background noises while increasing the effective range and tracking ease. The receiver is send with the Half-size Loaded Yagi that make it a pocket reciever. The HSL technology (called the "Half-Size Loaded" Yagi, or, HSL for short) is a revolutionary concept that allows us to reduce the overall size and weight of the yagi antenna by half. Also provided is an holster adapts to the body of the device when it mount the HSL Yagi.

The combination of receiver with the matching cable and the antenna specifically designed consitutes a complete kit that work in harmony for surprising results. This receiver doesn't rely on crystals to determine the frequencies, but an all-digital circuit allows it to pick up any frequency in the 216 through 219 MHz bands ensuring high reliability. The new tune knob protected from accidental contact.

Greater portability and reduced size are achieved through handle “Quick-Release”; few seconds are enough to remove it and put the same in a pocket. You can also attaches the handle directly to the antenna. So, you can have the receiver in three manners: use everything together in one single piece, hold the case in your hand without the handle or connect the handle directly to the antenna to hold outside the window in the rain, for example.

micro rf tracker


A new narrow-band filtering system is employed to reduce noises without reducing your signal, so you have a signal more clearly without distracting background noises. More importantly, it's the sound's omni-directionality, ie the volume doesn't change when you rotate the receiver; this is a problem of all other receivers. In addition this device don't cause interferences between it and other ones because has special circuits to minimize the effect. The range settings (Medium and Near) allow you to get a better idea of how far from you the objects, the people or the animals really is.

The product are send in a robust case relized from a solid block of aircraft aluminum that ensuring you a long life. The reciver is powered by six AAA batteries, easy to replace and to change. The collapsible antenna, involves three-element for maximum directionality and a light weight thanks to the use of aluminum alloys which have the great strength in few grams.

micro rf tracker's antenna


The transmitter is designed for the tracking of people, animals or objects. For example you can monitor the birds or control valuable items or goods. The key features are the relation quality/price and long battery life:

  • Runs forty days with a single battery
  • Forty miles line-of-sight range
  • Weighs 9 grams with battery
  • Uses a short 7-inch antenna
  • Can be ordered with Mag switch
  • 2032 lithium coin cell battery widely available everywhere
  • Available Frequencies: 173, 216, 218

The short 7-inch antenna ensuring at the same time, an exellent reception without loss in power and without using higher frequencies. In addition, the long battery life (about fourty days) able you to use them for a long time without power reductions.

tracker case

Indicative picture. The packaging supplied can vary.

receiving antenna

Optional motorized receiver antenna

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