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Security & Surveillance Technology
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Audio surveillance
Wireless micro earpieces
To send and receive informations

wireless-micro-earpiecesTo send and receive informations without being noticed. Very powerful ultra-miniature wireless earpiece allow you to send data in a clear and reliable way.

Telephone Bugging devices
A wide range of telephone listening devices.

telephone-bugging-devicesPowerful bugs and environmental monitoring devices very professional, they are used by law enforcement and investigative agencies to monitor telephone lines in accurate manner.

Covert listening devices
GSM, RF, Digital, UMTS

covert-listening-devicesConcealable in any environment, they are designed for the monitoring also at unlimited distances and responding to every type of needs; they are simple to use.

Micro power supplies
Extremely small size

micro-power-suppliesSmall, but powerful, Endoacustica's micro power units. The miniaturized power supplies turn the normal house current at 220V-110V into a voltage compatible with circuits.

Vocal digital micro recorders
Mini professional audio recorders

vocal-digital-micro-recordersProfessional devices at high sensitivity and easily concealable, who have a powerful processors built-in and recording capacity up to 1200 hours continuously.

Wall microphones
Professional stethoscope wall microphones

wall-microphonesWall microphone are devices employed in investigative field. A wall microphone captures the sound directly through sensors in contact with wall thicknesses up to 70 cm.

Shotgun microphones
To listen to great distances

shotgun-microphonesHigh sensitivity and high response shotgun microphones, used in the investigative field, and naturalistic film.

Voice changers
To modify and conceal your voice

voice-changersEquipped with different voice. These voice changers turn from man to woman voice and vice versa, disorienting the hecklers. The voice is clear, not arousing any suspicion.

Spy phones
Spy on telephone traffic

spy-phonesThey allow you to listen incoming and outgoing calls and environmental conversations, real time monitoring of sent and received SMS and view the GPS location.

Dual band transceivers and receivers

transceiversSensitive with extended and simultaneous reception dual band v/uhf too. The transceivers and the radio bugs are electronic devices useful to communicate via radio waves.

GSM interceptor
Passive monitoring system

gsm-interceptorThese devices are reserved to Law Enforcement (on demand). Our researchers can now offer a passive control system for GSM encrypted networks.

Spy listening devices set
Full sets made up of receivers

spy-listening-devices-setFull systems for monitoring in field and at distance up to 1300 meters for professional use in the audio surveillance and environmental listening fields.

Video surveillance
Wireless cameras
Mini videocameras and micro spy cameras

wireless-camerasIn different situations, it's essential to use an hidden camera. We propose miniaturized cameras with WiFi and UMTS transmission and recording at distance.

Long range transmission systems

receivers-transmittersWireless audio video receivers and transmitters. Miniaturized recording systems with transmission for real time surveillance and video recording of images at distance.

Fibre optics
Miniaturized endoscopes with optical fiber

fibre-opticsRemote viewing kit with fibre optics, endoscope, fiberscope. Professional devices designed for non-invasive investigations, precision work, espionage or law enforcement inspections.

Micro Digital Video Recorders
Extremely small size

micro-digital-video-recordersAudio and video micro recorders professional and high tech for investigative use and surveillance. Hidden micro cameras in everyday objects.

Night vision
Night IR visors and thermal cameras

night-visionWith thermal cameras and night vision infrared device proposed by Endoacustica Europe observe in low-light conditions or at all in the dark isn't a problem!

Video monitoring kits
Full video surveillance kits

video-monitoring-kitsFull video surveillance spy equipments for audio/video digital recordings. Professional kit for video monitoring and surveillance systems.

Video special systems
For security and surveillance

video-special-systemsProfessional micro cameras audio and video hidden in everyday objects for not arouse suspicion and so allow accurate surveillance.

Aerial video surveillance
Professional flying drones

aerial-video-surveillanceRadio-controlled helicopter for professional applications such as monitoring and control of environments and people localization.Shooting systems for tactical surveillance.

Robot webcam wifi
Wifi robot remotely controlled

robot-webcam-wifiIn the private, they can be used for home remote monitoring ,patrolling at a distance of real estate and industrial areas and as virtual presence in offices and companies.

Personal defense
Telephone interceptions defence
Encrypted calls for secure conversations

telephone-interceptions-defence Defence tools against unauthorized wieretaps. They warn you about any intrusion attempt by third parties, during a telephone conversation.

Speech protection systems
Bug detector tools

speech-protection-systemsDefence tools against unauthorized wieretaps. They warn you about any espionage attempt by third parties, during a conversation.

Bug sweeping
Bug sweeping devices

bug-sweepingElectronic devices able to detect any transmitters and RF signals in general: digital or analog bugs, encrypted transmitters, wireless cameras and more.

Encrypted Phones
Encrypted mobile and fixed phone

encrypted-phonesFixed or mobile encrypted phones able to protect in professional manner against wiretaps and the invasion of privacy.

Antiterrorism and civil protection
Ideal tools for law enforcement

anti-terrorism-civil-protection Anti-terrorism, civil protection and fight against crime devices. The product that allows you to see through walls, for example, can be the turning point for investigations against criminal organizations or to the finding of missings.

Surveillance & Inspection Robots
Professional surveillance robot

surveillance-and-inspection-robotsThe first intelligents cam-robots, equipped with IP webcam and remotely controllable. They are able to view images and sounds and transmit them in real time.

Kids monitoring
Children protection tools

kids-monitorin To be able to take action with the right tools is fundamental for the children safety. Bracelets anti loss, keys to clean the PCs and for the control of chats, baby phone and GPS locator.

Anti theft & Self Defence
Anti-theft and video surveillance systems

antitheft-self-defenceDevices essential for self-defense and personal safety. Installation of anti-theft, anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems for companies, offices and homes.

Data protection
Protect your data

data-protectionMillions of hacking attempts and unauthorized accesses are realized every day to the detriment of companies, banks, organizations and individuals.

Security suitcases
High security suitcase

security-suitcases Perfect for the transport of valuable goods, precious items and important documents. Containers equipped with a high voltage electric pulse on all the surface, controllable even at a distance.

Real time GPS trackers
GPS locator

real-time-gps-trackersTo know in real time or record and store the location of people, cars, company vehicles, boats or animals is easy with the GPS locators and the path recorders.

Remote computer monitoring
For security and protection

remote-computer-monitoringControl a pc at distance isn't a problem thanks to the powerful and hi-tech devices proposed by Endoacustica Europe.

Access Control Systems
For security and surveillance

access-control-systems Locks with digital fingerprint reader with biometric recognition technology and security code. Transponder for the recognition and access control of people and animals

Signal disruptor jammers

jammersFrequency breakers against any audio and video transmitters, microphones, micro cameras, VoIP phones, GPS systems etc.




Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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