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The parabolic microphone , proposed by Endoacustica Europe , is a compound from a highly reflective parabolic dish , from a microphone capsule omnidirectional active , by a preamplifier and a headphone for listening in real time. In addition you can connect it to an audio recording of the intercepted conversations .

The sound waves , picked up by the parabolic microphone properly oriented , hit your dish and are conveyed into the fire where the microphone is located . In this way, the audio signals received , are increased compared to the results that you would with a normal directional microphone . In fact, this element is not only amplifies the sound , but " select " signals , eliminating unwanted noise , coming from different directions. The parabolic dish brought from the island so the sound waves perpendicular to the director of achieving professional results .

The dish is made of polyethylene, black material , water resistant, uv . Therefore, it is an instrument built to be fully exploited and durability. The reflective surface is smooth with a focal length of 4'' , ideal for tapping also wide-ranging .

The microphone is a condenser and operates with two battery AAA 1.5 V with which is capable of providing approximately 100 hours of work . The microphone is designed to be used with a number of recording devices or audio amplification that accept input from a microphone ordinary . For example it can be used with the Microrecorders Endoacustica Europe or with laptops. The microphone is fixed to a handle on his body that integrates a three-band EQ for instant adjustment and audio captured with the possibility of eliminating the fast frequencies that can interfere with listening such as low-frequency noise , it is comfortable and stable and allows a simple and comfortable in any type of environment , there is also included a terry cover ( removable ) for monophonic capsule to avoid background noise or wind. It is also possible to equip the microphone with a tripod for monitoring fixed base , having a direct attack under the handle screw .

The sound received by the parabolic microphone is very clear thanks to the high quality sound amplification and precise directionality of the instrument.
The tests conducted by our experts is experienced by more than 50 meters even the rubbing of the fingers. This shows that the parabolic microphone is widely used in the monitoring, law enforcement , personal security , search , hunt , observations in the open field , outdoor adventures , wiretapping, monitoring of suspicious people , wildlife watching and much another .
Strength of the parabolic microphone Mega- Ear is also easy to transport , as the dish is divided into six triangles that take up very little space ( for example, to be transported in a bug or plane ) ; Another very important point is its internal "save hearing " that is automatically activated , turning off the sound in the headphones , not just perceived a loud noise that exceeds 90db such as a car horn or a loud noise in the the immediate vicinity of the microphone.


  • Parabolic dish
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Preamplifier
  • Headphones
  • Cables
Parabolic microphone
Long distance parabolic microphone
Black ear parabolic microphone


• Microphone with condenser capsule
• Frequency range : 20Hz- to15khz
• Sensitivity: - 64dB
• Noise signal ratio : 60 dB
• Max SPL: 120dB
• Power preamplifier : 2x1, 5V (size AAA)
• Diameter of reflector : 50 cm
• Weight: 0.45 kg
• Support: Manual

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