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say stop to those who produce and commercialize pedo-pornographic material

Internet is an open window on the world, an ocean of infinite possibilities for our children that have the opportunity to grow and learn, sharing dreams and hopes for the future, at pace unthinkable until few years ago.

All of us adults have the responsibility for their curiosity, for their interest in the world. Let's educate them to distinguish. Don't let them be alone.


  • Use protection programs which don't allow access to sites with sexual content (sex etc.)
  • Read your children's e-mail. Electronic mail is the preferred way of pedophiles to send photos of naked children, making them believe all these things are normal.
  • Don't let the children stay too long on the net. Learn to apply strict rules on time spent on Internet.
  • Make a speech to your children about they must not meet people without your permission.
  • Avoid making them attend chat unless you are also with them.
  • Check chronology to know which sites have been visited or use control software.
  • Let them play also with other children in real life. There is not only virtual world.
  • Keep an eye on them but without exceeding!


Baby Bear shaped cell phone
Baby bear containing GSM device for children's unlimited remote control.

Stop pedophilia

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