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Motion detector spy telephone

The most amazing motion activated intrusion notification system


The TEL-ALARM  is a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone at the same time and you can use it as an ordinary telephone, until you decide to treat it as a monitoring system. Simply enter any telephone number you choose and turn on the motion sensor.

Once the sensor is on, the telephone is ready to detect any intruder entering  the room and call you at the number you dialed in.  Upon answering that call, you are able to listen in to the sounds in that room via the amplified microphone.  The listening time is about 30 seconds, then the phone disconnects and instantly starts up again to detect.

The TEL-ALARM operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable.

Parts specification


The TEL-ALARM circuitry requires an AC adapter (provided) to be plugged into any standard 110V wall outlet.  The absence of this power adapter doesn't cause any serious problem but only a lower power. You can connect your TEL-ALARM to any existing phone line like another ordinary phone. 

Motion sensor

The TEL-ALARM motion sensor is Passive Infrared Technology (PIR).  The passive infrared sensor detects changes in the room's heat signature due to occupant motion.  The range is in excess of 30 feet at which point the width is about 20 feet, creating about a 45 degree wedge beyond the sensor origin (see the picture on the right). 


The hidden condenser microphone is amplified to insure that sounds are heard in the best way.

Motion detector spy telephone

Motion sensor range


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