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Nuclear radiation detector with digital display and USB port


The events that took place in Chernobyl back in 1986, and the recent radioactive leaks from the nuclear power plants in Japan in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that hit the country, have caused radioactive pollution in the soil, the water and the air not only in areas neighboring with the affected places, but at distanced of hundreds or even thousands of kilometers.

It can not be ruled out, and it is no science fiction, that objects, water or food that in a recent or remote past have suffered from contamination, may have already reached or will reach our households in the future, thanks to the negative effects of the global capitalist system.

Reckless business men, corrupted officials or politicians, have already contributed in the past to spread consumption of contaminated foods, as it happened back in the 80’s with Chernobyl grain.

Therefore, it is certainly not impossible that this will happen again in the future!

Against any dirty business practices that industry giants may apply, the common people have really not much protection, but that “not much” can make a difference: for example, by equipping themselves with a small radiation detector, which can be used to constantly monitor the presence of any radiation I the environment around us (food, objects, open spaces and so on)

Nuclear radiation detector is used for detection and measurement of alpha, beta, gamma radiation as well as X-rays. Its numeric display will show the result as a total per minute (CPM, Count Per Minute), or mR/hr, or as a cumulative total.
As soon as a radiation is detected, at a level higher than an attention threshold that can be manually set by the user, the red LED light would light, and a sound alert would immediately go off.

Nuclear radiation detector



Geiger Muller halogen extinct tube, with mica window. Density of mica in the window 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2. The actual window diameter is 0.360 inches

Liquid crystal 4-digit display with mode indicator. Value is updated every 60 seconds

The red LED light will glow every time that a radiation is detected

Audio alert
Every time that a radiation is detected, a sound would go off (sound can be disabled for silent operation)

The pulse beeper will sound the alarm. Three separate adjustable alert levels can be set for mR/hr, CPM, µSv/hr and total

The dual output is used to send meter levels to CMOS-compatible devices, including computers, air quality meters and data collection systems for education purposes. The Sub-mini output plug is used to send audio output to a telephone receiver, an amplifier, or an external recorder (tape or digital).

Operating range
mR/hr - .001 (1µR) at 100 mR/hr
µSv/hr - .01 - 1000
CPM - 0 - 350.000
Cps - 0 - 5000
Timer capacity from 1 to 9.999.000 events

Sensitivity Range
1000 CPM/mR/hr on Cs-1 37

Accuracy Level
Standard ±10% (NIST), in average ±15% of meter reading values

Reading can take place even in areas with high radiation fields, with a level of up to 100 times the maximum meter level

Power Supply
9 V alkaline battery

battery Life
The average battery life is generally approximately 2000 hours, with an average level of radiation

Operating temperature
Between -10° and +50°C (between 14° and 122° F)

117 grams (battery not included)

150 x 80 x 30 mm (5.9 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches)

nuclear radiation detection device

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