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GPS sat tracking devices, GPS Data Logger and RF tracking devices

Do you want to know in real time, record and save the position of people, cars, motorcycles, corporate vehicles, boats or animals? Sat GPS tracking devices and Endoacustica Europe GPS track recorders will help you get the most out of your investigations. You will be able to control the your subject from all around the world, discreetly and anonymously. In addition, thanks to the technology they are base on, GPS tracking devices are able to work efficiently even in case of theft or loss. GPS tracking devices, GPS Data Logger and RF tracking devices ensure professional results at a reasonable price.

GPS or sat tracking devices: features and functionalities

Before buying a GPS or sat tracking device, it is important to check its features and functionalities in order to choose the one that fits the best your needs. GPS or sat tracking devices detect the position via the GPS sat network with 1 to 20 meters accuracy. The position is sent via GSM network, e.g. by sending sms or through the GPRS data connection to a host server enabling to follow live the movements of the tracking device itself. Itís usually features the environmental bug function that, through integrated or external microphones, allows direct listening of whatís happening around the device.
GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking devices are the most used because they detect positions very precisely and do not have distance limits. They can be contacted from all around the world by a simple text messages or by dedicated apps directly from a smartphone. They are often used for real-time tracking of means of transport or monitoring of the position of a controlled vehicle. On our website you can find tracking devices operating online or offline, to be chosen basing on your specific investigation targets.

GPS Data logger o Route recorder: features and functionalities

GPS data logger, also known as Route recorders, operate by detecting the position from GPS sat network and recording all geographic locations and movements, together with other relevant data like speed, date and time, saving them in order to be viewed afterwards. The data collected by the Route recorder, can be downloaded directly from the device on your computer. The route recorded by the data logger can be viewed on Google Maps or other proprietary geo-localization software or on the web. GPS Route recorders or GPS data loggers, are usually used to check afterwards the routes followed by means of transport, e.g. in company fleets or for statistical analysis. A GPS track recorder is the one you were looking for if you need to detect movements of a subjects with no risk of being discovered.

RF tracking device: how does it work?

During your investigation you may also need a RF tracking device. These devices are based on 360 degrees RF transmission. The signal is detected by a specific receiver, up to a few kilometres away, depending on frequency and power used. RF tracking devices are also used to prevent the loss of objects, elderlies, children, pets, etc. In some cases these devices have an alarm function that informs you that you are going over a pre-set distance. RF tracking devices are used when there is a risk that the subject to be monitored and located can enter areas where GPS signal could be difficult to be connected or interrupted. Inside forests, tunnels, garages, basements, big buildings, GPS signal does not connect, so itís mandatory to use radio transmission


localizzatori satellitari gps

Real-time tracking and logging system

The GPS GPRS/SMS tracker unit is the smallest GPS system on the market, designed for optimization and management of company car fleets with a low impact on installation and maintenance costs...

cod. GPS-CELL   dettagli


Micro localizzatore GPS e GPRS satellitare

Micro GPS and GPRS tracker throught Google Maps

The micro GPS and GPRS satellite is a localization system that involves in its a GPS and GPRS transceiver and a satellite receiver. This lets you know live or deferred the exact location of the object, person or animal observed.

cod. MICRO GPS/GPRS   dettagli



The best way to track your child

The powerful GPS chip housed within the wristwatch is costantly connected with the global satellites networks orbiting in low-altitude. It also relies on the GSM cell phone network infrastructure (LBS)...

cod. GPS KIDS   dettagli



Magnetic GPS/GPRS vehicle tracker

Quad band magnetic GPS/GPRS tracking device suitable for finding vehicles (cars, trucks, containers, etc.) in real time, with a professional accuracy. Able to get the signal position instantly, thanks to the A-GPS technology which ensures the reception of data, even in case of low GPS signal...

cod. QUAD TRACK   details


tracker gps

Data logger GPS 

The Tracker is the newest GPS tracker, equipped with the most sophisticated technology, able to transmit from anywhere on our planet.

cod. G-TRACKER   dettagli


localizzatore animali auto oggetti

To locate small objects, house pets or to remember where you parked your car

RF Tracking package is designed for those who need to keep their pets under control, while limiting the relevant cost. The package is made up of a receiver unit...

cod. TRACKER-RF   dettagli


personal gps locator

Real-time tracking and logging system

The new Personal Gps Locator. Even more powerful, much efficient but still... the world’s smallest tracking + audio interception tool. Delivering unprecedented performance in such a small package...
cod. GPS-LOC   dettagli


Localizzatore GPS multi-funzionale

Handheld Objects and Kids Locator

A very useful tool to locate your personal belongings... and even your kids! Do you have a restless early age kid who likes to run around everywhere, especially on the beach or in parks? Naturally, you are concerned, because he...
cod.: WTK-II   dettagli


gps pet

To locate house pets it's never been so easy

The GPS-PET is a multi-functional GPS tracker specifically designed to track the position of pet or livestock when they are outside. Thanks to a special variable-length collar...
cod. GPS-PET   dettagli


micro localizzatore radio frequenza

It offers the most sensitivity available ensuring performance of highest level.

Micro rf tracker, thanks to Radio frequency locates and identifies wide-ranging animals, vehicles, people, objects, even on the move.
cod. RF-FLY800   dettagli


Sistema wireless per il controllo a distanza di ammalati di Alzheimer

Wireless system for distance monitoring of Alzheimer's patients

lzheimer's Disease (AD) is the most frequent cause of dementia in elders over 65 years, and causes loss of memory and of time-space coordination, as well...
cod. TRUSTY-BIP   dettagli


anti-furto e localizzatore GPS

It alerts you via SMS if your precious bike is moved and tracks it everywhere

There is nothing more annoying than don't find your bike despite the efforts to block it firmly. No have a bike surely causes discomforts and involves an investment of money to purchase a new one. For this reason it was created the GPS anti-theft for bicycle.
cod. BK-GPS   dettagli