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Multifunctional bugs locator high resistance

EN-RFDS-4 Bugs Detector is a unique system conceived to detect and locate all types of RF fields and hidden cables. 

All of its components can be used for professional needs. All items included are located in a diplomat suitcase luggage for easy transport.

The EN-RFDS-4 system consists of a EN-RFD-5 radio frequency detector, telescopic antenna, an external drill, dynamic earphones, a broadband WHG generator, two antennas and cable for WHG and LTA-2 lines and a telephone jack adapter.


Kit EN-RFDS-4 description

EN-RFD-5 is a multipurpose radio frequency detector, really sensitive, suitable for a electronic basic counter-surveillance. 
It is easy to use and user parameters, that can be optimized, make it very comfortable for all those who have to deal with the protection of private information. Its flexibility makes it ideal for mobile use. 
The main characteristic of the EN-RFD-5 detector is the identification and localization of active transmitters and wireless bugs. Its unique detection system provides real-time information concerning the intensity of the RF field. It also identifies the exact location of transmitters with an output from 0.1 mW. 
Its strenght comes from the detection and location of digital and pulse transmitters, the most dangerous and difficult to detect. The unit also allows  permanent environmental protection, through the external sensor connection or  LTA-2 line adapter.


RF Bug detector


WHG is a electricity generator with multi-signal modulation AM/FM broadband. Utilized together with an antenna, cable and active hidden transmitters, it lets them be visible to the EN-RFD-5 detector. 

Its operation is very similar to that of an antenna, and the result is that any cable coming into or leaving the zone can be inspected and easily identified.

LTA-2 is a telephone adapter that can be connected to the external drill supplied with the EN-RFD-5 detector. 

In audio mode, telephone cables and other suspected cables can be checked to find any audio signal, to detect the presence of any bugs, modified telephones, microphones, etc... 

In survey mode, the AM/FM detector is enabled and the band switch is used for the selection of ranges of frequency to be filtered: 20-50 kHz, 50-90 kHz or 90-160 kHz. 

These frequencies are often used to hear low-frequency systems operating on cable phones or power supply systems.



EN-RDF-5 Sensibility 

0.06 uW at 500 MHz) 10 cm
Frequency Range 
from 0.5 MHz to 25 GHz

External drill 

from 10 MHz to 20 GHz

Highest pulse memory level 

16 events

modular tones for transmitters detection 


WHG Specification:

Broadband Generator, multisignal, modulation AM/FM 

Audio modulation 
1 kHz

Output voltage 

8 V p-p


9 V battery IEC 3R12 2 or equivalent

Low battery indicator
It starts when the voltage falls below 7 V

Power Consumption 

29 mA


LTA-2 Specification:

Audio sensitivity 

0.3 mV from 10Hz to 10 kHz
Frequency Response 
20 kHz - 160 kHz, expandable to 5 MHz


LF 20 kHz - 160 kHz from 0.4 to actual 12 mV


9 V battery IEC 3R12 2 or equivalent

Ground cable (green)

100 nF / 275 V AC

Active cable (white)

1 nF / 440 V AC

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