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Professional remote video inspection robot Tank-Up

Suitable to investigate hard-to-access areas moving on difficult terrains

Light, very resistant, impossible to tip over, waterproof: here there are the main features of this mini-crawler robot able to inspect spaces and very hard areas safely moving on rough terrains: rocky trails, creeks, sand, steep climbs and even more. That's the reason why it is expecially used in those tricky fields like civil protection, military and law enforcement operations, emergency rescue, etc.

Tank-Up robot is also strategically used for close monitoring of the so-called IED devices (Improvised Explosive Device) or for military operations in general. As far as concerns civil protection and police, it is extremely efficient in exploration of those areas damaged by earthquakes or other ecological disasters, in rescue operations, in custom controls and in long-distance controls of areas or cars.

Tank-Up robot is 25 cm long and 2,4 kg heavy and it is able to easily move in any direction, on whichever soil, at the maximum speed of 1 m/s, remotely controlled by one radio transmitter with a 5 inches LCD screen. Four I.R. cameras with 8X digital zooms are set on each robot side and make it possible the close and night vision of the area to-be-inspected, without any loss of signal.

Anyway the wonders of this amazing professional robot are still not over. This robot can climb steps up to 18 cm high, as well as to overcome a multitude of obstacles and step upright when it capsizes, thanks to the two side lifting bars which make its handling and solidity perfect. You could even throw it to beyond a wall or a fence and, trust us, it will keep doing its duty!

Technical features of Tank-Up

  • Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Operating Range: up to 200 m
  • Communication type: digital modular interface
  • Water resistance: IP67 (1 m submersible)
  • Cameras: 4 digital zoom 8X infrared cameras, positioned at front, rear and side-facing, adjustable exposure and gain
  • Runtime: more than 6 hours
  • Operating Temperature: from -20° to 55°C
  • Max Speed: up to 1m/s
  • Lenght: approximately 25 cm
  • Height: approximately 10 cm
  • Width: approximately 23 cm
  • Weight: 2,4 kg

Specification of Tank-Up control module

  • Size: lenght 11,4 cm, width 20,3 cm, height 3,2 cm (without retractable antenna)
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Structure: shock resistant and waterproof
  • Display: 12,7 cm LCD screen, 800x480 resolution
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Control layout: game-style



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