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Mobile phone detector

Switch-on mobile phone detector


Cell Detector is a device used to detect the presence of mobile phones within an operating range of approximately 30 meters. As soon as it locates a cellphone within this range, it informs the user that he should switch it off.
This alert can be sent either as a sound alarm, or it is possible to record a voice message which will be played each time that a functioning mobile phone is detected. Alternatively, it can work in silent mode, with a red light that will start flashing in case of alert. Cell Detector can locate not only mobile phones in use (that is, engaged in a conversation) but also handsets which are turned on but in stand-by mode.

Thanks to our Cell phone detector, you will be able to make sure that, in those situations when mobile phones must be switched off (concerts, conferences, movie halls), they indeed are, avoiding unpleasant surprises, and saving the time that could be wasted asking people to switch off their cellphones or, even worse, having to ask them to cut a conversation to do it.

phone detector


Its usage is very simple, it takes just a  few minutes to set up the various operation parameters and put it to work, configuring the sensitivity level according to your needs, as well as type and volume of the alert that will be sent to the user of an “unlawful” handset. Once it is started, its batteries allow for a working life of over one year, and all this in a discreet and easy way, 100% legal no matter what country you are in.

How does it work?
Once you turn it on, your Cell Phone Detector will immediately enter receiving mode, picking up radio signals issued by mobile phones within its range. Thanks to this, it can also detect cells when they are not engaged in a conversation but are rather hidden in a handbag or pocket, and their users may just have forgotten to switch them off.
Once a cellular signal is located, Cell Detector plays an alert, which can be chosen from three different options. It is also possible to record a voice message, which will be sent along with the sound alert, informing users to stop using their mobile phones and switch them off.

When in silent mode, the device would only emit a flashing red light, to avoid creating any disturbance for the people around, for example during a concert.
It is also possible to send wireless signals to a security system, such as an alarm siren which would go off in case of need.

By combining these three modes together, you can keep your environment safe from mobile interferences, enforce privacy or make sure that silence is kept, in several situations and locations, such as hospitals, laboratories, industrial plants, law courts, embassies, military installations, during confidential business negotiations or political meetings, or during an office meeting.

It can be used inside schools, restaurants or bars, cinemas or theatres, to avoid bothering others with a loud ring or forcing them to listen to a chit-chat they may not really be interested in.
Furthermore, by detecting the presence of a mobile phone is it possible to prevent bank robberies, or even terrorist attacks which may be attempted by using a mobile handset.

Technical features:

    • Legally detect all cell phones, smart phones, mobile and Wifi devices.
    • Frequency range: 20MHz – 6GHz, 15MHz bandwidth.
    • Operating range up to 100 meters depending on sensitivity.
    • Can be used anywhere thanks to its limited size (235mmx165mmx30mm).
    • Weight 360g (0,8 Lbs).
    • Low battery indicator.
    • Can be hung on the wall or used portable.
    • Remote alert function.
    • Built in antenna and amplifier.
    • Audio output for connection to external loudspeaker.
    • Ability to customize via the intuitive web interface.
    • Multiple alerting options (voice alert, LED alert, remote alerting)
    • Microprocessor controlled logic with advanced detection control.
    • Power options: AC Adapter, Power Over Ethernet (POE), USB Power, 9.6V NiMH battery (not included, can be ordered separately).
    • Compatible with a software manager. Providing complete control and full visibility (pinpoint breaches on facility map).
    • Certifications: FCC and CE certifications.


    • Detects all the latest service provider technologies: GSM (USA and Europe) CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, iDen, PCS, LTE, WiFi, WiMax, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, 2 Way-Radio (Others Configurable).
    • It gives you complete awareness of threats in real time.
    • Networkable solution fits seamlessly into your existing network.
    • Local and remote alarming to suit the situational threat.
    • Software to monitor and manage the situation real time.
    • Portable for use in conference rooms using a 12-hour rechargeable battery (not included, can be ordered separately).

    Blends in as a Wi-Fi router for covert monitoring.

    • Advanced support levels to ensure reliability and accuracy.
    • Filter out known frequencies, such as two-way radios.
    • Wall mountable for static use.
    • Alert logging for detailed analysis.
    • Graphical display for management reporting.
    • Single-User or Multi-User access to the software.

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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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