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Jammers for digital - analogic recorders and Wireless Spy Microphone

Protect yourself against unauthorized listening, keep your conversations confidential with devices designed to defend yourself against unauthorized wiretapping in your rooms. Advanced devices making it impossible any attempt to violate your privacy by third parties without authorization.

How do laser microphones work?

The laser beam, focused on the glass, transduces vibrations into an audio signal and transmits it back to the laser emitting point, up to one kilometre away.

Anti-wiretapping devices - privacy protection

f you think you are going to be spied, you need to hinder and prevent the operation of recorders or cell phones, commonly used to record private conversations in order to prove crimes or produce relevant evidences that could backfire on you. At Endoacustica you can find several anti-wiretapping devices and microphones jammers with different functionalities. Disturbing the spying microphones that could be located in your rooms will be a child's play for you and who has installed them will come to nothing!

The best spy microphone jammers only at Endoacustica

At Endoacustica you can find a wide range of anti-recording devices able to protect you against wiretapping in your rooms. Let's give a look together to our catalogue in order to identify the anti-recording device which fits better with you and your privacy protection needs.

check Laser microphone jammer

The laser microphone jammer is your best choice if you want to detect and jam laser microphones. Its cheap, compact and, if needed, mobile. This device cloaks and blocks the laser demodulation transmitting the human voice through the glass of a window. The vibrators on the window glass will jam the signal transduction.

checkMic-Jam for audio listening devices protection

The Mic-Jam protects you against any kind of audio recording device: recorders, bugs, microphones etc.. They inhibit the demodulation of the human voice by generating sound interferences that do not disturb people talking.

check Cell-Safe devices to cancel the mobile phones microphones used as recorders

We also suggest devices which may allow you to lock cellular microphones, avoiding any remote recording. The microphone-block protection of CELL-SAFE, as this device is called, is a small desk case. It gets activated as the mobile phone is placed inside. This case is nothing but a Faraday cage to prevent mobile phones wiretapping devices, like gsm interceptor, from using the microphone of your mobile phone to hear what is said in the room where the concerning mobile phone is located.

check Noise and interferences generators - JDM-01 box and OMNI-JAM

You can choose, for example, the JDM-01 box. It prevents the operation of microphones on recorders, mobile phones and other similar devices. OMNI-JAM, another high performances anti-recording device, has a 360 deg. operating range. Thanks to the microphone inhibiting signals emitted by the device, specifically randomized by a modular algorithm, people inside the operating area cannot be heard. In this way any kind of audio spying attempt is ineffective. In this case the laser microphone jammer is installed on the window glass and generates vibrations jamming laser microphones.


500hrs of operation 

Detects and disrupts telephone taps
If you are looking for a unique countermeasure device against laser surveillance then Laser Surveillance Defeater will be the right product for you!


Protects against audio recorders, transmitters and microphones

MIC-JAM is a speech protection system against eavesdropping, unique in its field. It guarantees a total defense from any environmental listening and voice recording device...
MIC-JAM   details


Blocks any microphone for mobile!


CELL-SAFE is designed to stop any audio tapping operation, by means of a 'white noise' generator, capable of making the audio transmission from the phone really unusable...

CELL-SAFE   dettagli


Recorders and microphones blocking system


JDM-01 blocks all type of analog voice recorders, micro-digital recorders, smartphones, old mobile phones, wireless microphones, GSM bugs and many other spy devices...

JDM-01   dettagli


Omnidirectional audio jamming system

Very noiseless audio jammer able to protect conversations within sales offices, meeting rooms, planning offices or any other places where it is necessary to keep confidentiality. It also protects the surrounding space omnidirectionally at 360 degree...
OMNI-JAM   dettagli


Acoustic white Noise Generator

Acoustic noise generator. Create a perimeter of noise sound a target area that defeats wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets, and laser/microwave reflections from windows...
GEN-RB   details